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InterTech is a general construction company in Qatar


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InterTech is a general construction company in Qatar, which provides a full range of services for design, construction, installation, commissioning and start-up of the MEP systems in the buildings and structures under industrial, commercial and civil construction.

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InterTech is a general construction company in Qatar

  3. 3. InterTech is an International Architecture and Civil Engineering Company in Qatar, which provides a full range of services for design, construction, installation, commissioning and start-up of the MEP systems in the buildings and structures under industrial, commercial and civil construction. Architecture is a skill of buildings and facilities (and their complexes) design and construction. Engineering derives from English word "engineering", which means "build, design, arrange, undertake, devise, invent“. It is defined as a combination of intellectual activities, which ultimate goal is to reach the best (optimal) outcome from investments or other expenditures. Interactivity is a principle of system organization, in which the goal is achieved by an information exchange of this system elements. Mission of the company is to implement modern technologies, creating new quality standards for MEP systems, thereby improving living and working conditions for people at facilities throughout Russia. Company objective is to ensure continuous development, competitiveness, success and priority company selection by the customers and partners. We keep up with the times and provide high-tech services with reliable base represented by the qualified technical experts, which allows us to guarantee our customers excellent and timely projects implementation with consistently high quality. International Architecture and Civil Engineering Company in Qatar - INTERTECH
  4. 4. From the first day of InterTech establishment, it focuses on building partnership both with the customers and with suppliers and contractors in Qatar. International Architecture and Civil Engineering Company in Qatar - INTERTECH
  5. 5. Consortium leader InterTech LLC, acting as a Client - General Planner and General Contractor, united organizations and manages the projects for commercial and industrial facilities design and construction, housing construction and social housing directions implementation. Having our own construction equipment fleet and highly qualified specialists with years of experience in design and construction of different purpose facilities enable the company to provide a full range of services within the contractual time period and on a qualitatively high level, namely: general contracting, design, project management, materials and equipment supply, engineering and consulting services, etc. Consortium organizations perform design, civil engineering, installation, electric installation, commissioning and start-up works, produce technological equipment and metal structures and build roads and utilities. Consortium structure, its production capacities and staff qualification allow to provide a full construction cycle, starting from design documentation to commissioning - on a turnkey basis. Common indicators: a number of large equipment is more than 250 units and employees - more than 1,500 people (cons.). International Architecture and Civil Engineering Company INTERTECH
  6. 6. Different-purpose facilities construction and reconstruction ISTOK LLC Design of different-purpose facilities Sibirskie Stroitelnye Sistemy LLC Leader INTERTECH LLC (design and construction) Design and construction of specialized facilities RealElitStroy LLC Different-purpose facilities construction ASTER LLC IT-infrastructure, construction MM-svyaz LLC Construction of Russian property abroad CJSC “ICC “OREGON” Automated systems design, production and implementation JSC "Svyaz Engineering M" International Architecture and Civil Engineering Company INTERTECH
  7. 7. Master Plan development Residential buildings design Public buildings design Engineering structures and utilities design Areas re-planning Cost estimation (per facilities and local) Architecture and design Architectural solutions Consulting engineering Ordering Requirements definition Technical brief Technical conditions Supervision Ordering Requirements definition Technical brief Technical conditions Technological engineering Design documentation Working documentation Executive documentation Coordination and expertise Functions 2012 Specialization Real property design and construction Year of establishment General Contractor, General Planner, project organization and management General Planner Properties Structural solutions Technological solutions
  8. 8. InterTech LLC provide general planning and contracting services and manage the projects in the sphere of construction. Its own base of production capacities, modern equipment fleet and a highly qualified specialists with years of experience in construction and due to established partnership relations with the leading suppliers and members on construction market, allow the company to provide its services on a qualitatively high level within the contractual time period. * For a relatively short period of time, InterTech directly participated in a number of significant projects in the sphere of real estate development and proved itself as a reliable business partner. Basic construction machinery and equipment (more than 250 units of large equipment) Excavators Cranes Bulldozers Crew change buses Road-rollers Office trailers Diesel generators Welding machines and etc. Skidding equipment Dumping trucks Tractors and platforms Concrete mixer Key personnel (about 200 fulltime employees) Chief Engineer Designers Project managers PTD Engineers In-situ concreting workers Assemblers Electricians Workers and others. Cost engineers Site supervisors Foremen Drivers and machine operators Construction engineering Construction and installation works Start-up works Testing and Certification Commissioning ADVANTAGES Full range of services; Any level projects implementation; Innovative approach; We are independent and constantly learn; Well-established business contacts VALUES Accumulated experience and continuity of traditions; Modern technical and regulatory framework; Safety and reliability; Customer-oriented approach; Reputation and trust; Client - General Contractor Properties Geodetic works Excavation works In-situ concreting works Masonry works Finishing works Rigging works Road construction Facade works Roofing works Demolition works Landscaping Construction of utility networks
  9. 9. Design activities CJSC “Sibirskie Stroitelnye Sistemy" activities are focused on structural engineering of the buildings and structures (I and II levels of responsibility) in accordance with the state standard. Close cooperation with the scientists from Akademgorodok, Departments of NSUACE (Sibstrin), NUADA, Yugorsk Scientific Research Institute of Information Technologies allows to successfully compete on the design market of Russia. Concept of territory development Specialization Different-purpose properties design Civil engineering and industrial projects - more than 100 Number of large clients - more than 50 Total number of employees - more than Main area of activity: the entire territory of the Russian Federation Key indicators Functions of the General Planner Design solutions expertise Technical support in design documentation approvals Development of a complete package of working DED Property valuation Feasibility study of investment capital Sketch design Building structural survey and issuance of opinions on existing facilities Full-scale tests of building structures and buildings by microseismic method Technical assistance and supervision at all stages of construction works
  10. 10. Civil Engineering ASTER LLC offers its clients construction works performed in industrial buildings and private residential buildings of any complexity and size, installation of treatment facilities and construction of utilities, landscaping and finishing works of any complexity. Civil Engineering works Year of establishment 1991 Specialization Civil Engineering The Company is ready to do its job with maximum quality and within the specified time period. For all kinds of works 1-3 year warranty is provided. Key indicators Finishing works Facade works Plaster works Electrical works In-situ concreting works Roofing works Major projects implemented - 12 Basic construction machinery and equipment - more than 30 units. Main area of activity: CFD
  11. 11. Civil Engineering CJSC "ICC "Oregon" performs its works in construction, design, reconstruction, restoration and capital repair of the Russian properties abroad: embassies, consulates, trade missions and other facilities. The main Clients are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Economic Development. Properties design, construction and reconstruction abroad Main counterparts: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RF the Ministry of Economic Development The main area of activity: the Islamic Republic of Iran the Islamic Republic of Pakistan the Republic of Poland Czech Republic Federative Republic of Brazil Key indicators Facade works Plaster works Internal and external networks Roofing works Civil Engineering works Assembly works Specialization Year of establishment 2009
  12. 12. Civil Engineering Since 2012, RealElitStroy LLC is engaged in design and construction works of administrative and industrial buildings and utilities, implements the projects for bridges, highway interchange, tunnels, artificial structures and traffic interchange construction. Industrial and Civil Design Specialization Industrial facilities design and construction Construction of tunnels Finishing works Construction of transport interchanges General construction works Construction of bridges and highway interchanges Industrial and Civil Construction Special projects implemented - 7 Main construction machinery and equipment - more than 50 units. Area of activity: Central Federal District Key indicators
  13. 13. Automated systems CJSC "Svyaz Engineering M" develop and integrate the automatic systems for commercial accounting of power consumption (ASKUE) (automated information and measuring system of commercial energy metering (AIISKUE)), perform electrical works and design energy meters. Basic product offered by the company is solution for energy saving. We offer comprehensive approach to energy-saving technologies implementation in domestic sector, for small engine facilities and for large enterprises starting from consumption metering (ASKUE systems) and energy audit and finishing with conclusion and implementation of energy service and performance contracts. Year of establishment Russia: Central Federal District, Siberian Federal District, Urals Federal District, Far Eastern Federal District Automated system of commercial accounting for household electricity consumers Automated information and measuring system for commercial electric power metering for industrial enterprises Automated system of diesel power stations and diesel generator units monitoring Automated system of gas distribution plants dispatching and management Automated system of water supply facilities dispatching and management Specialization Development, production and implementation of automated systems (ASKUE, automated system of electric power technical record-keeping (ASTUE), AIISKUE, automated process control system (APCS), etc.). Area of activity: 2005 Currently, equipment and components are produced by two plants of complete cycle in Moscow (25,000 m2) and in Azov (36,000 m2), and at the plant for printed circuit boards production in Dubna (12,700 m2).
  14. 14. System integration Russian company MM-svyaz was established by a professional team with years of experience on information technology market. A key focus of the company is the system integration. A comprehensive and professional approach and responsibility for the ultimate outcome are the main principles of company`s activities. MM-svyaz provide a full project cycle including consulting, design, equipment and software supply, installation and implementation, sales and after-sales servicing. Specialization System integrator - IT-infrastructure Structured cabling systems Local computer networks and telephony Uninterruptible power supply systems Access control and IP video surveillance systems on Milestone platform Data storage and processing centers (DSPC) Business processes automation Building of the media content management systems Coordination of resources and accounting of television production Broadcasting networks coordination and management xRM for broadcasting network accounting and development Development of the multi-level digital archives Information portal solutions
  15. 15. PRIVATE VILLA Projects completed LOCATION West Bay Doha, Qatar The work comprises of the Construction, Completion and Maintenance of the Residential Villa with Swimming Pool and other ancillary buildings with all associated services. The scope of work also includes the external works together with the associated external services.
  16. 16. TASMINE COMPLEX Projects completed LOCATION Doha, Qatar This project is an EPC Contract (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for 47 units –Two Storey Villa with common facilities, roads and car parking.
  17. 17. Projects completed Residential buildings design works 1. Residential area “Voennaya Gorka", 18-storey residential buildings with office areas, store and underground parking 2. 17-storey residential complex "Nikitin dvor" 3. Residential area, Vybornaya str. 4. Residential buildings, 1905 goda str. 5. Multi-storey residential building with administrative areas, Shchetinkina str. 6. Multi-storey residential building of NSAU, Panfilovtsev str. 7. Residential building, Serebrennikovskaya str. 8. Residential building, Kommunisticheskoy str. 9. Residential building. Sem`i Shamshinykh str. 10. Residential building, Nekrasova str. 11. Residential building, Dzerzhynskogo ave. 12. Hostel building of OJSC "Hlebspetsstroymontazh", Vertkovskogo str. 13. 10-storey residential building with facilities for public use, the first phase of construction. Block-section No. 1, 2, Avtogennaya str. 14. Residential complex with public facilities and multi-level car parking, Shevchenko str. 15. Residential building, Petukhova str. (complex reconstruction project) 16. Residential building with facilities for public use and transformer substation, Vybornaya-Ryabinovaya str. 17. etc ... more than 30 residential complexes 1. Residential area, Engelsa str. 2. Residential building, Engelsa str. Khabarovsk Residential building with variable number of floors, Gamarnika str. Ob, Novosibirsk region Multi-storey residential building Social facilities design works 1. Theatre "Krasny Fakel (Red Torch)" (reconstruction and restoration project) 2. Reconstruction and restoration of "Krasny Fakel" theatre areas 3. Therapeutic and Maternity Department in CDH in Kupino, Novosibirsk region (reconstruction) 4. NSTI in the Culture Center "named after October revolution" 5. Central District Hospital in Ordyn district, Novosibirsk region (reconstruction) 6. Educational building of Driving School "Za rulem" 7. Family Center for Children Development with Cerebral Palsyc Consequences, Turgeneva str. 8. Fitness Centre, Frunze str. Khanty-Mansiysk Buildings of Infectious Department of the District Clinical Hospital Khabarovsk Culture Center "ENERGOMASH" (reconstruction) Barnaul Three 16-storey residential buildings with extension and underground car parking 16-storey residential building, Molodezhnaya str. Tyumen 17-storey residential buildings in "TIMENTSKY-2" microdistrict (18 block- sections) Berdsk, Novosibirsk region Residential building, Shevchenko str. Tomsk Area 801 (within R. Luxemburg str., B. Podgornoy str., Krasnogo ave. and Vantsetti ave.)
  18. 18. Projects completed Commercial real estate Administrative buildings 1. TC "Lenta" (1st facility) 2. TC "Flagman", Vokzalnaya magistral str. 3. TC, Severny ave. 4. TC and car parking, Trolleinaya str. 5. Building (bar), Trudovaya str. (reconstruction for 4-storey office building with integrated metro vent shaft) 6. TH "Kalininsky", Bohdana Khmelnitskogo str. 7. Cafe "SOBEK" (reconstruction) Khabarovsk Trade and Exhibition Building, Gamarnika str. 1. Administrative building "Lanta-Banka", Oktyabrskaya Highway 2. Administrative building, Chaplygina str. 3. BC "Greenwich" with underground car parking, 1905 goda str. 4. Administrative building, st. Chelyuskintsev 5. An office building with the store and underground parking, Sem`i Shamshinykh -Krylova str. 6. Public building with retail space, Koshurnikova str. 7. Administrative building, Esenina str. 8. Public building, Esenina str. (reconstruction) W.S.Ordynskoe, Novosibirsk region 1. Building of Sberbank Branch, vil. Dovolnoe (reconstruction) 2. Reconstruction with extension of Ordynsk Branch No. 2297 building of JSC Sberbank RF, Lenina str. 3. Administrative building, Moldavskiy ave., Khabarovsk Industrial facilities Other facilities 1. Indoor car parking, Voennaya str. 2. Open-plan car parking, Koshurnikova str. 3. Autocomplex, Zhukovskogo str. 4. Indoor car parking, Voennaya str. 5. Underground car parking, Nekrasova str. 6. Underground parking, Novosibirskaya str. 7. Garage box in the territory of NM 3 "Burovaya tekhnika" 8. Vehicle service station with store area, Proezd Energetikov str. 9. Territory on Kirova str. and Shevchenko str. in Service Center "Gorodskoy sad“ (reconstruction) 10. Federal State Institution "Correctional Colony No.9 of the Main Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service for Novosibirsk region" 11. Transformer substation, Vybornaya-Ryabinovaya str. 1. Industrial base of JSC "ATON" 2. Water tower of JSC "Seda" 3. Buildings of the pig-breeding farm, vil. Kudryashovskoe (Novosibirsk region) Oil loading station, Barabinsk Production base (survey and reconstruction project), Bodaibo Reconstruction of shore protection structures of the downstream Krasnoyarsk HES, Krasnoyarsk Gas concrete products plant with an area of 720 m3 per shift, Khabarovsk
  19. 19. Projects completed RC "Wellton Park", Skhodnya microdistrict development: MR, Solnechnogorsk, vil. Podolino, plot K-50. Development of the 1st construction stage of residential district "Preobrazhensky": sttl. Chentsy, Yaroslavl region. Construction of microdistrict "Lukino- Varino»: MR, sttl. Sverdlovsky, Shchelkovsky district. RC "Anichkovo" and building for pumping station: MR, vil. Kozlovka, Shchelkovsky district. Residential buildingsResidential complex ART, a group of multi-storey residential buildings with built-in non-residential premises and built-on car parking: MR, Krasnogorsk, mcd. No.15 Pavshino, Tsentralnaya str. RC "Orange Wood", RC No. 2 western part, MR, Ivanteevka, along Zavodskaya str. RC "Edalgo", a group of multi-storey residential buildings: MR, Leninsky district, sttl. Sosenskoye, vil. Kommunarka, plot of 3.5 Ha. RC "Villanzh", multi-storey residential building with underground car parking: Moscow, district Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Marshala Zhukova ave., ins. 43, room 5.
  20. 20. 1. FOL: MR, Shcherbinka, Pushkinskaya str. - Novostoroevskaya str. - Industrialnaya str.; 2. Premises of "Euroset-Retail"; 3. Construction of fiber optic line of "Skartel" LLC: Moscow; 4. Building Materials Plant "VOLMA-Maikop": Republic of Adygea, Maikop district; 5. Building of pumping station: MR, Shchelkovo district, vil. Kozlovka. Production and Industrial Facilities Engineering projects 1. "Integrated automated security management system at facilities of 500-750-1150 kV" "Trubnaya" Volga-Don EMPN - branch of JSC "Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System" (KDSUB 500+)"; 2. Technical security equipment set and anti-terrorist protection facilities, which determine requirements for the integrated security system (ISS) development at facility of VNIIGAZ LLC in village Razvilka, MR; 3. Communication networks construction in a cottage villages of Ilyinsky quarter, Gorki-b, Arkhangelskoe-2, New Opalikha, Rizhsky district, Golikovo, MR; 4. Equipment of CB "Investtorgbank" (JSC) relating to Moscow City Technopark "Nagatino-ZIL, block 2 (building 1-2-B), structured cabling network (SCN) and cable television system; 5. Construction of fiber optic line of Skartel LLC in Moscow; 6. Underground passage at the intersection of Proletarskogo avenue, Zarechnaya str. and Talsinskaya str., Moscow region, Shchelkovo; 7. Expansion of multiservice network of CJSC "COMSTAR-Regions" in Veliky Novgorod; 8. Reconstruction of internal heating systems, ventilation, domestic hot water and individual heat point (IHP) in ATS buildings; 9. Works on load-bearing structures and engineering systems survey with technical opinion issuance and design and estimate documents development for capital repairs of apartment buildings in Moscow; 10. Technical security equipment set and anti-terrorist protection facilities, which determine requirements for the integrated security system (ISS) development at facility of VNIIGAZ LLC in village Razvilka, Moscow region; 11. Construction arrangement design and project execution plan for fiber optic lines construction in village Kommunarka, MR. Projects completed
  21. 21. Projects completed Special facilities Highway interchange through the railway at 48+560 km of Tula - Novomoskovsk road in Uzlovskoy district, Tula region, Novomoskovsk: Working documentation design and development, general construction works, repair works for metal beams, disassembly-assembly of approaches to the bridge structure, replacement r/c beams, recovery of defects and highway interchange reconstruction. Moscow Ring Road Bridges, Moscow: Repair works (structures) with expansion joints replacement OPDSH - 100 on engineering structures, Moscow: - Veshniakovsky highway interchange; - Ryazan railway Moscow Ring Road highway interchange; - Ochakovo Moscow Ring Road highway interchange; - Rostokinsky pass highway interchange; - Riga railway Moscow Ring Road highway interchange; - Kursk railway Moscow Ring Road highway interchange. Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, Moscow (left bank of Moscow river, from bridge "Bagration" to Novoarbatsky bridge), Moscow: Capital repairs (civil engineering and facing works), design of engineering solutions. Social facilities Complex "New Stupino, Moscow Region: Construction of residential building on a turnkey basis. МДОУ Детский сад № 37 «Малыш», г. Москва: Kindergarten MDOU no. 37 “Malysh", Moscow Capital repair including engineering systems Kindergarten MDOU no. 24 "Radost", Moscow: Capital repair including engineering systems Kindergarten No. 9, Odintsovo, Moscow Region: Repair and finishing works Work on landscaping and green areas maintenance in Troitsky and Novomoskovsky districts of Moscow on settlements: - Kokoshkino; - Marushkino; Vnukovskoe. Public facilities Tower 1, building 3 of Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City", Moscow: Construction and installation works, installation of engineering systems, interior finishing works. Shopping Mall "Gulliver", Moscow: Repair and finishing works with internal engineering systems construction in the building. Start-up works. Commissioning of engineering systems.
  22. 22. Projects completed Client: JSC "Energetic" .1995 and 1999. Total 21 buildings were built, in 14 buildings finishing works were performed, all utilities, treatment facilities for storm water, roads and driveways, fences were constructed Settlement Buzharovo Settlement Snegiri Recreation House "Peshchany Bereg" Client: Istrinsk Division of Engineering Structures in Tomskneft. 1991 - 1996. Works for the main building construction performed, construction of boiler building and water supply facility, installation of multi-layer mooring berth, bank protection, sewage treatment plants and utilities installation General contractor and village construction (NTD 799) in sttl. Snegiri 1999 -2003. 14 main buildings were constructed under individual projects including all utilities (sewerage, water-supply, power / networks, heat tracing), roads and approaches to the buildings and village fencing For 2009-2014. General Contractor and construction of residential buildings under individual projects. Full set of works. Design, construction, finishing, internal engineering networks and external networks. Settlement Montevil Industrial facilitiesCottage Settlement Kedry Client: JSC CB "Integro". 2004 - 2008. General Contractor and construction CS "Kedry" in Istrinsky district. 43 buildings were constructed, finishing works were performed, all utilities were laid, village fencing was mounted and roads were constructed, TS and sewage treatment plants were constructed. Construction of shop for airplane engines blades production, TU 154 in sttl. Novopetrovskoe. Construction of Sorting Plant at Istrinsky HHW landfill. 21 boiler buildings were repaired for Istrinsk and Krasnogorsk heat supply network. 14 filling stations for 500 fillings per day were built on the north-west of Moscow region.
  23. 23. Projects completed Energy accounting of legal entities (small motor-powered facilities) Energy accounting of household consumers Work with network companies Energy accounting and outdoor lighting control Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption (ASKUE) development for more than 500 subscribers; ASKUE development for more than 33,000 base stations; Construction of new metering stations and ASKUE in 530 collectors; Construction of ASKUE in 34 stores; ASKUE development for more than 100 filling stations; Reconstruction of switch rooms and ASKUE development at more than 500 facilities of the Department of Education in Moscow. Equipment supply to develop ASKUE for 450,000 residential metering points; Energy metering points replacement and ASKUE construction for more than 1,500 metering points; Reprogramming of more than 3,000 communal electricity meters; ASKUE development in more than 2,500 metering points. Development of more than 210 ASKUE systems; Design and survey works for ASKUE development at inputs of apartment buildings (10,000 electricity meters); Work at inputs of apartment buildings in more than 6,000 metering points. Creation of more than 200 lighting control points. System solutions from consortium are recommended and recognized by JSC "Mosenergosbyt" and JSC "MOESK“ as the most reliable for energy metering systems construction for residential, small motor-powered and large consumers.
  24. 24. Projects completed FSBI "Division for Buildings Operation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation: Building of the State Duma of the Russian Federation; Buildings of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation; Building of Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. Central Bank of the Russian Federation; FSUE "Mail of Russia"; Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal"; FSBI "Clinical Hospital No.1” Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation; FGBI "Medical Rehabilitation Center" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation; FSBI HPE "Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation"; FSBIS 'Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences; FSBI HPE "Moscow State University of Civil Engineering"; FSBI HPE "Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov"; CJSC "Division of Mechanization of Mosmetrostroy"; SFHI "Hospital for War Veterans No.2, Department of Health in Moscow"; FSBI "Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery named after A.N. Bakulev" RAMS; SUE "Mosgortrans"; SBEI DODSN "YSS "Hockey of Moscow", Moskomsport SBEI DODSN "Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve No.1", Department of Physical Culture and Sports of Moscow SFHI "Moscow Regional TB Dispensary"; CJSC “RI Adzhimoto-Genetika"; SMU Engeocom LLC; JSC "Rostelecom"; JSC "House-Building Factory No.1». Energy accounting for large consumers
  25. 25. Clients opinions
  26. 26. Certificates and Licenses Certificates for works permits in the sphere of design documentation preparation Certificates for works permits influencing safety of capital construction facilities Quality Management System
  27. 27. Russian Embassy in Iraq Russian Embassy in Iran Russian Embassy in Pakistan Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Moscow Region Government Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation OJSC CB "Integro" Forum Group Ltd. Ural State Medical University LLC IC "VTB Insurance" GC “MonArkh” Moscow Distillery Cristall Clients CCH of the GAD of the President of the Russian Federation
  28. 28. Clients AECOM Russia TEKTA GROUP Homeland Group GC “MITS” GC “STROYNEFTEGAS ALLIANCE” (“SNG ALLIANCE”) KROST MCTN INTER RAO UES Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) Enforta LLC (telecommunications company) Association Self-Regulated Organization “Baltic association of engineering-construction designers” CJSC “Energetik” JSC “TEK Mosenergo” JSC “MOSGAS”
  29. 29. SUE CCM in Novosibirsk Заказчики JSCB "Lanta-Bank" RSUE "Khabarovskgrazhdanproject" LLC "APM V.V. Fefelova" RGD HPE "Novosibirsk State Theatre Institute" LLC AF "YUKON" JSC “Aton” IKA LLC Sberbank of RF SPC for historical and cultural heritage preservation, NCB of SD Ordyn District Administration, NCB JSC "AERODROMDORSTROY" CJSC "ZHELDORIPOTEKA" CJSC "SIBGIPROZOLOTO" Sibekostroy LLC Clients Istrinsk heat supply system Krasnogorsk heat supply system
  30. 30. SC “Akado” Satellite TV operator "NTV- Plus" Russian federal TV channel "THT" TV channel “TV Center” TV channel “Zvezda” All-Russia State Television and Radio Company FSI Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics JSC "Russian Navigation Technologies" (RNT)) Gazprom-Media Holding TV channel “Zhivi” TV channel “Expert” Internet-provider "Korvet- Telecom FSBI Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex Central Bank of the Russian Federation Clients CJSC "ICC "Metapribor"
  31. 31. Заказчики ЗаказчикиClients
  32. 32. Информация о компании InterTech LLC Company contact details. E-mail: Web site: General Director: Maksim Gavrik Mob. tel.: +7 (909) 681-71-44 WE OPERATE GLOBALLY. CONTACT US