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dotHIV CX maps


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This is a presentation made for dotHIV made for Julian Cole's Skillshare class "Communications Planning Crash Course" (

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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dotHIV CX maps

  1. 1. Introducing aWeb With aPurpose.A Customer Experience Map @mbhw
  2. 2. Today, more than 2.4 billion people use the internet.For more than 26 hours every week.Sources:;
  3. 3. We decided to use that power for doing something good.We decided to build aweb with a purpose.
  4. 4. is a new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) that supports the globalfight against HIV by making every click a gesture of support.Our target is to raise awareness among people that HIV is still aproblem – but not one that cannot be solved.At the same time we want to give brands and organisations aplatform to show their support and their activities surrounding thetopic.dotHIV
  5. 5. To brands and organisations, dotHIV offers a uniqueway of showcasing their own programs in support ofthe gobal fight against HIV.The options range from simply re-directing the newdomain to the existing corporate site – or to developa creative way of using their dotHIV domain.b2b.
  6. 6. To internet users, dotHIV offers a simple wayof doing something good. Every click on adotHIV domain triggers a micro donation to aproject that supports the fight against HIV.b2c.
  7. 7. To get organisations and brands to registerand use their dotHIV domains.To get internet users to use dotHIV domains.Goal 1:Goal 2:b2bb2c
  8. 8. awareness information purchase usageb2bpre-purchase purchase post-purchasechannelinfluencer• comms agencies• competition• media & journalists• bloggerstepsread aboutdotHIVvisit dotHIVwebsite• advice IT department toregister domain• place order at registrar oftrust• write briefing for communicationsagencies• launch page• talk to media about brand‘ssupport of .hivGet brands to registerand use a .hiv domain.Big brands already havemultiple domains registered.GOAL PROBLEMmaintenancethink• What is this?• That soundsinteresting, but howdoes it work?• Do we really needthis?• How can this benefitour company?• Where do I registermy domain?• How can I preventother parties of usingmy brand‘s name?• Who can help me with settingup the page?• What kind of page should welaunch?• What are other brands doingwith their domain?• interested• curious• excited• overwhelmed•• curious• frustrated (purchaseprocess; money has tobe transfered)• relieved• excited• nervous (will everything go well,etc.)• monitor page and conversationsabout the site and our brand‘sengagement in .hiv• family and friends• competition• advisors• comms agencies• IT department • controlling• IT department• comms agencies• bloggerconsideration• IT departmentschedule a meetingwith dotHIVrepresentativecheck competitors‘activities• What can we dowith a newTLD?linear processnon-linear,but time based desktopmobileprintdirectongoing,non-linearfeel• nervous (what if something goes wrong?)• confident (there‘s someone at dotHIV thatcan help us)• Who can help me with maintenance?• What if I need to change someething?• How will people react to our idea?experienceuncertaintymotivationexcitement excitementmotivationuncertaintymotivationexcitementuncertaintymotivationexcitementuncertaintymotivationexcitementuncertaintyexcitementmotivationuncertaintyopportunityGive showcaseexamples of bigbrands using thedomain.Partner with bigmultiplicators onthe web to gainattention of mediaKeep registrationprocess simple andfast.Offer advice on how to use thedomain best (from very simpleto advanced).Offer accessible help (videotutorials, live chat) and toolsto track conversations on theweb.Many brands will defensivelyregister domain to prevent domains makebrands‘ support visible.RTBSimple and affordableway to do CSR.questions: @mbhw
  9. 9. questions: @mbhwawareness information trial usageb2cpre-usage trial usagechannelinfluencerstepsread about dotHIV,an event related, or abrand using itvisit brand‘swebsite• enter favorite URLswith ending .hiv• check which brandalready has a .hivdomain• change bookmarks inbrowser bar to .hivGet people touse .hiv domains.Using .hiv domains makesyour surfing better.Each click is a step closer toan AIDS-free generation.recommendation• tell friends about .hivengagement• think of ways to support theHIV community(organisations/charities/etc.)GOAL RTBthink• What is this?• That soundsinteresting, but howdoes it work?• How does it work? • Do my favoritebrands have a .hivdomain?• What are they doingwith it?• Which tools do existto help me changingbookmarks and links?feel• interested• curious• excited• overwhelmed•• curious• frustrated finding outthat no one is usingthose domains yet• excited• frustrated having tochange all bookmarksand links• How can I make myfriends use .hivdomains?• curious• Family & Friends• Peers• Media• Media• Spokespersons• Media• Friends & Peersexperienceuncertaintymotivationexcitement excitementmotivationuncertaintymotivationexcitementuncertaintymotivationexcitementuncertaintymotivationexcitementuncertaintyexcitementmotivationuncertaintyPeople use bookmarked linksor search to access websites.PROBLEMprintlinear processnon-linear,but time based desktopmobile directongoing,non-linearopportunityGive showcaseexamples of bigbrands using thedomain.Partner with bigmultiplicators onthe web to gainattention of usersOffer tools to changesaved bookmarks to .hivOffer tools (twitterbackgrounds, etc) to helppeople spread the word.• Media• Friends & Peers• Friends & Peers • Friends & Peers• How can I help to spread theword and to grow the initiative?• motivated• frustrated (if noone joins on themovemenet)visit dotHIVwebsiteShowcase examples ofhow people can engangein the fight against HIV.
  10. 10. Questions: @mbhw