LDR 2001 Lead scholars presentation


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LEAD Scholars Presentation on the Root Cause of the reduce of marine life in our local waterways.

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LDR 2001 Lead scholars presentation

  1. 1. Decrease of Marine Life in Waterways By Brandon, Brianna, Lauren, and Maverick
  2. 2. Hole in the Ozone = More CO2 Emissions C C My Nannie Was right! Global Climate Change Increased Photosynthesis Increased Algal Bloom Migration of Predators Acidification Reduced Coral and Wildlife
  3. 3. Invasive Species Global Warming Water Temperature Loss of Habitat Reduction of Food Not Native No Natural Predators Feed on new ecosystem
  4. 4. Waste Disposal Fertilizer Runoff Acid rain Oil Spills Noise Pollution! Increased water activity Sports and Recreation Jet Ski Fishing Swimming Events Pollution
  5. 5. Leaks out constant rate Human extraction= complications Large amounts of oil can’t be contained, dispersed, or Biodegraded Oil Kills the local population Covers Phytoplankton Poisons animals Phytoplankton die Quill cannot feed Predators get poisoned Entire Ecosystem collapses
  6. 6. ROOT CAUSE: HUMAN ACTIVITY Everything so far was directly or indirectly caused by humans.
  7. 7. Solution
  8. 8. Why we should care? It’s US! WE are killing creatures WE are causing a negative impact on our environment WE are at fault and WE need to be accountable Marine life is important for biodiversity, and biodiversity benefits everyone! (humans and animals)
  9. 9. WHAT Oceans Provide for US The air we breathe (absorb much of the CO2 that humans produce! 30-50%) Food Jobs (fishing and tourism) Leisure Moderation of temperature Medicines Pathway for transportation Organisms in the ocean are used in our everyday products
  10. 10. So if we’re polluting the ocean... We are killing the wildlife which increases our standard of living We are hurting our economies We are increasing unemployment We are decreasing our We are losing essential resources We are hurting that which helps us We are losing a precious resource that we can’t replace
  11. 11. Solution • Increase awareness • Promote recycling and alternative fuels • Reduce noise pollution o Turn off lights by the ocean o Reduce water sports • Reducing global climate change
  12. 12. What is being done • 2004- CA Ocean Action Plan (Public Awareness Campaign) o Thank you Ocean • WWF Global Marine Program • ORCA- Ocean Research & Conservation • Association • Knights for Marine and Wildlife • Conservation • Rid waters of invasive species ($$ rewards)
  13. 13. Resources needed Government funding to and legislation/regulation Scientific research YOU can join any of the organization listed. YOU can do your part to keep your environment clean. Individuals to help clean up the ocean and educate others Cooperation from big companies that pollute the oceans General knowledge that increases public awareness
  14. 14. Experience
  15. 15. Why did we choose this issue? • Concerned with the environment • Ocean wildlife often overlooked • Prior knowledge about the subject • Channel to portray our passion
  16. 16. What we got out of it... Group Work Professionalism Previous knowledge Passion for the issue Obstacles: Narrowing topic Meeting time Overcame by: Further Research Online Tools
  17. 17. More Information! What we would change Level of interaction Field Trip Guest Speaker Bring in marine life! Sources! http://climate.nasa.gov/ http://www.marinemammalcenter.org www.seashepherd.org
  18. 18. Do What You Otter!