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iSkyTracker - The First Low-cost Mobile Satellite Internet Provider

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  • Для дальнейшей беседы Доходы рынка спутниковой связи за последние 10 лет выросли более чем в 2,7 раза, достигнув 168 млрд. $ в 2010 году. При этом более 90% дохода формируют продажи наземного оборудования (>30%, 51,6 млрд. $) и услуги спутниковой связи (>60%, 101,3 млрд. $) Рынок Коммуникационной системы "iSkyTracker" не ограничивается только автоматическими спутниковыми системами. Очень перспективной представляется реализация iSkyTracker на рынке стандартного стационарного спутникового оборудования, так как наиболее популярными у городских жителей, «дачников» и жителей удаленных районов в настоящее время являются стационарные спутниковые системы. Стандартный комплект в России стоит $250-750, установка, настройка и другие сервисные работы $100-500. Крупнейший в Восточной Европе игрок на рынке спутниковых сервисов «Триколор ТВ» в 2011 году увеличил число подключенных абонентов до 8 млн. (+31%), в 2012 году планируется подключение 10млн. абонента. Объем российского рынка спутникового ТВ составил около 10 млрд. руб. (рост 35-40% в год). С другой стороны автоматические спутниковые системы менее популярны в первую очередь из-за их стоимости 2-6тыс$ (работающие и нет в движении). Цены во всех странах (Америка, Европа, Австралия) практически одинаковые, в России стоимость от 3 тыс. $. Чаще всего такие системы устанавливаются на авто-домах (до 80%), продажи которых только в США в 2011 году превысили 250тыс автомобилей. Таким образом, рынок подобных устройств для автомобилей можно оценить ~1-2млрд$. Автоматические системы для морских судов имеют ещё более высокую стоимость 5-29тыс$ (в России) и 2-13тыс$ (в США). По различным оценкам кораблей было продано в 2011 году от 100 до 300 тыс. по всему миру и практически все покупатели приобретают спутниковые коммуникационные системы. Таким образом, рынок морского спутникового оборудования оценивается в ~1-1.5 млрд. $. Итого рынок Коммуникационной системы «iSkyTracker» можно оценить 2-3.5 млрд. $.
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  • iSkyTracker

    1. 1. iSkyTrackerThe First Low-cost Mobile Satellite Internet Provider
    2. 2. ChallengeBoring pastime duringLong-distance and InternationalGround and Water tripson Coaches, RV, Trains and Yachtsout of Wireless Data Coverage by 2G/3G/4G or WiFi
    3. 3. Today satellite solutions– Standard fixed satellite Internet/TV kits installing by specialists on thewall or roof of the building• connection to one or limited number of satellites• specialist work needed, not working in motion– Mobile automatic satellite systems based on precisely moving parabolicdish or flat antennas for cars, trains and marine ships• single connection to automatically find satellite• not all working in motion• high wind-load• form factor: standard dish antenna or thick box (8”-12”)• price: from $2000 up to $30 000 (different systems/different countries)
    4. 4. HW solutionToday Automatic Satellite System Today iSkyTracker prototype
    5. 5. iSkyTracker HW solutionantennaiSkyTrackercontrol and systemblock+Wi-Fi and other interfaces+
    6. 6. SolutioniSkyTrackerCoach &bus travelRecreational vehicle& carTrainYachtWireless & Cableend-user terminalsAny social communicationservices
    7. 7. Solution details•Works in-motion• During long-distance and international ground or water trips• No any roaming payments• Out of fixed and cellular (2G/3G/LTE) networks coverage• Improved end-user quality by using different satellites connections• Cable or wireless interfaces for end-user equipment• Slim box, easy mounting, low wind load• Low production cost - $1000
    8. 8. Team core and Advisory boardMaxim Shuralev, PhD, CEO10 years of experience in research&development and management of antenna systems projects. 2 patentsArthur Roberts, leading engineer20 years of experience in research&development of radio-electron systems. 11 patentsMaxim Sokolov, PhD, hardware engineer10 years of experience in research&development of microprocessor architecturesAndrey Eltsov, software engineer10 years of experience in software development for telecommunication solutionsDiana Arutunova, marketing and business development5 years of experience by business development and marketing consultant in telecommunicationsAlex Kosik, mentor in CEO coachingserial entrepreneur (USA, Russia)Oleg Kraus, mentor in business model developing and product placement strategyserial entrepreneur, business development (Russia)John Baby, mentor in CEO coachingserial entrepreneur (Singapore)Mikhail Zakharevich, mentor in marketing“Innovation commercialization center” CEO (Russia)TeamcoreAdvisoryboardTechnologyBusiness
    9. 9. Project history«Hardware-based CIL-machine»Microsoft Research grant (Redmond, WA, USA, 2004-2005)«Low-cost adaptive antenna for Wi-Fi solutions in rural regions»project at Intel Berkeley, CA, USA, 2005-2011iSkyTracker is a resident of Skolkovo, Russian StartUp Index - BBiSkyTracker is a winner of BIT-2012 (Business of Innovation Technologies)and participant of Intel Global Challenge 2012 (Berkeley, CA)
    10. 10. Market size    • Satellite communications market revenue have grown more than 2.7times over the past 10 years and reached $168 billion *– Ground support equipment >30%– Satellite services >60%• There are 120 millions registered satellite TV services subscribers in the world **• iSkyTracker equipment accumulated market size *** is about 2-3.5 billions $:– Vehicle and bus systems ~1-2 billions $– Marine systems ~1-1.5 billions $• Planned market share in 3 years after sales start is upto 15% ($300M-$500M) ormore than 200 thousand iSkyTrackers per year .* Alan Furnye-Sikr, Tendency of space business – Russia and Europe.** J’son & Partners Consulting “World satellite TV market"***
    11. 11. Go to market strategy & PartnersAdds: Organizations responsible for elimination of emergencies and naturaldisasters consequences(where other communication infrastructure has been destroyed or totally absent)1. Travel companies (Bus / Train (РЖД))• Added value for the tourists during the trip outside cellular network coverage2. Satellite TV and Internet operators• New niches subscribers and expanded geographical request• Better channels utilizing• Negotiations are planned to the end of the next year3. Tuning studios• One of the tuning options• Brabus (Mercedes), Hartge (BMW) etc. – planned for contact4. Vehicle and marine ships dealers• An additional option for cars/yachts• Negotiations with Daimler and Audi dealers are in progress4. Sales via Internet site
    12. 12. Solution schemeSatellite capacity (leasing)Earth station(leasing)VSAT HUB(iSkyTrackerproperty)Internet access(fixed line leasing)Coaches andintercity busses(customers property)End-users inside connectedvia WiFiiSkyTracker equipmenton bus/train roof (for free)
    13. 13. Income flowB2C scenario•iSkyTracker installs theequipment for FREE•Travel company or bus, train,etc. owner is NOT paying ANYFEE•Just passengers, who usesInternet access, pay fee–coach bus = 1$/sit/day–intercity minibus = 1,5$–coach train = 1$/sit/day–sleeping train=1,5$/sit/day(Current Sapsan fee – 2$/hourfor areas with 3G coverage)•If duration of the trip is less than 24hours, the fee is proportionally lessB2B scenario 1•iSkyTracker installs theequipment for FREE•Travel company or bus, train,etc. owner is paying fixedmonthly fee ~$500–coach bus (50 sit.) =33¢/sit/day–intercity minibus (20 sit.)=82¢/sit/day–coach train (60 sit.) =28¢/sit/day–sleeping train (36 sit.) =46¢/sit/day•Passengers have FREEaccessB2B scenario 2•iSkyTracker installs theequipment for FREE•Travel company or bus, train,etc. owner is NOT paying ANYFEE•Passengers have FREEaccess (1 min advertisingvideo for 30 min sessions)•Advertisers are paying for 1min advertizing video per each30 min of session–30 000 – 40 000 views permonth–1-2¢ per view
    14. 14. -55152535455565Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Q12 Q22 Q32 Q42 Q13 Q23 Q33 Q43 Q14 Q24 Q34 Q44 Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45Balance,M$Market share in 5 years = 20% (18K busses)Market share in 5 years = 15% (13,5K busses)Market share in 5 years = 10% (9K busses)Cash flowPrototype development ($477K)Prototype laboratory testing ($403)Prototype field testing ($320)Design and manufacturing developmentInfrastructure building & leasing ($1200K)Presale start ($300K per quarter)Production & Sales start(Buses business case for Russia)
    15. 15. -100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10010203040506070Q11 Q21 Q31 Q41 Q12 Q22 Q32 Q42 Q13 Q23 Q33 Q43 Q14 Q24 Q34 Q44 Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45Balance,M$iSkyTracker cost = $1000Production cost = $4860Competitors cost = $10 000Balance for iSkyTracker ($1000 cost)Balance for current competitors ($30K cost)$4860 – production costfor break-even in 5 yearsCash flow(Buses business case for Russia)
    16. 16. Business model with PartnersiSkyTrackeriSkyTracker ltd.Partner SatelliteProviderPartner examples:•RTComm, Russia•Eutelsat, EUTravel companyTouristsiSkyTracker ltd. provides end-user services:equipment, services and trafficSatellite provider sell trafficand other satellite servicesto iSkyTracker ltd.Travel companiesprovide added valuefor their customersfor free or low-priceduring travel
    17. 17. iSkyTrackerConnectWhereverWheneverWhateveriSkyTrackerConnectWWWyou want! Maxim Shuralev+7 (915) 420