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Collaboration in distributed and integrated product teams


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Michael Ehrnböck and Maximilian Schmidt
Digital Product Designers / UX Designers
Collaboration in distributed and integrated product teams

Published in: Design
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Collaboration in distributed and integrated product teams

  1. 1. Collaboration in distributed and integrated product teams
  2. 2. Designers like buzzwords. So please don‘t play that game with us as we already won with our title.
  3. 3. What are distributed & integrated product teams?
  4. 4. Oh well, actually these are only individuals, not a team
  5. 5. This is a real team
  6. 6. Like a football team has different positions (goalie, defender, midfielder, offender) An integrated team consists of different functions and positions (project managers, developers, designers, qa, …)
  7. 7. Now what does distributed mean?
  8. 8. Like a national team, a distributed team gatheres the best talent from all locations all over the world
  9. 9. Why is that especially relevant for us at our company intive?
  10. 10. We have 19 offices all over the world With more than 1,5k engineers and 7 design studios
  11. 11. How we battle collaboration challenges
  12. 12. Our weapons (tools)
  13. 13. The mainstream runs in parallel to the development stream and supports developers: answering questions, exporting assests
  14. 14. In the upstream which happens up front to a sprint everything gets prepared so that all stories for the next sprint are ready for development Together with the mainstream, the upstream represents the delivery
  15. 15. Within the jetstream (innovation stream) problems, e. g. occurred during usability testings, are solved. Discovery is enabled throught that and new features can be built. Within this stream the team ideally does not only consist of designers but also other disciplines participate
  16. 16. Although many clients are tight on budget you can still enable this innovation stream by doing short design sprints or design studios
  17. 17. Every presentation needs a quote from a famous person We chose Albert Einstein
  18. 18. A short case study how we overcame collaboration challenges in a real project which was multi-platform (web, mobile app, device) and had a fractured team setup with more or less 5 different design suppliers, 5 different development suppliers divided into 20 self contained systems
  19. 19. Challenges within the design teams Challenges with integrating development teams
  20. 20. First part of the solution: A Design System
  21. 21. A global design system copied as local file (library) to quickly design Also giving freedom to find better / new solutions and updating patterns within each scs and moreover making scs components global so other scss can use them
  22. 22. Advantages: Each scs can do the handoff to their developers independently Frontend patterns are taken care of by a single design system development team ensuring consistency and providing reusable patterns for all scs developers
  23. 23. Handoff processes
  24. 24. Sketch: Designing Abstract: Git for sketchfiles Zeplin: Design specs Invision: Quick prototpying Confluence: Documentation
  25. 25. Non cloud based alternatives kactus, sketch plugin for measurements, principle
  26. 26. Common limitations & corresponding solutions
  27. 27. Large files Software Skill Level Communication
  28. 28. Software Version Dependency on Plugin (Updates)
  29. 29. Add us anywhere you find us:öck-7144b7127