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Boosting the Quality and EHS Performance of Construction sites in Singapore


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The construction industry in Singapore is growing and expected to grow over the next years. The influx of workers is too low to avoid a shortage of labour. Thus, productivity needs to increase or more projects will delay. The amount of compliance and reporting is increasing, putting additional pressure on construction firms.
BlueKanGo is a QHSE platform solution that helps construction firms to overcome these challenges.

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Boosting the Quality and EHS Performance of Construction sites in Singapore

  1. 1. Use our QEHS software to boost the productivity of your construction sites
  2. 2. 2016 All industries Construction Fatal injuries 66 24 Major injuries 594 153 Minor injuries 12,354 2,132 TOTAL 13,014 2,309 Number of man-days lost to workplace incidents 697,139 212,968 Number of workplace injuries, dangerous occurrences and occupational diseases in Singapore in 2016 (WSH National Statistics Report 2016) S$ 10.45 bn S$ 2.31 bn Economic cost of work-related injuries and ill-health in Singapore Cost borne by employers (turnover costs, training costs, loss of output, insurance premium and legal fines/penalties Injuries cost the construction industry $700m p.a.
  3. 3. We help you save time, lower costs and assure compliance Increase your productivity by up to 50%! Forget your paper- or Excel-based systems and double your output at the end of the day! Adopt BlueKanGo for digitization. EHS activities are not a cost but an investment: ● Achieve higher productivity thanks to mobile solutions, automated reporting functions and collaboration features ● Avoid accidents and reduce incident-related costs ● Create a safer work environment and train your employees efficiently ● Improve your corporate image and reduce employee turnover ● Ensure regulatory compliance today and in the future ● Achieve higher quality standards and deliver your projects in time and in budget
  4. 4. Our solution offers the following modules to boost your site productivity: Safety Inspections & Audits Permit to Work Incident Management Quality Management (QA/QC) We got you covered...
  5. 5. Self-evaluation and certification Training Management More pre-configured modules Originally included with the software Document Management Global Action Plan BI Model and statistics Information portal Building Apps workshop Flowcharting application To customize yourself or with our help Actions & TasksRisk Assessment … … … but we go well beyond that
  6. 6. Always tailored to your needs Responsive Intuitive by adapting to screen size Customizable by the final user via drag'n drop Works with the Digital Camera and geolocation function of devices Available to our 1.3 million final users without training
  7. 7. Key Features
  8. 8. The Singapore Government offers grants to implement our solution Up to 70% funding for implementing our solution under the BCA PIP scheme* Up to 70% funding for implementing our solution for SMEs under the CDG* Up to 40% cash payout until or 400% tax deduction until the end of 2017* *all subject to approval by the relevant agency
  9. 9. Testimonials Online/Offline audits management BlueKanGo perfectly adapts to our needs, our mindset, our system. Dashboards and reporting features are well valued up to executives. Philippe LAURENT- Project Manager - Sodexo Nowadays, BlueKanGo brings us time savings in real time ... It is a user-friendly tool, fully in line with your needs. Xavier RONELLE - Quality Coordinator - DS Smith ‘‘ ‘‘
  10. 10. EnviroSolutions & Consulting Pte. Ltd. Maximilian Ambros 133 Cecil Street #09-02 Keck Seng Tower Singapore 069535 Mail: Phone: +65 8172 4909 Contact BlueKanGo’s local partner A question ? A project ? A free 30-day trial ?
  11. 11. ❏ Founded in Singapore 2003 ❏ Malaysia (2006) ❏ Indonesia (2010) ❏ Hong Kong (2011) ❏ 80 EHS consultants in SEA ❏ 3,500 consultants globally ❏ Core Services ❏ EHS & Risk ❏ Planning & Assessment ❏ Technical & Engineering ❏ Transaction Advising Boards, Governments and multi-lateral agencies on EHS risks, liabilities and compliance across Asia since 2003 About EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC)
  12. 12. 15years of lifespan 3 200 clients 1.3 Million users 260M€ of savings for our clients per years 4530 employees in France and 15 abroad 50consultancy firms' partners 19%of growth in 2016 Owned by its executives Established in many sectors and in the construction industry for instance with : About BlueKanGo