Chapter 2 writing correct sentences


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10 grade grammar - Writing Correct Sentences - Practice

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Chapter 2 writing correct sentences

  1. 1. lefttopPanamerican SchoolSomething more than education: a challenge to the future, without borders<br />Prof. Moisés De CastroGrammarGrade 10 Practice<br />Lesson 2-1<br />Practice A<br />The subject of each sentence is in bold. Choose the correct verb form in parentheses. Write the sentence on your paper.<br /><ul><li>Sometimes Amber’s dog (run, runs) away.
  2. 2. That dog (jump, jumps) the fence.
  3. 3. His owners (call, calls) him.
  4. 4. The neighbors (chase, chases) him.
  5. 5. Finally the adventurer (return, returns).</li></ul>Practice B<br />The subject of each sentence is in bold. Decide whether the subject is singular or plural. Write singular or plural on your paper.<br /><ul><li>The snow falls gently.
  6. 6. His knowledge of rules helps his writing.
  7. 7. The answers pop into my head.
  8. 8. My friends like music.
  9. 9. Those dancers whirl like tops.</li></ul>Practice C<br />Look at each subject in bold. Choose the correct verb form in parentheses. Write the sentence on your paper.<br /><ul><li>Derek’s friends (run, runs) 30 miles each week.
  10. 10. The girl with the red shoes (dance, dances) well.
  11. 11. The actors in the school play (seem, seems) talented.
  12. 12. They (hope, hopes) for a big crowd on opening night.
  13. 13. The students (sell, sells) tickets in the cafeteria.</li></ul>Practice D<br />Look at each subject in bold. Choose the correct pronoun in parentheses to replace the noun. Write the sentence using the pronoun.<br /><ul><li>Amber Choy has a dog named Rex. (She, They)
  14. 14. One day the dog ran away. (it, they)
  15. 15. Amber and Sonia looked for Rex. (She, They)
  16. 16. The rain started at about eight o’clock. (It, They)
  17. 17. The girls wondered if Rex was lost. (She, They)</li></ul>Practice E<br />Look at the indefinite pronoun in bold. Decide if it is singular or plural. Then choose the correct verb form in parentheses. Write the sentence on your paper.<br /><ul><li>Someone (knock, knocks) at the door.
  18. 18. The party is loud. No one (hear, hears) the knocks.
  19. 19. Several knocks (make, makes) the door shake.
  20. 20. Everybody (look, looks) at everybody else.
  21. 21. A voice calls out, “Pizza delivery! Two kinds here!” Both (smell, smells) wonderful!</li></ul>Lesson 2-2<br />Practice A<br />Choose the correct form of have. Rewrite the sentence.<br /><ul><li>Does Brandon (has, have) his homework?
  22. 22. The students (has, have) a new assignment.
  23. 23. Amber (has, have) a dog named Rex.
  24. 24. The girls (has, have) a new project.
  25. 25. Sonia (has, have) a list of directions.</li></ul>Practice B<br />Write three perfect tenses of each regular verb. Use the correct form of have plus the past participle of the verb.<br /><ul><li>recognize
  26. 26. struggle
  27. 27. tremble
  28. 28. look
  29. 29. enjoy</li></ul>Practice C<br />Complete each sentence with the perfect tense of the verb in parentheses. Add has, have, had or will have to the past participle. Write the sentence on your paper. There may be more than one possible answer.<br />Example:The moon _____ behind the clouds. (disappear)Answer: The moon has disappeared behind the clouds.<br /><ul><li>The students _____ at last. (arrive)
  30. 30. Amber and Derek _____ for several weeks. (exercise)
  31. 31. The band _____ the competition every year. (enter)
  32. 32. Mrs. Choy _____ a birthday party for Amber. (arrange)
  33. 33. “I _____ the project already,” said Ms. Ruiz. (explain)</li></ul>Practice D<br />Complete each sentence with a perfect tense of the verb in parentheses. Add has, have, had, or will have to the past participle. Write the sentence on your paper. There may be more than one possible answer.<br /><ul><li>Brandon _____ an A in health last year. (get)
  34. 34. He _____ the tennis team. (make)
  35. 35. Each player _____ a match for the team. (win)
  36. 36. Brandon _____ his racket to hit the ball. (swing)
  37. 37. The coach _____ the players the rules. (teach)</li></ul>Practice E<br />Complete each sentence with a perfect tense of the verb in parentheses. Add has, have, had or will have to the past participle. Write the sentence on your paper. There may be more than one possible answer.<br /><ul><li>Sonia _____ that movie five times. (see)
  38. 38. Last week she _____ Amber to see it. (take)
  39. 39. They _____ to Amber’s house afterwards. (drive)
  40. 40. Derek and Brandon _____ their dinner late. (eat)
  41. 41. Derek _____ to the movies tomorrow. (go)</li></ul>Lesson 2-3<br />Practice A<br />Find the verb or verb phrase in each sentence. Write it on your paper.<br /><ul><li>Every sentence has a verb.
  42. 42. You will find a verb in every sentence.
  43. 43. Everyone follows the rules.
  44. 44. Soon you will write a better sentence.
  45. 45. Amber has found the verb in this sentence.</li></ul>Practice B<br />Write the verb phrase in each sentence. Underline each helping verb.<br /><ul><li>Amber was writing a letter to her aunt.
  46. 46. Sonia has been playing in a band for a year.
  47. 47. The band is practicing now.
  48. 48. Amber has known Sonia for several years.
  49. 49. You should have left sooner!</li></ul>Practice C<br />Write the verbs and verb phrases shown in bold. Next to each verb or verb phrase, write its tense.<br />Today Derek Anderson announced his training plan for the County Meet. When he talked with reporters, he already had started his training. Derek runs at least five miles every day. He said he will have run 30 miles by the end of this week. He will enter some local meets soon. Springfield High School wishes you luck, Derek!<br />Practice D<br />Read each pair of sentences. Study the verbs in bold. Decide which sentence shows correct use of tenses. Write the letter of the correct sentence on your paper.<br /><ul><li>A When Amber smiles, the room seems brighter.B When Amber smiled, the room seems brighter.
  50. 50. A The gun fired, and the runners dashed off!B The gun fired, and the runners dash off!
  51. 51. A As Derek jogs, he waved to his friends.B As Derek jogged, he waved to his friends.
  52. 52. A Watch verb tense, and your writing improves.B Watch verb tense, and your writing will improve.
  53. 53. A Because Derek trains hard, he raced well.B Because Derek trained hard, he has raced well.</li></ul>Lesson 2-4<br />Practice A<br />Combine each set of short sentences. Create one sentence using the conjunction and. Write the new sentence on your paper. Use commas to separate three or more items in a series. Be sure the new subject and verb agree.<br /><ul><li>Monday it rained. Tuesday it rained. Wednesday it rained.
  54. 54. I like running and cooking. I like listening to music.
  55. 55. The dog was lost. It was tired. It was hungry.
  56. 56. Amber is late. Sonia is late. Their friend Brandon is late.
  57. 57. We marched up the hill. We marched down the hill. We marched across the hill.</li></ul>Practice B<br />Each sentence has at least one punctuation mistake. Write each sentence correctly on your paper.<br /><ul><li>Springfield is a large town and it is growing rapidly.
  58. 58. He signed up for a class in baking breads, and pies.
  59. 59. Luis speaks English, French and, Spanish.
  60. 60. She teaches at the school, and lives near it.
  61. 61. Toronto New York and Los Angeles are big cities.</li></ul>Practice C<br />Complete each sentence using and or but. Write the new sentence on your paper.<br /><ul><li>Amber has a dog, _____ Sonia does not.
  62. 62. Both Amber _____ Sonia are Derek’s friends.
  63. 63. Amber wanted to go to dancing class, _____ it was canceled.
  64. 64. Sonia plays in the orchestra, _____ she did not play tonight.
  65. 65. A dictionary is one useful source for writers, _____ a thesaurus is another.</li></ul>Practice D<br />Find the conjunctions in the sentences. Write them on your paper.<br /><ul><li>The class will read a short story or several poems.
  66. 66. It was August, yet the weather grew cold.
  67. 67. The winds blew not only from the east but also from the north.
  68. 68. I will either phone you tonight or see you tomorrow.
  69. 69. The dog hid the keys, so Amber never found them.</li></ul>Lesson 2-5<br />Practice A<br />Find the subordinating clause in each sentence. Write it on your paper.<br /><ul><li>If you want a puppy, try the animal shelter.
  70. 70. Everyone hurried because they were late.
  71. 71. While the sun shines, the temperature stays warm.
  72. 72. When Sonia plays her violin, everyone listens.
  73. 73. Everyone clapped although the movie had not ended.</li></ul>Practice B<br />Each sentence contains a dependent clause. If the sentence needs a comma, write the sentence correctly on your paper. If the sentence is correct, write correct.<br /><ul><li>Because she trained hard Sarah won the race.
  74. 74. Sarah will keep training until the next track meet.
  75. 75. While the other runners lift weights Sarah runs sprints.
  76. 76. Although she feels ready Sarah will not stop training.
  77. 77. I will win the race if I can.</li></ul>Practice C<br />Write each sentence on your paper. Underline the dependent clause once. Underline the subordinating conjunction twice.<br />Example: James read a book while I knitted.<br /><ul><li>After the game was over, we were very tired.
  78. 78. Because everyone disagreed, we voted again.
  79. 79. The students studied before they took the test.
  80. 80. I couldn’t get a job unless I filled out an application.
  81. 81. Although he likes tennis, Derek chose to join the soccer team.</li></ul>Practice D<br />Use four subordinating conjunctions to combine sentences in the paragraph. Write the new paragraph on your paper. Use correct punctuation.<br />Never Give Up!by Brandon Tucker<br />I lost my first tennis match. I was not playing well. I expected to improve. I needed to practice every day. My friend Derek practiced with me. He gave me good pointers. The first defeat had been disappointing. I entered another tournament. I played my best. I won the first match! I continued to play well. I lost in the second round. I definitely had improved. I plan to keep trying.<br />Practice E<br />Use each subordinating conjunction in a sentence.<br /><ul><li>because
  82. 82. while
  83. 83. unless
  84. 84. where
  85. 85. when