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Power point rubrics


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Power point rubrics

  1. 1. Grading Rubric for a PowerPoint Project 5 4 3 2 Content is Content is Content is accurate accurate but questionable and Content is accurate but some information information is not information is not and information is is not presented in a Content presented in a presented in a presented in a logical logical order, but is logical order, logical order, order. still generally easy to making it difficult making it difficult follow. to follow. to follow. Presentation flows Presentation flows Presentation flows Presentation is well and logically. well. Tools used well. Some tools unorganized. Presentation correctly. used to show Tools are not used Slide reflects extensive Correct number acceptable in a relevant Creation use of tools in a of slides. Overall understanding. manner. Lacking creative way. presentation is Correct number in number of Correct number interesting of slides. slides. of slides. Transitions are Very few smooth and Smooth Smooth transitions are Slide interesting. transitions are transitions are used and/or they Transitions Transitions used on most used on some distract from the enhance the slides. slides. presentation. presentation. Images are Images are Pictures, appropriate. appropriate. Most images are Images are Clip Art & Layout of images Layout is appropriate. inappropriate. Background is pleasing to the cluttered. eye. No spelling Few spelling Some spelling Some spelling errors. No errors. Few errors. Some errors. Some grammar errors. grammar errors. grammar errors. grammar errors. Mechanics Text is in Text is in Text is in Most of text is in authors' own authors' own authors' own authors' own words. words. words. words. Comprehensive General Acceptable Little Technology use of technology understanding of understanding of understanding of Connection is apparent. technology. technology. technology.
  2. 2. 1 Content is inaccurate and information is not presented in a logical order, making it difficult to follow. Presentation has no flow. No tools used. Insufficient number of slides. No transitions used. No images. Many spelling errors and/or text is copied. No understanding of technology.