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Final surveysummer2010


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Final surveysummer2010

  2. 2. Dear Diary… 25 AUG 2010St eph, Quay an d Kai wantedto know how we canencourage more YouTube users to view o ur website. So A lex, Brian and Max made a survey to u nderstand our Y ouTube subscr ibers better
  3. 3. We were off to a rough start, but we pulledtogether
  4. 4. Contents Hypotheses Methods Findings Age YouTube behaviorFacebook behavior Conclusions Suggestions
  5. 5. Hypotheses• In general, we believed that site usage would be determined by two key factors: •  knowledge of the websites and •  habit (i.e. I am comfortable staying on my YouTube page)
  6. 6. HypothesesSub-hypotheses: • Knowledge of the one-month delay (or lack thereof) will effect site of preference • Familiarity/login/connect on would also determine site usage • Users who don’t interact with are probably just subscribers who don’t want to leave their feeds
  7. 7. MethodsWe composed a surveyin Google Docs andPosted it as a bulletinto our YouTube channelsubscribersRespondents : 962!
  8. 8. Questions:Do you visit CH, have a login, use Facebook Connect?Were you aware of the one-month delay? What would make you choose CH? What would you like to see more of on our Facebook?Where do you watch more often? When is it YouTube? Do you ever jump between the two? Why?
  10. 10. A note on Age Our respondents (top) are distributed similarly toactual YouTube account age (bottom) However, ours is skewed youngerThe amount of <13 year olds show that our YouTubersprobably report their ages as higher than actual
  11. 11. Growin’ UpInterestingly, there were NO correlations of any significance between age and any other factor>implying that there is no systematic relationship (with respect to this survey) between our viewers of different ages and how they consume our videos
  12. 12. YouTuber Breakdown 84% of our YouTubers visit …But only 45% ever jump from YT to CH 19% watch more CH than YT 17% Facebook Connect 14% have CH logins
  13. 13. Reasons for YouTubing159 Find us in their subscription page59 Are just “bored” and surf there56 Are already on YouTube24 Have a grievance with (i.e. Ads)>implying that inertia drives YouTubers to watch vids on YT more so than distaste with CollegeHumor
  14. 14. Knowledge is Power• hjsjjsjs25% of our subscribers don’t know about the delay we place on our YouTube videos
  15. 15. Knowledge is Power?There’s also a .19 correlation between knowing about the delay and jumping from YT to CH AND to watching more videos on the site>Implying a connection between knowing the delay and being more likely to use CH, although a weak one
  16. 16. Why don’t people as much as YouTube? They like YT Slower/busy Subscription is playlists more layout easier (for franchises) Don’t want to make new Less familiar account Authors’ note: when you see boxes like these, they are not options we presentedbut rather summaries of the most common free responses that participants offered
  17. 17. What would draw you to CH? Trailers on YT Site-exclusive for full vids on content CH Variety (again, Direct Link to seems like they are unaware)
  18. 18. COMMENTS ries on “If you started a se vided Youtu be and then pro r website.” the rest on you
  19. 19. Why jump from YT to CH? 45% ofTo find more not-posted content sub’s make this jump For higher quality videos Couldn’t find what they were looking for For articles and other newsWhatmotivatesthese “CH is blocked in Saudi Arabia”jumpers?
  20. 20. Why jump from YT to CH? More vids to complete a series/franchise An incredibly common response reveals that subscribers see one chapter of a series and then go to CH when they realize that the rest are already posted on CH Jake and Amir “Girlfriend” : 8 parts!
  21. 21. What would you like to see more of on our Facebook?Outtakes/ Pictures! Contestsbloopers Quotes/ Staff A feeling ofJoke of Day interaction exclusivity
  22. 22. “Updates from the PEOPLE who actually make the videos and who are in them.”“Its basically nothing but links to theCH website. Basically, if I visit the CHhome page once a day, I dont evenneed to visit the facebook page. “More personality” COMMENTS “Random/funny status updates!” So, “Pr0n” like “this is our favorite profile” gag?“More things like showing WHAT you exactly do, for ex. howyou make movies, where you get your ideas from, where yourepisodes / shows are available to watch.”
  23. 23. Almost forgot to mentionA lot of people replied:“I didn’t know you had a Facebook but now I’m gonna go Like you right away!”A little messaging got us some free likes ;)
  25. 25. Today I learned…• Our engaged YT audience is young, probably younger than we think.• Channel choice/behavior is not systematically affected by age• Only a small percentage (16%) of YouTubers ignore altogether• Only half of YT viewers are following the jump links to• Roughly 15-20% use login/connect, which may be on par with all viewers of CH content
  26. 26. Today I learned…• The majority of YT viewers are there because of habit, not misinformation/displeasure with CH• 25% are unaware of the month delay and response to the delay is mixed• Knowing the delay does influence behavior in’s favor only slightly, demonstrating that knowledge is a factor, but habit/preference is dominant• YouTubers prefer YT because of ease of use (regarding subscription especially) Speaks to the hypotheses
  27. 27. Might we suggest…When a subscriber views pt. 1 of a series, they are like to jump to CH if they realize the rest are there. We suggest special copy/post-roll/annotations for a serial video to push traffic to the siteSome viewers even suggested previews/ trailers on YouTube! They are also receptive to promotional videos
  28. 28. Might we suggest…Users who get everything from the comfort of their subscriber page don’t want to go to CH because they will later get resent the same videos. We could do more on the YouTube channel to address the variety of CH, namely articles, pictures and UGC(furthermore, we should seek ways to randomize videos on any channel)
  29. 29. Might we suggest…Some users think that YouTube is more HD. This is wrong. We should broadcast the fact that our site videos are all 720pAnd some don’t know about our website and our Facebook page. There’s a lot for us to broadcast through our YouTube channel ! Let’s use bulletins and annotations more often to micro-message
  30. 30. Can’t stress this enough!If we want each channel viewed, each must have exclusive content. We must leverage the strengths of each channel to deliver something unique
  31. 31. Before we goThe way of the Dodo,We just wanted to sayThank you! Research by Alex Liu, Brian Weiss, and Max Brawer. PPT designed by Max Dodo by Brian Weiss