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The Power Of Flexible CRM


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In this informative ebook you'll learn about how CRM software can wrap around your business to grow your bottom line and increase sales. How is this possible? It all boils down to CRM flexibility. To learn more about our flexible CRM Solution visit

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The Power Of Flexible CRM

  2. 2. YOUR BUSINESS. YOUR INDUSTRY. YOUR CRM. Your company is unique. You have unique processes and unique customers who have their own preferences and demands. You exist in an industry that has its own challenges. KEYS TO FLEXIBILITY 1 Increasingly Flexible Deployment 2 Easy, Secure CRM Mobility 3 Moving Beyond Generic Sales Automation 4 Matches Your Unique Business And all of this is constantly changing. Your CRM software should be flexible enough to handle the way you do business and keep up with change. It’s not just about choosing the best CRM technology for now, but the best solution for the future. In this ebook you’ll see how a flexible CRM is the key to handling customers in the present and as your business progresses forward. 2 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  4. 4. CHOOSE YOUR OWN DEPLOYMENT Flexible CRM solutions can be deployed in a way that best suits your company. What does this mean? Basically it all boils down to one core idea: Who will host your CRM? Colloquially referred to as “you host or we host,” a flexible CRM lets you make the choice. We’ll spend a couple minutes talking about the merits of each method but before we do look over to the right. There you’ll see the four possible CRM deployment options, two that can be hosted internally by yourself and two that can be hosted externally. 70% FLEXIBLE FACT Nearly 70% of organizations are using or want to use Cloud Services There is a lot of attention on the cloud right now and for good reason. As the chart shows, there are many benefits to hosting your software remotely. With no hardware or software maintenance costs and the freedom to pay on a per user account basis the cloud is very attractive. This is especially true for companies without a lot of IT support. In the cloud, software updates are applied automatically and you’ll never have to worry about managing servers. On Premise is the “classical solution” that has been used for years and years as an established and highly customizable way of deploying software. DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS ON PREMISE Your CRM is hosted in-house on your own servers. This is the classical way of deploying a CRM. ON PREMISE SECURE WEB The beauty of hosting software yourself is the ease and amount of integrations your company can perform. Making your CRM talk with your accounting software and ERP is much easier when you have access to the code. Like the above but allows for access via a browser. Remote access is easily permissible. With established IT support, On Premise can be extraordinarily powerful because your data lives inside your company for maximum security. Your CRM is hosted off-site in the public cloud via a service like Microsoft Azure. The most Flexible CRM providers will provide options - including combining an On Premise and Secure Web Access solution. HOSTED CLOUD PRIVATE CLOUD Your CRM is hosted off-site in a private data center. A highly secure cloud solution, access is typically very limited and servers are not shared. ( reprints/document/61581/oid/1-M28JF9) 4 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  5. 5. COMPARING YOUR OPTIONS HOSTED CLOUD ON PREMISE SECURE ON PREMISE WEB PRIVATE HOSTED (CLOUD) Up-front capital costs for hardware, software licensing, air conditioning, etc. Pay as you go, per user, per month. Depending on if the hardware is owned or rented – hardware rental costs may apply COST Pay as you go, per user, per month, etc. Up-front capital costs for hardware, software licensing, air conditioning, etc. CUSTOMIZATION Limited customization Somewhat customizable depending on software vendor Somewhat customizable depending on software vendor More customizable than Public Cloud but still customizable depending on software vendor UPGRADES Application accessed through a web browser. All upgrades/updates are done at the server Upgrades/updates done on server and desktop. Windows client needs to be deployed on each desktop which can be time consuming Application accessed through a web browser. Most upgrades/updates are typically done at the server Application accessed through a web browser. All upgrades/updates are done at the server HARDWARE Hardware and software owned reside at provider’s site Customer must provide hardware and system platforms to run apps Customer must provide hardware and system platforms to run apps Customer has the choice to either provide hardware and system platforms to run apps or “rent” from the Data Center vendor SECURITY Access to SaaS apps is via the Internet, creating security risks Less risky because of on premise location Less risky because of on premise location, however access from outside is available. Entails risks that need to be managed Access to SaaS apps is via the Internet which comes with security risks that need to be managed MOBILE ACCESS Accessible via browsers running on mobile devices Limited access to business applications browsers running on mobile devices Accessible via browsers running on mobile devices Accessible via browsers running on mobile devices INTEGRATION Limited integration Integration with existing software is commonplace Integration with existing software is commonplace Accessible via browsers running on mobile devices CONTROL SaaS provider controls systems and is entrusted with customer data Control of systems and data Control of systems and data SaaS provider controls systems and is entrusted with customer data 5 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  6. 6. MAKING THE DECISION Let’s say that your company is using an On Premise, local access solution and your company decides to open up a regional office. You want to continue with an On Premise solution – what to do? If you have a flexible CRM you’ll be able to flip the switch and turn on Web Access so individuals in the remote office can access the CRM through a browser. No additional costs are associated and the flexibility of your CRM makes the procedure painless. Even still, some companies get queasy when it comes to the thought of any data exists outside their servers. In these cases an On Premise solution with Secure Web Access is the way to go. 6 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM ON PREMISE WEB ACCESS Security is also an important concern, especially with cloud deployments. This is why some CRM providers offer secure cloud solutions where your data is stored in a private data center. TE VA ED I PR ST HO PU CL B O LIC UD When deciding between an On Premise and a Cloud solution it generally boils down to how much your company wants to pay up-front, whether you have in-house IT support, and what kind of customization and integration you need. WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  8. 8. DECIDING TO GO MOBILE It wasn’t too long ago that being a mobile salesperson was a notoriously lonely job. Constant travel and disconnect from both the home and office created a rather companionless existence. Fortunately as the Internet and cellular technology matured it became easier for a mobile salesperson to stay in touch via any smartphone or tablet. Access to mobile CRM allows constant contact with the office. +14.6% FLEXIBLE FACT If you want to blow your competition out of the water Mobile CRM will make this happen. Walk into every meeting fully prepared, check inventory and place orders instantly, review and set tasks remotely. This is a game changer in the CRM space. Mobile CRM frees your sales team from a computer and enables them to get updates on your customers and prospects remotely and on demand. A simple and easy to use mobile solution will boost productivity and help your sales team close more deals. You should expect your CRM provider to provide access via any smart phone or tablet as a standard feature at no additional cost. It’s essential that employees can access email offsite – why not your CRM as well? This is especially valuable when your salespeople take meetings in person. Mobile access increases sales force productivity by 14.6 percent. ( docs/03-01-12CRM.PDF) 8 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  9. 9. NATIVE APPS OR HTML5? Nearly every company has implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy where employees are responsible for providing their own mobile phone. This policy is excellent for your employees because it allows them to use their preferred device with typically fewer restrictions. When it comes to development of mobile applications however, BYOD complicates things. The major mobile operating systems at present are iOS and Android, though BlackBerry still has considerable usage among businesses and Windows has their own OS which takes up a small but considerable part of the market. With such fragmentation in the mobile space, for maximum flexibility your CRM should be built in HTML5. No matter what phone a given employee uses, as long as it has a modern mobile browser it can run the HTML5. This frees you from having to worry about updates across multiple operating systems, making HTML5 more reliable when it comes to updates and maintenance. 9 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  10. 10. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A MODERN MOBILE SALESPERSON 07:00AM 10:00AM MANAGE TASKS ON THE GO At breakfast the salesperson checks his tasks and preps for the first meeting of the day by referencing his CRM 10 VIEW REAL-TIME UPDATES A deal is struck after a quick inventory check and the promise of meeting delivery schedule THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM 12:30PM STAY ORGANIZED At lunch the salesperson quickly finds the location of the next meeting while updating their calendar 02:00PM 05:00PM OPTIMIZE PRODUCTIVITY EASILY MONITOR KEY METRICS After a second meeting, the salesperson moves the lead to opportunity status and posts follow-up information On the flight home the salesperson checks their progress toward this quarter’s goals via reports in the CRM WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  12. 12. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE Your company has established unique ways of doing things. Your CRM processes have been refined and your products have features that keep you distinct from the market. Your business isn’t generic and that’s precisely the reason why generic sales force automation (SFA) isn’t for you. 15% Even if you purchase a CRM that has been customized for your industry the “out-of-thebox” solution will never completely match your company’s unique requirements. It’s critical that your company steers away from generic SFA. Why is this so important? It’s all about process alignment… FLEXIBLE FACT The CRM industry has a staggering statistic: ADOPTION RATE IS ONLY 50% Why is this number so terrible? It’s largely due to a lack of process alignment. If the sales process in your CRM does not match the process laid out by your sales leaders you can’t expect your sales team to want to use it. When your sales team is using Excel and Word instead of CRM software, this generally indicates that the SFA rules are not aligned to the way your company does business – it’s easier to stick with Office tools than it is to fight against the CRM. When deciding what CRM to purchase be sure the software can adapt to your needs. If your CRM can’t easily be adapted you have the wrong solution. ! WARNING SIGNS FOR GENERIC CRM You cannot adapt how leads or enquires are routed. You need to use the ‘out of box’ lead management process You need to change the way you do business to ‘make it work’ Reports and dashboards cannot show your real business performance Your account management group is working in a silo with no visibility or usefulness to the rest of your business Only 15% of SFA users are “very satisfied” with their CRM. ( 12 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  13. 13. FLEXIBLE CRM IN ACTION Companies that successfully deploy CRM do so with flexible systems that are tailored to the way they do business. These companies operate within a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, urban development, publishing, wealth management, and virtually every other industry. Think of out of the box CRM as being the foundation. It includes your core SFA rules however these are generic and not unique to your company. Customizing your CRM boosts adoption and therefore ROI. Without customization your CRM investment can never be realized to its full potential. Companies that successfully deploy CRM are aware of this fact and take the time to customize their solution to their needs. 13 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM Companies with flexible CRM ORLANDO EDC Economic development commission with extensive customization of existing data MAYFIELD Streamlined sales process, shared view of client production requirements within the manufacturing industry BIC CRM customized to the business requirements of a large publishing company, customized dashboards WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  15. 15. WHAT MAKES YOUR BUSINESS UNIQUE? A flexible CRM allows you to customize much deeper than generic sales force automation. Not only can you capture standard sales information, you’ll also be able to log and organize industry and customer data in a manner that best suits your company. This industry and customer specific data is invaluable to your sales team. In this chapter we’ll talk about some of the customizations you can do with a flexible CRM and see how that data can be utilized to better service the customer. The sales potential of a fully customized CRM is massive. When you have complete customer information stored in one central place opportunities for superior service and sales open up. Many companies store this information externally to their CRM (if they record it at all). A better alternative – which still isn’t great – is to put the information in your CRM in note form. For example, putting the birthday in a client profile note will log the information but you’ll be unable to search for all clients who have birthdays in the next 30 days. By taking the time to customize your CRM you’ll have a field available for data entry and will be able to pull up this list at a moment’s notice. At Maximizer we encourage our clients to formally lay out the data they want to log and take the time to customize their CRM and process rules to ensure this info gets captured. The goal is to reveal your customers as individuals. 15 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  16. 16. BASIC VS. FLEXIBLE CRM BASIC PROFILE FLEXIBLE CRM PROFILE Name Name Address Address Phone number Phone number Company Company Job title Job title Lunch at Rogue every Wednesday Favorite sports team: Vancouver Canucks Last purchase date Usage rate Estimated repurchase date Very satisfied NPS: 8 16 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  17. 17. DOES YOUR CRM SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE? With a high level of customization you can also log data that is highly useful to marketing and customer service teams, allowing them to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and support. When it does your employees will embrace the system as they see just how useful it is. Sales, marketing, customer service, executives, and more will be able to use this valuable information to better service your customers. At Maximizer we recently had a client in commercial real estate customize our CRM to include tenant tracking, landlords for commercial properties, and custom reports. The next time marketing needs to send an email to landlords with occupancy rates over 95% well, that won’t be a problem for them. For perfect alignment to your company’s DNA, you can always build your own CRM and some companies with a lot of cash on hand do exactly this. No doubt your industry has at least several unique points of data that can be collected in a CRM which will help departments beyond sales. Perks include better service, superior client retention, and a more accurate overview. Every customer is unique – your CRM should reflect this but it needs flexibility in order to do so. 17 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM Thing is, at Maximizer we’ve been at the CRM game for over 20 years. We’ve put tons of resources into R&D, optimization, and our technology. Can you build your own CRM in a couple years? Sure. Will it work as good as any of the other top CRMs? Probably not - and it’s going to cost you a ton of cash. Thing is, you still need your platform to be customized. Enter the flexible CRM. WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  18. 18. THE FLEXIBLE CRM AND CUSTOMIZATION… If making your own CRM isn’t the best idea and you certainly don’t want to stick with a generic solution, the best bet is in the middle. Your business should drive CRM process, not the other way around. It’s important to select a CRM that can… • Easily create data entry rules and custom fields VALUE • Intelligently adapt a specific process through SMART information capture • Create repeatable workflows specific to your business to automate common tasks 18 THE POWER OF FLEXIBLE CRM GENERIC CRM FLEXIBLE CRM CUSTOM CRM • One size fits all • Costly to adapt • Standard data capture • Adaptable over time • Customize to industry needs • No change to processes • Increased costs • Expensive to maintain • Increased complexity WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM
  19. 19. FLEXIBLE CRM CHECKLIST YES Your CRM software should be flexible enough to handle the way you do business and keep up with change. It’s not just about choosing the best CRM technology for now, but the best solution for the future. Use this easily checklist to evaluate your current CRM software and guide any future CRM decision. Do you have multiple CRM deployment options? Will the CRM deployment option meet data security requirements? Is mobile CRM a standard option of the solution at no additional costs? Is mobile CRM available across any smart phone or tablet? Can your sales lead distribution process be easily adapted? Can you easily adapt reports and dashboards to track crucial metrics? Does your CRM enable you to keep current business processes? Will you be able to easily adapt your CRM if your business changes? Are you limited by the number of custom fields you can create? Can you capture all the customer data you need? Will your CRM be easily adapted to match your specific industry? WWW.MAXIMIZER.COM NO
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