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Magic-LED Glasses


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A slide-show for CF of Team AbracadabrA

Published in: Design
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Magic-LED Glasses

  1. 1. TeaM AbracadabrA
  2. 2. Project of ‘Magic LED-Glasses’ <ul><li>This ‘Magic LED-Glasses’ is main point of our project which will be similar to 3D glasses using in the cinemas, but this one will be more technologic and facilitate us to see our friends in the same place without any disconnection. To put it simply, in order to erase the possible disconnection while we are dancing, walking, acting or whatever we are doing, this ‘Magic LED-Glasses’ will be used, because it involves hypersensitive sensors that perceives sounds and acts fully !!! </li></ul>
  3. 3. Let’s give an example: There are 4 friends from different countries, and they have decided to make a birthday party, so what would they do? They would arrange the ‘Magic LED-Glasses’, and than set up the program within its package . After setting up and creating account process, they start to see each other within the same place like a real world, hearing the same music, feeling each other and enjoying this extraordinary entertainment! Besides, they can also organize online trips, educational sessions, mutual games and so on…
  4. 4. Semih Bertuğ GÜNEY / 22 İstanbul University Computer Education and Instructional Technolo gy I’m sure that everyone will have a kind of entertainment profile in the future. Yes, today also we already know that some of websites or program as similar to my point, such as; facebook, myspace, online games etc , but my focus is related with sociability sites. I mean, I wan t to share same places with my friends while I’m talking or dancing with them in online world and also see them in 3D format as in real world. Because of this, I really liked this project and thumbs up! Thanks to this system, we will be able to meet and spen d time as if we are all together regardless of being far away from each other . Erçin /23 & Tuba /23 Married
  5. 5. İhsan Selman AVCI / 22 University Technology of Malaysia Software Engineer It seems that project will provide us to make use of online world in terms of a more realistic basis. We can also create closer and close r relations with our families or friends by this system, that’s why, it’s really great I think. You mean that possible to make contact with my friends who are far away with using this system and see and also feel them as in real life? Sharing same places and touching them ? It will seem real but will not be real ? Are you joking ? It sound really great! Neslihan BİLİCİ / 23 Istanbul University Information and Documentation Management