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B2B Technology Marketers Losing Leads to Google


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Technology Marketers at dozens of leading data storage companies are discovering untapped keywords that not only drive more traffic to their sites but, more importantly, convert those visitors into sales ready leads once they arrive.

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B2B Technology Marketers Losing Leads to Google

  1. 1. LeadLifter.com1B2B Technology Marketers Losing Leads to GoogleIs Google taking your leads?You may be missing out on untapped keywords that could dramatically increase yourinbound traffic and set you up for high-quality conversions.Technology Marketers at dozens of leading data storage companies are discoveringuntapped keywords that not only drive more traffic to their sites but, more importantly,convert those visitors into sales ready leads once they arrive.Here’s an example for Storage Marketers selling Storage Area Network (SAN) gear.We accessed the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and entered these SAN terms basedaround pricing:san costsan pricesan pricessan pricingHere’s what we got:Here are the totals:Global (Worldwide) – 590,100 per MONTHUnited States – 372,100 per MONTHThat’s just for these four terms!Can you imagine how much traffic you could drive if you simply integrated these terms intoyour messaging and blog posts?
  2. 2. LeadLifter.com2What’s sad is that most B2B marketers respond with “but we don’t want people who arelooking for pricing, we sell on value”.We agree, B2B companies should NEVER publish their pricing!We aren’t talking about publishing pricing, that’s not an option for most technologycompanies that sell complex solutions. We’re talking about using the prospect’s need forpricing to your advantage so you can engage them first. Simply start including keywordswith “cost” and “pricing” for your particular industry in your blog posts and watch yourinbound traffic soar.It won’t be long before thousands are visiting your site ….Now the big question becomes, “How do I convert this fresh traffic that is looking for ‘cost’ or‘pricing’ without displaying my pricing? I already have a Request a Quote/More Informationform”.Here’s what you don’t do. Please, please, please don’t put a vanilla “How to Buy” or“Request a Quote” form on your site. That is why you are losing so many good prospects tobegin with (remember our Keyword numbers?).Offer TWO options like this: (See next page)
  3. 3. LeadLifter.com3There are several strong features of this page.First, note that we are giving the visitor 2 options: Self-Service and Full-Service. That is keybecause 5-7 times as many people will choose the Self-Service option over Full-Service.Imagine how many of your visitors are leaving your site when you show that same, tiredFull-Service form.Second, the Self-Service option text is very important. Just the “No Salesperson will call you”text alone will increase conversions by 10-20%. Read this list of funny Do Not Call Mephrases we’ve collected over the years.Tap those keywords and win!If you still aren’t convinced that these “cost” and “pricing” based keywords will work for yourcompany, check out MarketingSherpa’s study of what B2B buyers REALLY want (hint, it’s notproduct information).Now get tapping and have fun!