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Grow your app from zero to 200.000 users with ASO


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Find out what it takes to bring an app from zero downloads to up to 1200 Downloads per day. This is a real-life case study of one of our apps. Find out more in the slides.

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Grow your app from zero to 200.000 users with ASO

  1. 1. Grow your app from Zero to 200.000 users with ASO. MyFitFeed Case Study
  2. 2. Why ASO (App Store Optimization)? “While some are looking for specific apps, like Snapchat, others come with only a broad notion of what they are interested in, like “horror games” or “selfie apps”. These broad searches by topic represent nearly half of the queries in Play Store, so it’s critical to find the most relevant apps.“ - Article by Google: App Discovery with Google Play “Search plays a huge role in how users discover and download content on the App Store. Learn how you can impact your search result ranking to help users easily find and download your app and in-app purchases.” - Official Statement by Apple: Optimizing for App Store Search Official Search Ads page by Apple
  3. 3. Which app did we optimize? MyFitFeed - Because 80% of your success is made in the kitchen ● App about fitness nutrition ○ To help people find the best fitness recipes ● Focus on DACH market ● Available for iOS and Android ● ASO focus on Google Play ● App started from Scratch
  4. 4. Our Objective: Reach more organic users with ASO The Goal: ● Increasing the Organic Traction ● To get more users download the app from search in the app stores The beginning: ● MyFitFeed started with 0 downloads ● Focused on getting German speaking users The Challenge: ● We challenged ourselves reaching this result without spending any money on ads or external marketing campaigns
  5. 5. The ASO Process in a nutshell App Market Analysis (To determine ASO potential) Keyword-Brainstorming Keyword-Analysis Keyword-Optimization (KWO): Creating ASO optimized metadata (title, short-title, description, dev-name, IAP etc.) Implementing metadata Conversion-Rate Optimization (CRO): Analyze Positioning & Target Group Create Conversion Assets (icon, screenshots, descriptions) Implementing and Uploading Conversion Assets Measuring results and beginning the ASO cycle
  6. 6. We achieved top 1 keyword rankings for highly relevant keywords to our target group
  7. 7. From 10 to 100 to 1200 downloads a day… After continuous iterations organic traction catched up Downloads a day Google Play download chart of MyFitFeed Please note that the results may vary based on your niche, target group and category
  8. 8. Rising up with Organic Traction 500 250 84 25 50 17 40 September (Release) November October December January February March Top 20 for Health & Fitness in DE We were rising up the charts quickly with the help of ASO
  9. 9. The Key to our success were high rankings for a lot of long-tail keywords relevant to our target group
  10. 10. We have grown MyFitFeed to a substantial user base with ASO ~190.000 total users in 1 year 10.000 downloads per month 25.000 active installations
  11. 11. So what can you do to achieve the same for your app? If you embrace the following principles you will be ahead of 80% of all other apps: ● You have to know how the algorithms work and which factors you can leverage ● ASO ≠ SEO ○ ASO requires a different mindset, you cannot setup multiple web pages or influence your link juice there are different rules in the app stores ● ASO is a process ○ You cannot do ASO once and expect it to work, it is an iterative process
  12. 12. Some of our happy clients: Asana Rebel arise LendstarPantaflix moodpath “There aren’t many people that know the app stores better than us. Get a strong partner for your app business.” - Maximilian Lehmann Founder of ASO-Perform-Apps, Top 50 ASO by BusinessofApps Get in touch