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Coaching Clients to Succeed with Joomla!


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Presentation by Max Lynam at Sydney JoomlaDay 2012. Using Joomla as a platform to Online Success for clients, improving outcomes and increasing revenue.
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Coaching Clients to Succeed with Joomla!

  1. 1. Coaching ClientsTo Succeed with Joomla! Presented by Max Lynam @MaxOnTheHill < > < >
  2. 2. A new client contacts you. . . They say they want to improve or launch online !!!!They may be a DIY client wanting to minimise costs, a client wanting full service or somewhere in between.Regardless … they should be given the best possible opportunity toachieve success online, through your coaching, guidance & expertise. Why How What
  3. 3. Debugging Your Client It can sometimes be difficult to find the real reason your client is talking to you Business Success PersonalPassion & Goals When you help your client to achieve their goals and The Real become successful online it makes a REAL and Ultimate Goal TANGIBLE improvement to their lives (& business). Absolute clarity is required to achieve results.
  4. 4. Sustainable Success . . . means we’re committed for the long haul A long term relationship is essential. 6 Level of success >> Each party should view the other as a crutial to achieving online success. 5 4 1 2 3
  5. 5. Committed to the Relationship? Time to develop our Online Success Program 1 Ensure there is absolute clarity in the end goals 2 Research the immediate & future markets 3 Package the client, products & services to match the market 4 Identify relevant, quantifiable & measurable KPIs and goals 5 Develop a relationship acquisition & building strategy 6 Develop program tasks and schedules to be done✓ 7 Agreement & commitment by both parties is essential
  6. 6. Hang on . . . what about the web? experience & expertise will result in the right stuff 1. Integration of analytics across all relevant data-sources, online 2.Research platforms & channels is essential. 2. Really detailed research of your client, the products, the market and the end goals is essential. Also, make sure you use the correct tools. 1.Analytics 3.SEO 3. It goes without saying, but SEO is not an afterthought or something set in stone. Do it right from the start and across all channels.
  7. 7. So who likes to be happier in life? Data analysis holds the key, my young Padawan.Analytics the tool of choice for the jedi master, “Online-Success”. Data Analysis Improve Compare to Compare to Program Program Data Analysis Improve
  8. 8. Regular meeting with client . . . what’s working, what isn’t – improve! The client and the agency have a clear set of tasks and actions to be done according to the Success Online Program. The data analysis will help reveal what is or isn‟t working online, as well as off. Each party involved should meet regularly (without fail) to analyse, improve and build on the program. Review the previous 7 steps, remembering clarity & agreement is essential.
  9. 9. Tools of the trade . . . try to have everything as integrated as possible • We try to use tools that have inbuilt integration, easy customisation, are Open Source and/or easy API‟s. • Currently liking MijoSoft tools: – MijoShop, MijoSEF, MijoAnalytics – have started towards dev of some extra components/plugins to extend to other Joomla tools like AcyMailing
  10. 10. Partner with your clients Their success will drive your success. Work to create a long term value added service to your clients, so they have time to work ON their business. Not only will you get more referals from your happy and successful clients, they will also be paying you for the extra services, products, solutions and training you provide. With both of you being more successful and profitable, you should both be able to spend more time with family and friends or pursuing your „other‟ passions.
  11. 11. { THANK YOU } to the Joomla! community, supporters, developers and organisers of Sydney JoomlaDay 2012.Cheers .. Let‟s finish up, have drinks & spread the love 