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Brief overview of Digital Marketing to International Markets by Mark Carter, Head of Marketing EMEA at Maximizer CRM Software Given to Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce event, November 2010. More details available upon request from

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  • Hi, I’m Mark Carter, and I am Head of Marketing for the European, Middle East & Africa region at Maximizer Software. We are a Canadian company who has provided CRM across the globe for nearly 25 years.
  • Between 80 – 90% of the all the marketing we do across the entire region is digital.And this shows just some of the main components of the marketing mix we currently use.
  • Lets look at some of the issues Maximizer encounters and how we deal with them.Here is you looking for new customers overseas.Here are the customers of all sizes in different countries across the globe.However, there are barriers stopping you from doing business. I will show what Maximizer does to get over this wall and to reach these markets.
  • Time – Be aware of differences in time zones, working weeks & public holidays.We automatically stagger email campaigns so that they arrive AFTER the locals are in their offices and have had a cup of coffee.
  • We don’t send to the Middle East on a Friday, as that is their weekend.(for anyone wondering about the connection – that is a photo of the Saturdays)
  • Do not send an email to France or Italy in August as EVERYONE & I mean everyone is at the beach.Do research on where you are sending to.
  • That’s taken 1 brick away – now lets talk Language.I know I speak Esperanto like a native, but language can be barrier.
  • English is the lingua franca of international business – it is what the Japanese speak to the Norwegians in.In some areas like the Netherlands, the Nordics, and the Middle East, the use of English is good, but some areas - most notably France “does not do English”.
  • Although not always essential, it is always better to communicate in the local language.We use a combination of our own staff, a good translation service & the best of all our local partners to translate. That way we get the spirit of what we are trying to convey rather than a literal translation.
  • It is not always possible to translate into every language, but if writing in English ‘Kiss your customer’ – by that I mean follow the KISS principles – Keep it short & simple.Therefore,if writing in English, keep all copy in emails and on websites in PLAIN English with short sentences.Do not use slang; do not use three letter acronyms; do not use Jargon; do not use UK references, eg Blue Peter; and don’t use corporate speak, E.g. Stop-gap = temporary solution, Vertical = industry or fortnight,Accelerated Emergence of High Maturity Behaviours = faster resultsEstimates vary but a 2,000-word vocabulary of high frequency English words actually contain 87% of words used in Business, this plus an additional 800 academic / technical words.
  • Talking of websites – your website is your shop window to the world.We have set up a .eu website with an abridged content in French, German, Spanish, Italian & Turkish.Get the local URL and redirect to your main website (e.g. a Danish URL, that redirects visitors automatically to our main website) sites are fine but some don’t like the You can get by with a single site with appropriate pages & flags at the top.However, we are supported by local Business Partners with their own sites with local URL in local language.
  • I’ve deliberately used these stick men (although these guys look like they have enjoyed a few too make good meals to be called stick).Used on our website they help evade any ethnic or gender stereotyping on both sides (company and customer).Plus it helps to the avoid my bête noir of cheesy generic multi ethic, smiling happy people who are usually pictured shaking hands.
  • Maximizer produces videos and we have got round multiple language voice overs by: Not doing voice overs Using the same basic PowerPoint with translation substituted.Using simple very short pieces of text that can be easily & quickly translatedThis is the same 2 minute video, but using only 400 words & that includes the contact details!It is quick, its easy and its cost effective.Sub-titling may be an option for you.
  • Even with just the top 2 bricks removed you can clearly see your path to fame & riches is a lot easier.
  • There is lots more to cover, but that’s my 3 minutes – any questions?
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