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Invest in Russian resort hotels - our company looking for investors

Invest in Russian resort hotels - construction company «Intertech» offer you different investment projects: construction of the hotel on the first line of the Black sea; construction of a residential complex; cottage village. Take a look at our presentation to learn more.

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Invest in Russian resort hotels - our company looking for investors

  1. 1. Invest In Russian Resort Hotels
  2. 2. 1. Construction of a SPA hotel on the shores of the Black sea 2. Construction of the hotel on the first line of the Black sea 3. Construction of a residential complex in the center of the city 4. Construction of a recreation complex in the city of Yalta 5. Construction of a multifunctional complex in Alushta 6. Cottage village Yalta 7. The construction of a shopping center in Moscow 8. Residential condominium complex in Moscow 9. Construction of a shopping center in Balashikha Moscow 2017 Investment Projects
  3. 3. Investment Project Construction of a SPA hotel on the shores of the Black sea Moscow 2017
  4. 4. Transport Availability First line of the black sea Unique nature of Crimea Unique piece of land by the sea ready for investments Location: Yalta, Crimea, Russia
  5. 5. What do you know about Yalta? The Yalta Conference, (Crimea Conference), held from February 4 to 11, 1945, was the World War II meeting of the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union, represented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Premier Joseph Stalin* The conference convened in the Livadia Palace near Yalta in Crimea, USSR. Livadia Palace Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin at the Yalta Conference *Source - Wikipedia
  6. 6. The goal of this project is to find investors to build a SPA hotel by the Black sea coast. The project involves the construction of an 11 stories SPA complex with 220 apartments and all the necessary infrastructure. The complex includes:  SPA-center. This posh SPA center is one of the highlights of the Project.  The SPA center’s area is 1 100 sq. m.  The total number of apartments is 220  Sports complex  Restaurant Amount of investment: €62 million
  7. 7. Technical and economic characteristics of the project  Total area is 22 014,5  Floors including basement + ground floor + 11 FL.  Total area of apartments is 10 550,0  Number of apartments on the 11th floor. – 220  Total area for Parking is 3 187,1  Capacity of Parking is 77 vehicles  Total area of the SPA salon is 1100,0  Total area of the Complex is 1 852,0  Total area of the Restaurant is 765,0
  8. 8. Why will this investment work out?  Its location by the shore of the Black sea. The site offers panoramic views of the Black sea.  Construction permit. All permits and technical documentation is approved.  Limited offer  Price of the site
  9. 9. Investment project Construction of a hotel by the first line of the Black sea Moscow 2017
  10. 10. The site is situated in the famous resort city of Yalta. Yalta is the pearl of the Black sea coast with the best beaches and invigorating air. Deciduous forest grows by the line of the coast and encircles the resort. 120 kilometers away from the resort is the airport of the Crimean Peninsula. The aim of the project is to attract an investor and, thus, construct a hotel complex by the Black sea coast.
  11. 11. The project is essentially a site with one of the best locations by the Black sea coast. The site is rectangular shaped, it is smooth and there are no buildings there. It has paved road access that is close to man transportation routes — Alupkinskoe highway and the Sevastopol street. The area has a very good level of natural landscaping with mixed deciduous and pine forest Amount of investment: €75 million
  12. 12. The project envisages the construction of a hotel with different heights between 4 and 10 floors cascading towards the sea. It also has a groundfloor for Parking. The complex includes hotel rooms, restaurant, and an outdoor pool.
  13. 13. Investment project Construction of a residential complex in Yalta Moscow 2017
  14. 14. City of Yalta map
  15. 15. The architectural complex consists of two sixteen - residential units with a three-level underground Parking and a recreation area with an outdoor swimming pool. The site is even, it is surrounded by greenery, and is located 850 metres from the Central waterfront and the urban beaches, which isthe territory of a former sanatorium. 2 convenient asphalted entries.
  16. 16. Specification of the complex total area of the complex 33 062 м2 Total area of the apartments 21 852 м2 total number of apartments 234 Total area of Parking spaces 5 430 м2 number of Parking spaces 151 percentage of spaces for sale 83% The investment includes all permits and technical documentations required for the construction of the object Amount of investment: €77 million
  17. 17. Infrastructure of the project  Outdoor pool  Multi-level Parking  Office space  Autonomous heating 1 floor Plan 2 - 14 floors Block A 1st floor Block A 2-14 FL  24/7 security  Domestic services  Café, bar, restaurant General Layout
  18. 18. Investment Project Construction of a recreational complex in the city of Yalta Moscow 2017
  19. 19. The address of the site: Yalta, Drazhinsky str., 43 Distance from the sea is 100 meters. Total area of the site is 19800 m2; Centralized water supply – 300 м; Centralized Sewerage – 300 м; Transformer substation 10 kV – 300 м.
  20. 20. INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE COMPLEX  Entertainment area  Restaurants, bars, etc Bowling;  Game rooms  SPA center;  Outdoor and indoor swimming pools for adults  swimming for children;  Fitness centre  Tennis courts;  Area for children's activities:  Baby café.  Area of household services:  Supermarket;  Pharmacy;  Parking.  The reception point for dry cleaning and Laundry Specification the complex Site’s area 1,98 га Construction area 11 795 кв.м. total are 55 913 кв.м. Floors 12‐16‐18 этажей Number of sections 3 Amount of investment: €163 million
  21. 21. The design of the building "B" supports the current architecture of the street by harmoniously complementing it and creating a more complex and expressive ensemble of this neighborhood. Through the glass one can see the hotel "Yalta" and the body of the complex including the beautiful panoramic view of the tiered landscaping. Architectural solution The complex curved lines of the façade is formed by the two standing together 14 ‐ and 18 ‐storey buildings, buildings of group A, creating a stylish façade and providing panoramic view from the apartments.
  22. 22. Investment Project: Construction of a multifunctional complex in Alushta Moscow 2017
  23. 23. The complex is in one of the most the most picturesque places of the Crimea – its village Utes. Its total land area is 0.18 ha.
  24. 24. The aim of the project is to invest in the construction of a multifunctional detached complex of residential, hotel, and entertainment and shopping area. The profit of the owners is formed through the sale of the areas of the residential complex and cars in the Parking lot.  stunning panoramic views of coastal cliffs, Medved’-mountain Bear and other mountains  a large green area  15-minute walk to the city of Yalta  furnishings with natural materials  2 level Parking  modern technical equipment of the object  contingency planning. Benefits
  25. 25. The complex includes:  0-th floor – gym, Laundry, office space  1st floor – shops, SPA, reception and security, cafe, restaurant  2-5, 8-12 th floors are residential apartments  6-7th floors are hotel apartments  Underground Parking Characteristics of the object number of storeys 13 Total floor area 5 477,07 sq. m. Construction area 460,82 sq. m. Coating area 554 sq. m. The landscaping area 229 sq. m. Sellable area of flats (83 one bedroom and 12 Two bedroom) 4 328,57 sq. m. Sellable area of Parking (56 cars) 2 102,86 sq. m. Amount of investment: €22 million
  26. 26. rendering option No. 1 rendering option No. 2 Split front Side split View of the facade of the complex from different sides. Stage "P" Design. Facade
  27. 27. Investment Project: Cottage settlement in the city of Yalta Moscow 2017
  28. 28. Crimea, city of Yalta, urban-type settlement
  29. 29. The aim of the project is to profit from sales of apartments, cottages, town house sections, commercial space, parking size of the land area 3,93 ha total area of the complex 25 370 sq. m. type of objects for sale apartments, cottages, town houses Cottage area 460‐505 sq. m. Townhouses area 288,4 sq. m. Apartment area 84,15‐171,51 sq. m. area of land for cottages 4,4‐11,5 acres area of land for townhouses 2,5‐3,2 acres Amount of investment: €83 million
  30. 30. Panorama of the complex
  31. 31. 7 storey residential building Apartments building 2 units Number of floors 7 Building area for building 1 897 sq. m. Total area 5151,22 sq. m. ‐ Parking (24 Parking spaces) 787,68 sq. m. ‐ living area 4363,54 sq. m. Number of apartments 40 units ‐ one bedroom Type 1 (84,15 sq. m.) Type 2 (101,22 sq. m.) 14 12 2 ‐ two bedroom Type 1 (94,91 sq. m. и 97,75 sq. m.) Type 2 (95,87 sq. m. и 99,2 sq. m.) Type 3 (171,51 sq. m.) 26 16 8 2
  32. 32. Multi-cottage – townhouse Number of floors 3 Floor height 3,3 m The building area 140 sq. m. The size of the axes 8,6 m Х 13,6 m Total area of the premises - Garage (1 Parking place) Terrace (K =0,5) 228,4 sq. m. 17,5 sq. m. 74,3 sq. m. ‐ living area 4 363,54 sq. m. Number of sections 17 units. Total floor area 4 903 sq. m. Building area 2 380 sq. m. Building volume 23 800 cubic meters
  33. 33. Simplex cottage Cottage type 1 16 units. Number of floors 4 Floor height 3,3 m building area 177,2 sq. m. dimensions of the axes 5,6 m Х 6,4 m Total area of the premises ‐ Carport (2 Parking spaces, K = 0,3) Terrace (K =0,5) 460 sq. m. 12 sq. m. 56 sq. m. Cottage type 2 5 units. Number of floors 4 Number of sections 17 units. Floor height 3,3 m The construction area 146 sq. m. The dimensions of the axes 11,4 м Х 12 м Total area 505 sq. m. The building area 9 885 sq. m.
  34. 34. Investment Project Construction of a shopping center in Moscow Moscow 2017
  35. 35. The Severnoye Butovo district is in the southern part of South-West administrative area of Moscow. The population of the district is 93.9 thousand persons. Location: Northern Butovo Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard, district 1. Москва
  36. 36. The purpose of the shopping centre as an object of infrastructure of the area Northern Butovo. Is to provide its inhabitants with routine goods, durable goods, complex of public services and enterprises in the entertainment industry and catering. The main advantages of the location are: • walking distance to major residential areas (Micro District.1 and Micro District. 4), which is the primary trade area. • High vehicular and pedestrian accessibility to the site • absence of objects that have a negative impact on the species characteristics (industrial buildings, old objects, etc.) in close proximity Amount of investment: €60 million
  37. 37. • Total site area is 0.62 hectares. • The site has flat terrain, the elevation difference does not • Exceed 1.2 m. • Buildings and greenery are not present on the site Residential houses 14 floors Kindergarten 3 floors Planned object 3 floors + basement Houses 12, 14 floors (brick) Dmitry Donsky Boulevard Current state of the site
  38. 38. Functional specification of the levels of the shopping center Floor -1 car Park, area of unloading-loading, utility rooms and warehouses and service rooms. Floor 1 entrance to the shopping center, grocery store with a versatile range of products, premises additional services, utility warehouse and administrative areas of the store. Floor 2 occupation with respect to the principle of free planning for non-grocery shops with universal assortment. Floor 3 accommodates 4 cinemas with a total capacity of 426 seats Free planning area, entertainment area, cafes and restaurants. Above the building is planned a technical floor with a vent camera and a machine room for elevators.
  39. 39. Facade in axes
  40. 40. Investment Project Low-rise residential complex in the suburbs of Moscow Moscow 2017
  41. 41. Moscow suburbia, Solnechnogorsk district, rural settlement Kutuzov, D. Yurlovo Direction (highway): Pyatnitskoe shosse All technical conditions have an approval - gas supply - water supply (current, OVC, 100 meters). - electrification (350кВТ the whole village) - sewer (Central with a connection to the existing one, 650 metres) - storm sewer (Central with a connecting to the existing one) - network communication Location
  42. 42. The project Residential complex 8 block-sections with a complex configuration in the plan. Block-sections interlocked between two and three-and 4-storeys residential buildings Kindergarten projected into 2 groups: a group for a short stay for children aged 3 to 7 years General access recreational zones • Playground • Playground for dogs • recreational area • pedestrian walking areas • landscaped fire pond with an access for a water intake, size 1 674 sq m Amount of investment: €93 million
  43. 43. Technical and economic parameters of the land Area of the land within the boundaries of the allotment 32 183 m2 building area of residential buildings 6 394 m2 number of block sections 3 PCs total number of units, including 206 PCs - 1 bedroom apartments 93 PCs - 2-room apartment 60 PCs - 3 room apartment 53 PCs Total area of premises of apartment houses 23 426,99 m2 - total area 15 220,26 m2 - total area of basement 4 744,56 m2 - total area of the roof 431,21 m2 The number of Parking spaces 235 The number of inhabitants 578 people
  44. 44. Investment Project Construction of a shopping center in Balashikha Moscow 2017
  45. 45. The shopping center is located on the highway of Federal importance, at a distance of 3.2 km from MKAD, near a dense residential area with a population of 20 000 people. The traffic intensity of the road in both directions is 230 000 vehicles per day. Land area - 2 Ha Obtained all approvals. The area of the shopping center is up to 27 000 sq. m. Amount of investment: €70 million
  46. 46. General Layout 1 Shopping center (construction materials) "Petrovich" 2 Shopping center 3 Floral supermarket 1 3 2 Shopping center Layout Shopping center (construction materials) "Petrovich" one-storey building with a two-story building-in. Shopping Mall two-story rectangular building with a built-in mezzanine on the first floor. Access to Shopping center is through three entrances located along the main facade. On ground floor is car Parking. Flower supermarket single-storey rectangular building with two-storey a build-in.
  47. 47. InterTech LLC Are you ready to invest? Let us know. E-mail: Web site: General Director: Maxim Gavrik Mob. tel.: +7 (909) 681-71-44