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Making the most out of your accelerator experience


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Getting accepted at an accelerator is a great achievement and boost for a startup. What are the best ways to take advantage of that?

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Making the most out of your accelerator experience

  1. 1. Making the most out of an accelerator experience by Max Gurvits
  2. 2. Congrats. Now what?
  3. 3. Learn and Earn
  4. 4. You can learn a ton of founder lessons
  5. 5. You will get to know top people in the industry
  6. 6. You may even become a social media personality
  7. 7. … and you can earn (start building the foundation of a formidable business)
  8. 8. The metrics for earning:
  9. 9. Fact no.1 Great companies don’t get built at accelerators
  10. 10. … but they can get a formidable head start
  11. 11. Fact no.2 Customers care about a great product. Great product delivers traction. Investors care about traction.
  12. 12. The best pitch is not a pitch but a tagline: This is our product. This is our traction. Boom.
  13. 13. Most common false positive in startup land Doing the investor’s and mentor’s work instead of your own
  14. 14. Traction = Quality of execution / resources (time + money) Time: 3-6 months Money: EUR 25-50K Quality of execution: ???? you
  15. 15. Quality of execution: mission possible (that’s you with your tools)
  16. 16. Tool:
  17. 17. Tool:
  18. 18. Tool: more-money/
  19. 19. Tool: What-are-some-secrets-or-not-so- obvious-tips-to-running-a-successful- Kickstarter-project
  20. 20. Tool:
  21. 21. Tool:
  22. 22. … and the secret sauce (here we go again)
  23. 23. Distribution!
  24. 24. thiels-cs183-startup-class-9-notes-essay Big difference though: Before P/M fit After P/M fit
  25. 25. So in short: Learn (read, try out, and network) Earn (execute to get traction) Get ready to build a great company
  26. 26. Max Gurvits +359 88 685 2881 @mxgur maxim-gurvits