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Ppt presentation max-lingua


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A localization, translation and interpretation services Company set in Cyprus. We are a specialist company on accounting- financial, international law, legal contracts, marketing, luxury goods translating texts, webinars, training material.
ISO 17100 certification
Member of PancyUTI - M93 -Pancyprian Union of Graduate Translators.
Member of COTIP - Colegio de Traductores-Intérpretes Peritos de México.
Skype: Max-Lingua

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Ppt presentation max-lingua

  1. 1. Linguistic and Cultural Communication Community Platform Localization, Translation, Intepretation Services PhD. Martha Cervantes . - Interpreter – Translator Founder – Operations & Quality Director Membre du Conseil d’Administration du COTIP – Colegio de traductores, Intérpretes y Peritos de México, AC Certification ISO 17100 Member of PanUTI No. M93
  2. 2. Max-Lingua is a localization company based on excellence and true commitment to customer service. We are here to help you to localize your products and document making it available for people who do not speak your language. We provide Localization, Translation and Subtitling Services in over 100+ languages. We serve the leading health, technology, entertainment, financial, consumer products and learning companies in the subcontinent and around the globe, translating and subtitling their offerings into different languages. Max-Lingua is a Language Translation Company located at Mexico and Cyprus. Drawing upon extensive experience of our team of certified professionals, we offer integrated solutions to meet each of our client's current and long-term requirements. Max-Lingua offers best customer service and project management with of course the highest quality Localization at an extremely competitive price. Who are we
  3. 3. Introduction The global business environment is growing ever more interconnected One of the last remaining barriers to significantly increasing cross- boarder commerce is language The cornerstone of our philosophy here at MAX- Lingua, is that first and foremost, we are here to help you
  4. 4. At Max-Lingua we write, speak and think for You in All Languages The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten! Max-Lingua encompasses all translation qualities you are looking for Why Max-lingua?
  5. 5. Translation Costs Breakdown i.e = 1000 € 0.20 $ 50, 000.00X 250 X =
  6. 6. Three Steps to Accuracy Translation Reviewed Proofreading •Your document is translated by a professional translator who is native speaker of the target language. •The document is then reviewed by an editor who checks it for content, grammatical and spelling accuracy •The translated document is proofread for formatting errors and to make sure that it reads well.
  7. 7. Some Working languages Albanian Arabic Chinese (Standard – Mandarin) Czech Dutch English ( USA, UK) French (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland) German (Germany, Switzerland) Greek Hindi Italian (Italy, Switzerland) Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese (Portugal, Brazilian) Rumanian Russian Serbian Spanish (Spain, Latin America) Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese
  8. 8. Some Working Fields Accounting/Finance (Investment, Forex, Money market…) Arts Business General, Marketing Computer and Information Sciences Data processing Education Engineering, General, Aerospace, Automotive, Civil, Ships Environment Films Games General Human Resources Law and Legal Linguistics Luxury articles Mechanical Medical Metallurgical Mining Music Nuclear Patent Translation Oil / Gas Power Plant Science Software Sub titling Telecommunication Transcription Webinars
  9. 9. Services TRANSLATION  Proofreading & Revision  Transcription  Sub-titling  Remote / Real time Close captioning
  10. 10. Services Simultaneous Consecutive Whispering Phone conference Skype conference Video conference Voice Over INTERPRETATION
  12. 12. Quotation When requiring a quotation please have this points clear:  Language combination (the source and target language(s)  Length of document (number of words)  Format of the document (word doc, pdf, scan, excel, etc…)  Format required for the final document  Deadline required for translation to be completed  Quantity of languages you require for same document
  13. 13. Max-Lingua is a Certified ISO 17100 Cyprus-based Localization,Translation- Interpretarion Agency that serves international Companies since 2010 with professional and certified documents translation, several interpreting services, Cultural Communication and localization services Max-Lingua Mail: Skype: Max-Lingua PanUTI M93