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How Seo Improve Your Business Visibility


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How SEO Improve Your Business Visibility ! is an Internet Marketing Company with expertise in Analysis, Designing and Implementation of Online marketing strategy to fortify your business model. Substantiating your business on internet with high ROI adds a new dimension to your business prospects and that is our skill. We expertise in persuasive online sale sequence of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) that leads to ensure intended ROI.

Why AIDA? Every visitor has few seconds to decide whether to navigate website or leave to others, we know sophisticated eyeball behavior of potential customers. We develop Attention drawing characteristic in your website by putting everything at right place because “What you see is what you get” behavior of visitor.

Now generating interest in visitor is immediate job, one key attribute that is lacking in Internet marketing is human interaction with visitor, but research shows 90% of communication between two persons is non-verbal. We explore this non verbal factor and surmount the lacking of human interaction by germinating your website in a way that convey perfect message of your business.

Inclination to want a thing is what desire part contains, we evolve your website that satisfy every visitor that it will fulfill his need. Finally pushing visitor to take our required action completes the process.

Our Mission

Perfect mirroring of your entire offline sales process on internet to add an ample channel of revenue to your business is our Mission. We endeavor to render high ROI with low TCO. Discovering new revenue channel for your business on Internet and Designing marketing strategy to get most of it is our aim..

Our Vision

High efficacious Internet Marketing is about extreme ROI by centric focused approach toward finding potential customers and presenting your business in actionable way. Visitors to website hardly matter if there is no conversion into sale, ROI is the main concern of any business and we innovate our strategies and techniques around it.

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How Seo Improve Your Business Visibility

  1. 1. How SEO Improve Your Business Visibility ?
  2. 2. Search Engine User If you’re a typical user of Internet search y yp engines, you don’t often look beyond the first few pages of results. That’s why it’s p g y important for small business owners to consider ways to help their websites y p show up in those first few pages.
  3. 3. So What Exactly is SEO? SEO is a set of activities used to make web pages more easily and correctly indexed by the search engines. If done properly, this has the added benefit of also making those pages more relevant and useful for your site visitors. Each E h search engine has its own algorithm, or rules for indexing h i h i l ih l f i d i and ranking sites. No SEO professional knows exactly what s in an algorithm what’s algorithm. However, there are a number of techniques that can make your site more search engine-friendly while still conforming to the rules of the algorithms. SEO includes keyword research, competitor review; making changes to your text h i i ki h and site code; pursuing links and directory listings for your site; and ongoing monitoring. All of these activities have one g goal: increasing site traffic by making your site more visible. g y gy
  4. 4. SEO Platform SEO provides a platform to companies, entrepreneurs to advertise and promote their services across the globally widespread media of internet. Building your website using SEO strategies would help you drive a large traffic towards your site and boost your ranking in the search engines like Google,Yahoo Ask Google Yahoo, Ask. This tends to increase your visibility and spread awareness about your website, blog, thus, leading to your immense publicity, which otherwise wouldn’t have been feasible without hiring paid advertising companies. Thus, SEO is an extremely profitable online marketing strategy that f targets a large number of online consumers. This is a dependable tool for people looking for promotion and profitable results, nevertheless, the financial crises in the economy world wide.
  5. 5. An Advantage of SEO over PPC PPC (pay-per-click) results are the ones that show up on the top and right side in Google Yahoo and MSN Google, results pages, listed as ‘sponsored links,’ ‘sponsored sites’ or ‘sponsor results.’ You bid for keywords and pay when someone clicks on your link, so you have the ability to choose your site’s positioning. However, depending on the competitiveness of your keywords, y may spend a lot of money on PPC. y you y p y ‘Organic’ or ‘natural’ SEO is free and focused on long- term results. Parallax concentrates on organic SEO g because this is more cost-effective for our small business clients.
  6. 6. Common SEO Myths #1 Ranking Guarantees – This is g unethical, because no one knows what’s in the algorithms of any major search engine g y j g and no one has ‘insider information.’
  7. 7. It’s relatively easy to find an obscure y y keyword that may have no value for your visitors and little competition, optimize a p p page for that keyword and rank on the first page. But what good will that do if it’s p g g a keyword no human visitor will ever use?
  8. 8. itself says this: “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee g rankings, allege a ‘special relationship’ with Google, or advertise a ‘priority submit’ to g p y Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a g y y site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or through the Google p g g g Sitemaps (Beta) program, and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.” y
  9. 9.
  10. 10. “Submit Your Site to 1,000 Search Engines” There s There’s no need to do this. There are only a few major search engines with which a small business needs to concern itself, and s a bus ess ee s co ce tse , a all of them have free submission. 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% Series 1 0.00%
  11. 11. No Claim For Claim Companies that claim y will see p you immediate returns on your SEO investment are likely using techniques like y g q link farming. These techniques, known as black-hat SEO, can get your site penalized g y p or even banned from the search engines, and this could have a serious g impact on your business.
  12. 12. META Tags are Key If a company tells y that META tags are p y you g the most important aspect of SEO, that’s incorrect. The emphasis on their p importance changes over time; the META keywords tag is now considered y g irrelevant, but META title tags continue to be quite important. q p
  13. 13. Resubmit Your Site Often Some SEO companies tout the p importance of resubmitting monthly. Resubmitting a site that’s already included g y in a particular search engine is totally unnecessary. It’s a waste of time, and it y can hurt your rankings because many search engines consider multiple g p submissions to be spamming.
  14. 14. Ethical SEO takes time. Parallax does not engage in any black-hat SEO techniques. These include: keyword stuffing; doorway pages; cloaking (presenting one thi t a search engine ( ti thing to h i spider but another to visitors); and invisible text among others Black-hat text, others. Black hat techniques break search engine rules, provide little or no benefit for visitors, and can get your site penalized or g banned from search engines.
  15. 15. Our SEO Process Keyword Research Keyword Research is first phase of SEO process, but important one because further search engine optimization process depends on k keywords and key -phrases, that we have d dk h h h to optimize. Finding and analyzing of keywords that people use to search your like product and service is keyword research.
  16. 16. SEO Process .. Website Optimization After keyword research, website is optimized according to search engines. Every engines page of website optimized for some keywords. SEO copywriting of website pages y py g p g is a part of it for content optimization. Website structure, Meta tags creation and internal li ki are other activities of i l linking h i ii f website optimization phase of SEO process.
  17. 17. SEO Process .. Website Submission After optimizing website, Optimized web p g p pages are submitted to major search engines and categories. Creation and g g submission of sitemap for Google, Url list for Yahoo are methods for inviting search g engines to crawl and index the website.
  18. 18. SEO Process .. Link Popularity Campaign p y p g Link building is a process of g p finding, researching and acquiring relevant links to increase link popularity of website p p y in internet world. Link Popularity is a major factor in rankling algorithm of j g g every Search Engine including Google,Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista etc. g
  19. 19. SEO Process .. Promotion and Maintenance SEO is an ongoing process; Search Engine changes search algorithms h h l ith continuously, therefore every website need to maintain its SEO techniques according to new search algorithms. Other Internet promotion activities include email marketing, press release, newsletters etc. .
  20. 20. SEO Process .. Reporting p g SEO Reporting is essential for tracking p g g the progress of website. Following are the main reports in SEO process: p p
  21. 21. Some Reports Search Engine Ranking / Positioning Report: Li of all k R t List f ll keywords positions b search d ii by h engines and their respective ranking. Search Engine Submission Report: record of the last time submissions were made to each of the search engines. The detailed reports include specific submission i f ifi b i i information t th di t i ti to the directories. Link Popularity Report: Lists all new external inbound links from other websites and external outbound links to other websites. Search Engine Maintenance Report: Journals all activities associated with a SEO campaign. ll i i i i d ih i
  22. 22. What to Expect from SEO How long does it take? This is a very common question and the answer rarely pleases anyone! If you have a brand-new site, it can take between 6 and 9 months before your site begins showing up in the results for your keywords, p y , particularly on Google which y g usually takes longer than any other search engine. If your site is more than a year or so old and you’re optimizing f the fi ld d ’ i i i for h first time, expect to wait 3 to 6 months before you notice changes changes.
  23. 23. To Summarize… Having a well-optimized website will, over time, i i improve your chances of better search h fb h engine results and increased site traffic. SEO is an important element in y p your overall marketing plan gp for your business. For small business owners (any business owner, for that matter), SEO is a viable alternative to PPC marketing which can be quite marketing, costly over time, but organic optimization requires patience. It’s a long-term investment, and it requires ongoing attention from both the site f b h h owner and the SEO consultant to maintain good rankings once they’re achieved. g y
  24. 24. nitin@maximumhit com