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www.theExpertMaker.com is the “how-to” home and resource center for professionals who have a passion for a purpose and who understand the power of being recognized as the expert in their field by the audiences they serve.
Here you will find articles, tips, tactics, strategies, and some off-beat humor intended to provide insights and pathways that anyone can begin to implement in their journey to expert status.
As opposed to a “blog” we will offer articles, educational sessions, forums, and links to friends, partners, and people a whole bunch smarter than us. You can (please do…) sign up for our newsletter, “The Jai Lai”, and soon you will be able to buy our book, Passion For A Purpose—How You Can Become The Recognized Expert In Your Chosen Field.

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  1. 1. In 1996, through a series of events that can only be described as miraculous, I was featured on the cover of Sales and Marketing Management magazine. As a result of this media exposure, I was considered an “expert” and I was invited to speak dozens of times, all over the world. Each and every time I was asked to speak I was given the opportunity to sell my book, my tapes, or my videos. There was only 1 problem . I didn’t have a book, or a tape series, or anything for sale. A once in a lifetime opportunity, lost, never to be recovered.
  2. 2. In 2009, through a series technological advances that can only be described as miraculous, now anyone can be the centerpiece of a website, a blog, and can even be featured on the cover of a magazine. As a result of this media exposure, now anyone can be considered an “expert” and being invited to speak dozens of times, all over the world, is just the beginning. There are only 2 problems. People don’t have the time, and they don’t know what to do first. A once in a lifetime opportunity, lost, never to be recovered.
  3. 3. theExpertMaker.com
  4. 4. theExpertMaker.com is the “how-to” home and resource center for professionals who have a passion for a purpose and who understand the power of being recognized as the expert in their field by the audiences they serve. Our purpose is to serve those who desire to become recognized experts in their field and either : 1. Do not have the time to establish their expertise and/or 2. Do not know how to become a recognize expert
  5. 5. We serve our audience in one of two ways: 1. We provide the entire range of outsourced services required for a expert in waiting to become a recognized authority in their field of choice. and/or 2. Providing materials including books, audio, video, and services including membership sites, teleseminars, and tele-coaching in order to enable our audience a more D-I-Y method of becoming an expert.
  6. 6. Just What Is An Expert? Experts Have A Passion For A Purpose Experts Are Visionaries Experts Are Leaders Experts Are Educators Experts Never Stop Learning Experts Are Change Agents Experts Are Master Communicators Experts Think
  7. 7. Why Would Someone Become An Expert? • Truly Have A Passion For Your Subject/Niche • Have Or Can Develop A Platform • Can Provide Measurable Impact Through Products and Services • Love To Educate • Master Communicator • Willing to, Able to, and Enjoy Marketing • Realize The Value You Can Provide To Your Audience and Yourself • See The Value of Driving Proactive Business To Your Organization • Drive Multiple, Passive Streams Of Recurring Revenue • The “Brand” Can Leave A Legacy For Generations To come • Willing To Invest Upfront For Potential Lifetimes of Return
  8. 8. How Does One Become An Expert? 1. Develop Your Platform--Have A Passion For A Purpose 2. Identify A Niche Or Audience That You Can Impact 3. Develop A Presence With The Audience 4. Develop, Produce, and Distribute Products and Services Aimed At Your Audience 5. Distinguish Yourself—Become…Brand You!! 6. Educate At Every Opportunity 7. Become The Brand—”Be The Guy They Call…” 8. Polish, Repeat
  9. 9. Who Are Prime Candidates? 1. Established Professionals 1. May Be “Stagnant” 2. May Not Be Growing (Professionally or Personally) 3. May Be Looking To Diversify 4. May Be Looking For “Passive Income Streams” 5. May Be Looking For Something To Pass Down 2. Looking To “Break Through” 1. Establish Identity 2. Grow Primary Business 3. Has A Long Term “Vision 3. Have A Passion For A Purpose 1. Not Getting Their Message Out 2. Limited Distribution 3. One-To-One Trading Hours For Dollars
  10. 10. Holistic Dentist--Vision Passion Purpose Strengths Patient Patient Care Communication Wellbeing Digital Cutting Edge Ability to Photography Care Educate
  11. 11. Elder Care Financial Planning Vision Passion Purpose Strengths Client Building Elder Care Financial Relationships Wellbeing Emotional Faith and Ability to and Spiritual Ministry Educate Support
  12. 12. Build The Platform The Message & Hook The 4 C’s Brand You The Book Products/Services The Good News Web Presence Personal Presence The Strategy
  13. 13. Publishing Events Audio/Video License Speaking Private Label Coaching Joint Consulting Ventures
  14. 14. $500-$20,000 $0-$497+ $99-$5000 Subscription Transactional Passive Executive Coaching Summit Books Consulting Workshops Tapes Seminars Membership Videos Bootcamps Tele-coaching Courses National Sessions Correspondence
  15. 15. Video e-Books Print On Demand Audio What’s Different Now? Internet Social Media Internet
  16. 16. So What’s The Problem? Lack Of Time Getting Started
  17. 17. So What’s The Solution? theExpertMaker.com
  18. 18. What Do We Do For You? Write The Book(s), Reports, White Papers, etc. Audio and Video Recording and Production Design, Create, Host, Update, and Maintain Your Web Presence SEO Administration Administer Your Ecommerce/Shopping Cart Build and Maintain Your List Joint Ventures, Licensing, Alliances, Affiliates Image, Speaking, Presentation Coaching Support Develop and Implement Product Launches Road-show—Speeches/Seminars/Workshops/Webinars/Teleseminars Handle All Back Of Room Operations Ongoing Coaching, Consulting, Support
  19. 19. How Do We Do It For You? Craft The Hook—Develop The Messages Identify The Audiences Of Choice—Focused Target Establish Communications Channels—How To Reach Audiences Develop Web Presence—Blog/About/Shopping/Education Write The Book(s)—Get Me The Guy That Wrote The Book Build The List—The Business Is In The List Develop Ancillary Products and Services Launch—Brand You Road-show—Speeches/Seminars/Workshops/Webinars/Teleseminars Back Of Room—Always Selling Polish and Repeat—What Can We Do Better
  20. 20. Vision, Coaching. Consulting. Writers, Editors, Copywriters Mentoring The Team Web Development/ Video Production Design/SEO/Membership Sites/Blogs Audio Production
  21. 21. Why Now? What’s The Risk? How Much? 1. Audiences Are Searching For Improvements In Their: 1. Life 2. Business 3. Future 4. Security 2. Audiences Are Looking For: 1. Low Risk 2. Low Investment 3. How To—Now What To 4. On The Internet 5. Fast, Simple, Easy, 6. Instant Response
  22. 22. Why Now? What’s The Risk? How Much? Why Now—For The Expert Looking For: 1. Low Risk—Virtually None 2. Low Investment—Can Be Bootstrapped 3. How To—Now What To—They Have The Info 4. Fast, Simple, Easy—Now Can Be Outsourced 5. Instant Response—Quick Measurement 6. Most Importantly….
  23. 23. Disciplined Focus On The Book Must Your Target Audience Be a “How To” MUST BE’S The Hook Must Be Based On The 4 C’s
  24. 24. How Does The Process Work? Month 1 Visioning Theme Marketing Plan Web Presence Proposed Session Generation v.1 Analysis Project Plan Retainer Based Month 2 Theme Project Plan Marketing Plan Web Presence Book Outline Approval Approval Approval Design Retainer Based
  25. 25. How Does The Process Work? Month 3-6 Operational Promotion Final Book Ecommerce 1st Draft Book Website Plans Dev. Draft Activity $TBD Month 6-12 Book Support Speaking Coaching Consulting Published Products $TBD
  26. 26. Month 1 Visioning Session Theme Generation Visioning Session •What Do You Want To Be? •That Guy….. •How Do You Want To Do It? •Begin The Branding Process •What Are The Constraints? •Takeaways •Example Questions •4C’s Generation Theme Marketing Plan v.1 (Business Case) Preference Inventory •We Take A Shot At It…. Analyze Web Presence •You Get To Shoot Holes In It Marketing Plan Analyzes Current web Presence •Your Passion and Purpose •Long Tail Audience Competitive Analysis v.1 •How To Reach Them •How To Serve Them •High Level Opportunity Web Presence Analysis Proposed Project Plan v.1 Detail Months2 and 3-6 and 7-1 Project Plan Proposed Retainer Based
  27. 27. Month 2 Approval Theme Theme Approval Project Plan Approval •Themes Approval •Month2 •Month 3 •Month 4-6 •Month 7-12 Project Plan Approval Marketing Plan Web Presence Design Marketing Plan Approval Approval •Intake Session •Strategies •Mockup •Tactics •Timelines •Investment •Financial •Time Web Presence Design Book Outline •Chapter By Chapter Book Outline Retainer Based
  28. 28. Max Lambright • Max Lambright has over 30 years of hands on experience growing organizations ranging from Fortune 10 multinationals to small, privately held manufacturers of commodity industrial products. His not for profit experience includes working with churches, orchestras, and social service agencies as well as extensive involvement with governmental organizations including state and local, higher education, as well as local public and private schools. • Max has held the positions of CEO, COO, CMO, Global Director of Sales and Marketing, District Sales Manager, and Sales Representative. It is through these experiences that he has created the dynamic, and new Commit To Growth processes that enable any organization, in any marketplace, located and operating in any geographic locale, a proven, easy to use process to achieve sustained, profitable, and perpetual organic growth. The processes and information presented in Commit To Growth have been gathered, tested, refined, and implemented by the author in hundreds of organizations in over 35 countries. • Max Lambright has been the featured cover story of national magazines including Sales and Marketing Management, and has keynoted address at international conferences, workshops, seminars, and educational sessions. He is the founder and President of R2 Productions. R2 is committed to the sustained, profitable, and perpetual organic growth for all organizations.
  29. 29. Fred Suppes • Fred Suppes, my partner, has been consistently recognized as an expert in sales, contracting, management and business development. He has over 25 years of documented achievements in the surgical and medical device industry and continues to serve as an expert for many companies and venture capital funds looking for expertise. He is gifted at creating, negotiating and implementing highly successful strategies and tactics that drive significant incremental revenue for individuals, practices or organizations. He is creative, passionate and skilled in educating others on how to become an expert while improving their referral networks and revenue streams.
  30. 30. Contact • Max Lambright – max@theexpertmaker.com – max@maxlambright.com – 216.956.1071 • Fred Suppes – fred@thexpertmaker.com – ftsuppes@aol.com – 216.533.5194