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Genery Study


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Genery Study

  1. 1. Genre Study Fantasy
  2. 2. Order of events • Examples • Facts • Charakters • Plot • Conflict • Style • Atmosphere • Tipps for the future
  3. 3. Examples I Book1: A song of ice and fire-A game of thrones: In many views told story of an incapable king, who is murdered and of all the intrigues around the throne, while in the north strange things awake in the ice behind the defens-wall and in the east the queen of dragons rises.
  4. 4. Examples II Book2: The lord of the rings-The fellowship of the ring Frodo, a Hobbit, get a mysterious ring, which turns out to be the one ring of the dark lord Sauron. He begins a journey together with his fellowship Aragorn the man, Boromir the man, Legolas the elf, Gimli the draw, Gandalf the wizard, Sam, Merry and Pipin the Hobbits. They see many incredible places like Moria, Lorien and Rivendell.
  5. 5. Examples III Movie: The lord of the rings-The return of the king: Sam and Frodo arrive in Mordor while Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli etc. are making the final fight in front of Minas Thirit. After they won with help of the army of the death, which followed Aragorn, because of an old oath, they march to the black gate, for luring the bad armies out and give Frodo the chance to destroy the ring. It comes to the “Show down”…
  6. 6. Facts In Fantasy exists: • A clear separation between good and evil • Fights • War • Heroes • Different cultures, Creatures, landscapes • Magic • A world of adventures
  7. 7. Characters I • A wise, old man • A brave hero • A “bad guy” without feelings
  8. 8. Characters II • A anti-hero, who becomes a big hero (main character) • The right hand of the bad guy, with incredible powers and skills
  9. 9. Characters III • A girl that have not much more character than being attractive
  10. 10. Plot I • The good one wins in the moment everything seems hopeless. • The good one gets the girl.
  11. 11. Plot II • All bad ones die. • The good ones “live happily ever after
  12. 12. Conflict • The bad one wants to take over the world/do something evil • The good one have to stop him
  13. 13. Style • Third person • One view • “highlight” at the end
  14. 14. Atmosphere • Hopeless • Heroic • Epic • Action
  15. 15. Tipps for the Future I • Fantasy is the modern form of fairy tales. • So where are the differences? • So, No advance than more characters and more fight! fantasy Fairy tailes There is a hero = There is a hero There is a „bad guy“ = There is a „bad guy“ The good one makes an adventure to defeat the bad one and get the girl = The good one makes an adventure to defeat the bad one and get the girl There are lots of fights etc. There are riddles Third person story = Third person story Many different cinds of heroes One main hero
  16. 16. Tipps for the Future II • It is time to make the next step in evolution. • Fairy tale  Fantasy  Realistic Fantasy • Means: I. Tell the story in many views (also the „bad guy view“) II. The pers • It is time to make the next step in evolution. • Fairy tale  Fantasy  Realistic Fantasy • Means: I. Tell the story in many views (also the „bad guy view“) II. The persons in the Fantasy book shoulden‘t belive in magic III. The fantasy-creatures should be legendary instead of daily life IV. Don‘t be so afraid to let main carecters die (I was never in fear, who will survive in a fantasy book, because actually you see it (Main character: survive; unimportant charecter, who have no reason: die))
  17. 17. Tipps for the Future III V. Seperate from all the standards. VI.Invent new cinds of characters. VII.Make the characters deep. Each one! VIII.Make the reader think he would walk throught a world, where he can take every diversion into a place you haven‘t wrote about yet and find something there. IX.Make long storys without a real ending (give each chapter a „hightlight“ otherwise it will get borring) X. Make the fights reallistic. (One man can defeat many enemys, but shure not more than two dozen) XI.Describe also the ugly things.
  18. 18. Tipps for the Future IV -The Aim You see it‘s much more like in the real world, much more reallistic. But why? It‘s a fantasy-book. Fantasy lifes from unreallism! Thats right and I don‘t want realistic fantasy. But let‘s go at the beginning: You read fantasy actually, because you wish something so interresting could happen to you (Of course without all the hurt and victims etc.). And if the magic is there, but nobudy believes in magic, it could be our world, so maybe you are the hero you wish to be. Once you will find the magic and be the big hero!
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention Thanks for your attention