7 Steps to Enhance Your CRM Performance


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Explore the simple steps your organization can take to leverage the full power of CRM. Learn how to develop a CRM Roadmap, increase end-user adoption and tips on how to identify quick wins which deliver immediate results. You will walk away from this webinar with a clear plan on how to optimize your entire CRM process.

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7 Steps to Enhance Your CRM Performance

  1. 1. Webinar Host Guest Speaker Neal Cranna Desmond BristowDirector, Marketing Professional Services ManagerMaximizer Software Maximizer Software
  2. 2. Enhancing CRM A successful Customer Relationship Management initiative is about more than the technology. Your CRM initiative touches people, both employees and customers, and changes the processes of how they interact. This presentation outlines the elements you need to take into consideration to maximize the effectiveness of your initiative.
  3. 3. Define Processes
  4. 4. Define Processes Identify your organizational goals and link to customer facing processes Leverage the CRM to support the business processes  Reports  Track customers  Forecasting  Activity Embed in the organization  Integrations (Financial, ERP)
  5. 5. Prioritize ProcessesCase Study: Alès CosmeticsINDUSTRY: CosmeticsKEY CHALLENGE: Organizational ReportingSOLUTION: Remote access to salon and department store purchase history through integration to financial system and real-time reports
  6. 6. Tips to Take Action Review organizational goals and objectives Define metrics related to these goals Identify processes and prioritize based on objective Map targeted customer facing processes  Example: Sales pipeline Simple Structure use a Problem/Opportunity Analysis Chart Problem Causes Solutions Extra supply from Poor Forecasting Improve production forecasting thru runs, shortage on tracking in others Maximizer
  7. 7. Define Polices
  8. 8. Set Policies New IT Policies Examples:  High Data Quality  Data Cleansing New Business Policies Examples:  Leading handling  Lead transfer
  9. 9. Set PolicesCase Study: AIMINDUSTRY: Manufacturing (Solder)KEY CHALLENGE: Dirty DataSOLUTION: Hired 12 people to clean-up database. Upgrade from v8 to v12.
  10. 10. Tips to Take Action Create a CRM Policy  Set usage standards…and write them down  Define conventions  Example: What are your sales pipeline definitions? More fun…Create a CRM Manifesto Target  Technical standards  Business standards  Ensure reporting standards are met Automate enforcement
  11. 11. P Plan Performance Metrics
  12. 12. Plan Metrics What are your CRM Initiative metrics?  How are you measuring them? Ideas  Improve forecasting by X  # of activities created  Increase in incidents handled  Marketing Campaign ROI  System usage
  13. 13. Plan MetricsCase Study: SiemensINDUSTRY: ManufacturingKEY CHALLENGE: Implement CRM in multiple independent countriesSOLUTION: Country unit with strongest focus on reporting where most successful
  14. 14. Tips to Take Action #1 Tip:  At Maximizer we see a strong correlation between reporting and CRM success Define your CRM initiative success criteria
  15. 15. Review Structure
  16. 16. Review Structure Does your organizational structure support your CRM Initiative? Formally assign individuals and teams to roles that support the process and CRM solution.
  17. 17. Review StructureCase Study: Gemcom SoftwareINDUSTRY: Software (Mining)KEY CHALLENGE: Ensuring sales best practices are consistent around the globeSOLUTION: Execute a global CRM initiative with involvement of all regions a part of CRM team
  18. 18. Tips to Take Action Formally assign responsibility for your CRM initiative and technology  1 business lead, 1 technical lead Assign a steering committee to regularly review, 1+ senior managers/executives Keep business lead from the same unit as the primary users.
  19. 19. Audit Skillsets
  20. 20. Audit Skillset Does your team have training limiters? Internal SME’s Continuous training Not just about the app, it’s about the business processes the app supports
  21. 21. Tips to Take Action Develop your own training & solution experts Record CRM training for future viewing and new employees Take advantage of CRM training programs  Ensure provider has free training options Build a CRM Internal Site for best practices
  22. 22. Create Rewards
  23. 23. Create Rewards Get Creative!  Faster Access to relevant data  Central source of customer data Are the sales reps who successfully use the system….successful?
  24. 24. Tips to Take Action Build a good system for the work the user does  (Best chance of building additional intrinsic value)  Involve managers & user in design workshop A CRM initiative may change job descriptions Ideas  Launch parties/name the system  Sales Representatives compensated on opportunities  CSR’s rewarded customer satisfaction surveys  Outbound Telesales on # of calls made  Users compensated on notes made
  25. 25. Build a Culture
  26. 26. Culture Actively Build champions Cultivate a culture that drives usage In the most successful implementations… …the team holds its self accountable to usage of the system
  27. 27. Build CultureCase Study: Maximizer SoftwareINDUSTRY: SoftwareKEY CHALLENGE: Ensuring usage of Maximizer Software internallySOLUTION: Built a culture of using Maximizer software extensively
  28. 28. Tips to Take Action Early Project  Get your team of stakeholders involved early  Keep the team informed  Train on business process supported by software Long-term  Ensure mission critical business process are supported  Provide continuous training  Add new functionality and maintain as business changes  Integrate 3rd party applications
  29. 29. 7 Steps to Enhance CRM Performance Successful Organizations:  Prioritize Processes  Set Policies  Plan Performance Metrics  Review Structure  Audit Skillsets  Create Rewards  Build a Culture
  30. 30. Thank you! Questions?Desmond BristowManager, Professional ServicesPhone: 604-639-3568Email: dbristow@maximizer.com