Global Talent Hot Propositions May 2014


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Global Talent Hot Propositions May 2014

  2. 2. Secretaría de Educación del Atlántico-Gobernación del Atlántico Earliest Start Date: 22.06.2014 Job Description: 1. Teach English to new students enrolled in the school 2. Working in synergy with local teachers to improve methodologies in teaching English as a foreign language 3. Reinforce students’ communicative skills in English as foreign language 4. Organize with interns, cultural activities such as Global Villages, cultural workshops and others to promote the bilingualism among the community 5. Interns will share their culture in order to aware students about other cultures and the importance of understand and tolerate it Salary in US $740/per month Duration: 22-23 weeks Requirements to applicant: • Excellent - English • Basic - Spanish This organisation manage educational processes ensuring coverage and equity in education, and providing the means to state and private educational institutions. Teaching AIESEC UNIATLANTICO, COLOMBIA
  3. 3. A-Level Education Center Earliest Start Date 01.07.2014 Job Description 1. Intern will be responsible for training the students as an English Teacher. If intern speak German they will also teach German. 2. The intern will have to prepare lessons, discussion clubs and presentations 3. He/She will create a friendly atmosphere during training for the participants 4. Intern will be responsible for holding English language lessons for group of students Salary in US $780/per month Duration: 12-52 weeks Degree: Undergraduate (Required) A-level Education Center is a subsidiary of the famous Dahi Training Center, based in Baku. The organization is entering a new era of education and training Using the same innovation that helped us become a market leader, we are expanding our services to help our students develop themselves further. Pre- school education In addition to our teaching plans domestically in Baku we are looking to specialize in education abroad. Our aim is to help our clients find the right institution to meet their career and personal goals. The passion we have at A-Level for personal development and education means we always have your best interests at heart. Teaching AIESEC BAKU, AZERBAIJAN
  4. 4. RV Transport - Nostrada Earliest Start Date 01.07.2014 Job Description 1. Searching for new clients(manufacturing companies)from trainees country. 2. Transport/Logistics market research and customer needs analysis in trainee's country. 3. Information management about company services in advertising websites and transport websites from trainee's country. 4. Account management of new customers from trainee's country. Salary in US $650/per month Duration: 12-52 weeks Degree Undergraduate (Preferred) Marketing AIESEC SIAULIAI, LITHUANIA JSC Nostrada was founded in 1998. It owns the brand RVTRANSPORT. In 2001, JSC Nostrada established a subsidiary logistics company "OOO Kenig-Nostrada" in Russia belonging to the same owner and operating under the same brand name. This company's successfully working for already 14 years. Every year the company fleet is updated and expanded by about a fifth. The transport fleet consists of 300 trucks. 70 percent. vehicles are Euro 5 class Mercedes Benz trucks. The rest of the Volvo and Scania.
  5. 5. AIESEC University Rzeszow Earliest Start Date 01.07.2014 Job Description 1. Trainee will be conducting language classes in groups of 8-15 people (students & adults) on different language level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). 2. Despite language classes every week there will be conversation classes, individual language class or additional outdoor language classes depending on the course and language level (for 90 minutes). 3. Trainee is responsible for checking language knowledge systematically by conducting tests for students and conducting evaluations before, in the middle and at the end of language workshops. 4. Trainee conducts individual consultation classes for course participants twice a week (2 fixed hours weekly). Salary in US $400/per month Duration: 8 weeks Teaching AIESEC RZESZOW, POLAND
  6. 6. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Earliest Start Date 23.06.2014 Job Description 1. Responsibilities for the intern will include: interacting with customers, Production Support and Maintenance, requirements gathering, system analysis and design, code development and testing, usage of tools, testing, code deployment, documentation, etc. 2. Code analysis and Development in Java to meet client requiremnts. Resolving production issues/ incidents under contractual SLAs. Status Reporting to Client and TCS Management. 3. Requirements Gathering, System Analysis and Design for assign enhancements. Quality Management to ensure proper testing and review of delivarable. 4. Client supplied incident management tool – HP Service manager. 5. Deployment of code in to production server. Salary in US $600/per month Duration: 50-52 weeks Requirements to applicant: • Study of TCS • Basic Java knowledge (coding), Exposure to SDLC life cycle Information Technology INDIA Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) is AIESEC`s Global partner, providing the network with high-quality internships.
  7. 7. Pakoslaw Palace Earliest Start Date 01.07.2014 Job Description 1. Conducting english courses for hotel staff and teenagers. Taking care of teenagers during sports and leasure activities. 2. Foreign guest servicing. 3. Website translation, help in the improving the website. Translation and checking documents. 4. Creating business offers, market research. 5. Creating leaflets for hotel and restaurant. Accommodation: single room or double room in Pakoslaw Palace, insurance, food: full nourishment provided, transportation provided from Poznan to Pakoslaw. Salary in US $333/per month Duration: 8-13 weeks Requirements to applicant: • Excellent - English • Excellent – Russian Marketing&Hotel management AIESEC POZNAN, POLAND The Palace in Pakosław is one of the most classical buildings in the area and has always attracted history lovers as well as business and residential customers. Pakosław palace in a place that still makes its own history, being a witness to important events in the lives of our guests.
  8. 8. Petruz Fruity Earliest Start Date 07.07.2014 Job Description 1. Develop activities of support to the quality control, quality management system and certification of food security; 2. Develop activities with R&D department, new products and new formulations; 3. Act on implementation of quality tools and internal control tools related to the food quality and security requirements. 4. Audit with the manager of the sector working as internal auditor. • Accomodation will be provided for free. • Free Portuguese lessons weekly during the first month of the internship. Salary in US $480/per month Duration: 12-26 weeks Required: student status Engineering/Sales AIESEC FORTALEZA, BRAZIL The Petruz Fruity specializes in processing high quality fruit pulp, in particular acai branch on which has over 25 years experience. Hosts a number of brands that produce foods with health, taste and energy.
  9. 9. Hypnotex PVT LTD. Job Description 1. Intern will get Clients accounts assigned, and He/She is responsible to manage the sales accounts. Prepare daily sales catalogs and prepare the sales reports. Intern will solve queries (from eCommerce platforms and regular channels ) from clients and companies and negotiate with them for sales. 2. Intern will do both B2B and B2C sales and marketing. 3. Intern will be handling current international clients and will be establishing sales channels in other countries assigned by the company. 4. Intern is responsible for feedback and follow ups for International as well as National clients and eCommerce platforms. 5. Intern will help company translate their eCommerce website in to the languages of his/her knowledge. Salary in US $342/per month Duration: 51-52 weeks Sales AIESEC SURAT, INDIA Hypnotex is in physical retailing and amongst the pioneers in introducing designer sarees and suits. Our principals being into distribution of various brands in Surat are recognized as one of the prominent wholesalers in Surat. We are engaged in offering a stunning garment of Indian ethnic wears intricately designed in attractive colors, embroideries and embellishments.
  10. 10. If you are interesting in this opportunities, just apply! We wait for your application form. ссилка