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Indonesian Journalists Technographics Report 2011/12


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A report on how Indonesian journalists and media companies use the Internet and social media.

Indonesian Journalists Technographics Report 2011/12

  1. 1.                 INDONESIAN     JOURNALISTS   TECHNOGRAPHICS     REPORT 2011/12   A closer look to how Indonesian journalists consume the Internet and social media, and why knowing this is important   for your business.             1
  2. 2.     THE EDITORIAL TEAMEditor-in-chief:ONG HOCK CHUAN – TECHNICAL ADVISOR, MAVERICK | @unspunOng co-founded Maverick in 2002 after working as a journalist for 14 years in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia; andfour years heading Ogilvy PR’s operations in Indonesia and in Singapore. He is a seasoned PR professional who has advisedclients through some of their most sensitive and intractable problems in the area of crisis and issues management, litigation PRand brand strategy. Ong is also an accomplished trainer in media handling skills, crisis management and interpersonalcommunications skills. He is a Press Fellow at Wolfson College, Cambridge, a founder of the Indonesian PR Practitioners Groupand an advisor to Pesta Blogger, Indonesia’s largest annual gathering of bloggers. Ong has often been quoted on PR andcommunications matters by news organizations including the BBC, ABC and Reuters.Sub-editor, writer:HANNY KUSUMAWATI – HEAD OF RACONTEUR | @beradadisiniHanny has more than 7 years experience in both corporate and marketing communications. In Raconteur, she focuses onhelping companies to tell their stories engagingly, using social media; as well as making social media an indispensablecompetitive edge in their overall business strategy. As the event manager of Indonesia’s first national-scale bloggers’ gatheringPesta Blogger 2007-2009, she has also established close contacts with Indonesia’s prominent bloggers and Netters. Hanny isalso the founder of an award-winning online social movement, Coin-a-Chance!, and has been invited as a speaker, trainer, anddiscussion facilitator at different social media and technology events, including Pakistan’s First International Social MediaSummit 2011 in Karachi, Tech Camp Jakarta 2011 (a program under Secretary Clintons Civil Society 2.0), and Malaysia’s SocialMedia Week & World Bloggers’ Summit 2012. She has also been conducting social media training workshops for the manageriallevel of various corporations/brands who would like to know more about social media as a tool to help them achieve their long-term business objectives.   2
  3. 3. Research and transcript:AMELIA VIRGINIA – RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, RACONTEUR | @lunaticameruAfter graduating with a BA in Mass Communication from the University of Indonesia, she worked as a media analyst andresearch assistant at a local NGO, Yayasan Pengembangan Media Anak (YPMA). Her responsibilities included handling researchand studies related to media and adolescents, focusing on digital natives and social media. She has also worked closely with theIndonesian Broadcasting Commission and UNESCO in several projects. Amelia plays an important role in Raconteur byproviding supporting data, facts, and analysis to help the storytellers craft the best strategy for their clients. In her spare time,Amelia loves to play with words, musical notes, and illustrations.Research:AFDITA SARI – CONSULTANT, MAVERICK | @afditaDita is Maverick’s go to expert on media relations because of her wide network of contacts with journalists from acrossindustries. Holding a BA from the University of Indonesia majoring in Public Relations, Dita plays a key role in developingMaverick’s Technographics survey, a study on how Indonesian journalists use the Internet to connect and find informationrelated to their work. Prior to joining Maverick, Dita interned at BP Indonesia’s Communications and External AffairsDepartment where she worked with the Strategy and Planning Team on the CSR efforts surrounding the Tangguh Project.Research:ADISTI DARAMUTIA – ASSOCIATE, MAVERICK | @krilianehAdisti acquired the nickname of ‘ADIS GADIS’ when she worked for GADIS magazine, the first and largest circulating teenagegirls’ magazine in Indonesia. During this time she also helped revive the following for the publication’s Twitter account,@GADISmagz. After four years there, she joined Koran Jakarta before joining Maverick’s Media Relations team, where she bringswith her a network of lifestyle and entertainment journalists. Adisti holds a bachelor ‘s degree in journalism from the InstitutIlmu Sosial & Ilmu Politik (IISIP) Jakarta. 3
  4. 4. Design and infographics:ASTARI LAKSMIWATI – ASSOCIATE, RACONTEUR | @chroniclea3Astari is the geeky, yet stylish entity at Raconteur that dives deep into the 2.0 Web to bring us gems in the form of fresh ideas toinspire and use. Astari has helped clients like Google, Anugerah Adiwarta Sampoerna, Coca-Cola, and Citibank to tell theirstories and develop community engagements via social media. Building on her amateur-editing work back in college atParahyangan University radio station, she also cultivates and explores visual experiments for Raconteur’s upcoming movieprojects. Astari holds a BA from Parahyangan Catholic University in 2007, majoring in International Relations. She has also beenan event organizer at dbb/Vertigo where she traveled to several cities for a national music competition. This led her to a spiel inthe digital music business as Music Content Manager at one of the biggest content provider companies in Indonesia, KreatifBersama (2010).Publications and launch:NIA SADJARWO – ASSOCIATE, MAVERICK | @nsadjarwoNia is Maverick’s Community Curator, a position we created to strengthen Maverick’s ties with the various communities weinteract with. Nia rejoined Maverick this year after freelancing for six years when she managed numerous communicationcampaigns and social media projects which allow her to maintain close relationship with the media as well as with prominentpeople in the industry. Prior to joining Maverick back in 2006, Nia worked for STIKOM LSPR—Jakarta, where she held twopositions: Academic Manager of the Master’s Degree Program and PR Coordinator under the Corporate CommunicationsDepartment. Nia spent the last four years working as a freelancer on. Among the projects she handled are Anugerah AdiwartaSampoerna 2007-2009, Pesta Blogger 2009-2010, ON|OFF 2011. She is also the co-founder of Coin-a-Chance!, a digital-basedsocial initiative focuses on helping underprivileged children back to school. Coin-a-Chance! has received severalacknowledgements including from Nokia Indonesia as the Best Online Activism 2009 and Social Icon of the Year from GatraMagazine 2010. Nia is presently completing her Master’s Degree Program in Corporate Communications at STIKOM LSPR—Jakarta on a full scholarship.     4
  5. 5. DEDICATED TO Our clients, potential clients (wink), and our journo friends       5
  6. 6.     TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1. How Indonesian journalists consume the Social Media | p. 8 PART 2. Indonesian journalists’ preferred news sites | p. 11 PART 3. Forums & mailing lists where journalists hang out | p.12 PART 4. Indonesian journalists’ technographics matrix | p. 13 PART 5. What Indonesian journalists’ access online | p. 16 PART 6. Journalists’ preferences in receiving information | p. 17 PART 7. How journalists find information | p. 20 PART 8. Indonesian journalists’ Telco providers & gadget preferences | p. 21 PART 9. Media organizations & their social media strategy | p. 23 6
  7. 7. FOREWORD  Some of the questions our clients ask during our social first-ever technographics survey of Indonesianmedia workshops are “How important is social media journalists. Together, we polled 321 journalists,compared to conventional ones (newspapers, TV, photojournalists, and editors from 141 media houses inradio)?”, “Does social media change anything in our Indonesia, from June to September 2010.relationships with conventional media?” and “When do Ihave to take social media seriously?” The results told us that social media had arrived in Indonesia and that any company that was cared aboutWe used to answer based on our observations and its reputation could not afford not to at least listen to theanecdotal evidence that social media has become too conversations taking place on the Internet. This year wepervasive and popular, at least among Indonesia’s sharpened the focus of the survey and polled 145chattering classes, to ignore. We observed that most journalists from 39 media to find out how Indonesianjournalists seemed to be on Twitter and Facebook; that journalists used and consumed social media in 2011. Wesome of them have become celebrity Twitterers with also took the extra step of interviewing several offollowings rivaling or surpasing the circulation of Indonesia’s largest media organizations to find outKompas, the nation’s largest circulating daily. about their social media policies and strategies.“But do you have numbers?” the clients will ask. “What Do they have any policies for tweeting journalists orabout the majority of journalists? Do they blog? Do they anchors? How do they mesh the newsroom and theirhave Twitter or Facebook accounts? How many of them business division into their social media accounts? Whatare actually influenced by what goes on in social media?” are their plans in 2012?Good questions that deserve solid, fact-based answers. The result is this document—and yes, social mediaThis spurred us to conduct our own research into the affects your business in Indonesia more than mostmatter. people realize.In 2010, we worked with The London School of PublicRelations Jakarta Research Center to conduct Indonesia’s nONG HOCK CHUAN, Technical Advisor, Maverick. 7
  8. 8. Part 1.HOW INDONESIAN JOURNALISTS CONSUME THE INTERNET 58% Average time spent on of the journalists the internet connect to > 6 hours the internet everyday *survey from 145 respondents HOW DO THEY ACCESS THE INTERNET? *(Answers can be more than one) public facilities personal modem 2% 39% journalists 58% 24% accessed the internet in mobile their office of the journalists own phone a Twitter account 62% home access 19% 8
  9. 9. nTHE JOURNALISTS ARE GOING MOBILE. ARE YOU?What’s notable is that 6 out of 10 journalists are Websites, press conference invitations and videoaccessing the Internet via mobile phones/mobile devices. interviews should be mobile-friendly. Apart from sending press releases via email after a press conference,This finding supports the fact that Indonesia is the third you can also prepare a laptop with Bluetooth connectionfastest-growing mobile consumer market1 in the world. at the press conference venue, and send your pressIt also partially explains why BlackBerry, the smartphone release to the journalists’ smartphones right away. Anof choice for most Indonesians, has a 842% increase in HTML-based press release, with hyperlinks that willdevice requests in 20092. In 2010 there were only 30 direct the journalists to more detailed sources/million fixed telephone lines in the country, but mobile explanations about a certain issue/term can also be anusage had actually reached 140 million people, or option.around 58.3% of the population.3 Not surprisingly, about80% of all the handsets sold in Indonesia are web- Inviting and confirming attendance of journalists alsoenabled4. We expect that in 2012, these numbers will need to be mobile-friendly, if nothing else to make itincrease significantly. more difficult for keeping away bodrex (an expression used by Indonesian communication practitioners toWhat this means for corporations is that they should describe fake journalists who come to press conferencemake their communications mobile-friendly if they want only to squeeze some money or get a freeto get into the conventional media. Press releases, FAQs, lunch/goodies). PERSONAL INTERNET USAGE *(Answers can be more than one) 8 out of 10 journalists 1 out of 10 7 out of 10 journalists are on journalists are on the Net the Net to to access use the internet for BROWSE social media. - online shopping - gaming 8 out of 10 WORK-RELATED INTERNET USAGE   9
  10. 10.   8 out of 10 journalists WORK-RELATED INTERNET USAGE *(Answers can be more than one) are using the Net to search for information/news 6 out of 10 idea-sourcing 6 out of 10 verifying information or news 5 out of 10 networking 2 out of 10 observing other journalists 2 out of 10 collaborating with other journalistsnYOU ARE WHAT THE NET SAYS ABOUT YOUEither for work or pleasure—and the boundaries are So, what the Net says about you helps define your imagegetting thinner—it is clear that Indonesian journalists in the eyes of journalists. It may not be the truth, but thatare becoming more hooked on the Internet by the day. is what shapes their perceptions and their awareness of you or your brand.Personally, they use the Internet either to browse forinformation or to access their social networking sites. Since 8 out of 10 journalists use the Net to search for interesting information/news as ideas for their stories,Professionally, they are using the Net mainly to search the question: “What does the Net say about you, yourfor information/news, as well as to get story ideas and company, and your organization?” becomes important.verify information. Have you thought how best to manage your image and reputation on the Net? 10
  11. 11. Part 2.INDONESIAN JOURNALISTS’ PREFERRED NEWS is the most popular news site among then correct or filled in details on the story in the next 2-journalists. It was at the top of journalists’ priority list 3 hours.(both as 1st and 2nd priority) as the news site that theychecked on a regular basis. Kompas and Antara came a’s popularity among journalists has made itdistant second and third. virtually the de facto news service, surpassing the influence of even Antara, the state-owned news has more than 2,000,000 followers on Twitter,99,000 fans on Facebook, and 25 million page views on The survey findings strongly suggest that journaliststheir Website per day5. Their strength lies primarily on check out and use it as a source of inspirationthe speed of news delivery rather than on accuracy. It’s on what stories to follow-up on.common for us to see publish a story and 11
  12. 12. Part 3.FORUMS & MAILING LISTS WHERE JOURNALISTS HANG OUTKaskus, Indonesia’s largest online forum with 4 million journalists. The online conversations in these forumsmembers, also stands out as the journalists’ favourite indirectly help set the news agenda and influencechoice of online forum. Detik Forum and Kompas opinions of their members.Forum came in second and third respectively. Now, if you are serious about how the gatekeepersJournalists’ online forums are taken up with discussions perceive your executives, company, or industry,of issues, sources who are cooperative or not, and other shouldn’t you be at least listening in on these forums toexchanges of information that are useful to the see where the conversation is going? 12
  13. 13. Part 4.INDONESIAN JOURNALISTS’ TECHNOGRAPHICS MATRIXnTHE TECHNOGRAPHICS LADDER.In 2007, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff in their book It was constructed not as a segmentation, but more as aGroundswell introduced the concept of Social profile6 of social media users. In 2010, with the rise ofTechnographics, a way to analyze your market’s social Facebook and Twitter, they fine tuned theirtechnology behavior. Think of it as demographics Technographics Ladder to look like this:rebooted for the age of social media. 13
  14. 14. nINDONESIAN JOURNALISTS ARE SPECTATORS & CONVERSATIONALISTS. SPECTATORS CONVERSATIONALISTS Reading blogs, forums, friends’ Actively updating status on status updates on social social networking sites networking sites, browsing for or microblogs photos or videos 33% 32% CREATORS Blogging & uploading photos and videos CRITICS 19% Participating actively in online forums and mailing lists, commenting/giving feedback to 12% other’s writings on the internet COLLECTORS JOINERS Using RSS feeds, voting for websites online, adding 3% Visiting and filling out tags to web pages/photos profile on social networking 1% sites 14
  15. 15. Indonesian journalists are more Spectators (33%) and your own website, blog or Facebook page? What willConversationalists (32%). This is actually in-line with the they find? Will they find pictures of your products orprevious data we’ve had, that 8 out of 10 journalists are videos about your cause or someone else’s portrayal ofon the Net to browse (as Spectators) and 7 out of 10 your brand?journalists are on the Net to access their social mediaaccounts (as Conversationalists). What’s more interesting is, as Conversationalists, Indonesian journalists are also very active when it comesAs Spectators, Indonesian journalists spend their time to updating their social networking accounts or theirreading blogs, forums or friend’s status updates on social micro-blogging accounts, like Facebook or Twitter. Asnetworking sites and browsing for photos and videos. many of them have large followings they becomeThis raises questions such as: are there any blogs out powerful influencers as well. This is exactly why we needthere that are related closely with your brand, business, to consider whether we (either as a brand/company oror cause? When a journalist browses a certain brand, as a communication practitioner) are in the journalists’topic, or interest, will they find you in some forums, circle of friends or in their following list.blogs, or on a friend’s wall post in Facebook instead of 8 out of 10 journalists 1 out of 10 7 out of 10 journalists are on journalists are on the Net the Net to to access use the internet for BROWSE social media. - online shopping - gaming 8 out of 10nJOURNALISTS’ ONLINE ASSETS DATABASE WORK-RELATED INTERNET USAGEApart from having your usual journalists’ database, now would want to share to their networks, what kind ofit’s time for you (especially PR agencies and in-house information they would want to retweet. The third layercommunications practitioners) to build a journalists’ include finding out about who influence theseonline assets database. The basic model of this will journalists: who are their source of information in socialinclude their Facebook account and Twitter handle, as media? Who are they following? Who are the people inwell as the URL of their personal blog. The second layer their lists? Who are the people they retweet? Who areof this will include finding out what they like and the people they’re most frequently interacting with onshare on their social media accounts. This is similar to Facebook?finding out which story angle works best for whichjournalist. You need to ensure that you know what your Building this database will prove useful should you wanttargeted journalists like, what are the things that they to take media relations seriously, both offline and online. 15
  16. 16. Part 5.WHAT INDONESIAN JOURNALISTS ACCESS ONLINE WHEN I’M ONLINE, Yahoo/Windows I’M ACCESSING... Facebook Messenger *(Answers can be more than one) 6 out of 10 3 out of 10 E-Mail Blackberry SMS Messenger 5 out of 10 2 out of 10 7 out of 10 journalists Twitter Mailing List 4 out of 10 3 out of 10 16
  17. 17. Part 6.JOURNALISTS’ PREFERENCES IN RECEIVING INFORMATION Preferred time to receive information: 36% MORNING Anytime 7% Night 8% Afternoon 11% Noon 21% 17
  18. 18. I prefer to receive media/pressconference invitations via:*(Answers can be more than one) 77% E-Mail SMS 51% Office Fax 40% Blackberry Messenger 29% Phone Office 13% Facebook 6% Others 1% Twitter 0% 18
  19. 19. I prefer to receive news materials (pressreleases, photographs) through:*(Answers can be more than one) 84% E-Mail Office Fax 20% SMS 13% Blackberry Messenger 11% Facebook 7% Phone Office 4% Others 0% Twitter 4% 19
  20. 20. Part 7.HOW INDONESIAN JOURNALISTS FIND INFORMATIONAbout 8 out of 10 journalists said that when they’re visiting journalists. Do you think the information youlooking for information about a particular institution, have on the site will get the journalists to stay or willthey would go to the official site; and 7 out of 10 they yawn, close it right away and move to news sites tojournalists would also search news sites for more get more relevant information? Do you have a certaininformation. plan or template for your Website that you can activate during crisis situations? When some issues regardingThis is all the more reason why institutions, companies, your industry is trending in the media?and organizations should take a look at their officialWebsite and see whether it’s informative enough for How journalist-friendly is your official site? 20
  21. 21. Part 8.INDONESIAN JOURNALISTS’ PROVIDER & GADGET PREFERENCE Telecommunication service providers that i use: 29% 28% 21% 22% INDOSAT TELKOMSEL XL Others (AXIS, 3, Smart, etc) 21
  22. 22. GADGETS THAT I USE Mobile phone Galaxy Tab Esia 38% 4% Sony Ericsson Blackberry 7% 44% Samsung 9% Nokia iPad 62% 23% % ACER 29% 30 HP 12% TOSHIBA 22% 25 Apple 8% ASUS 2% 20 Dell 8% Compaq 2% 15 Sony 6% AXIO 2% Lenovo 4% 10 5 0*survey from 145 respondents 22
  23. 23. Part 9.MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS & THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGYnNEWS PORTALS/ (now owned by media giant TransCorp— average Indonesians, but also by journalists. The sitethat owns TransTV and TV7) stands out as one of the comes out at the top of journalists’ priority list as themost-visited news portals in Indonesia; not only by news site that they check on a regular has more than 2,000,000 followers on Twitter, so attractive to journalists and general users99,000 fans on Facebook, and 25 million page views on alike?their Website per day7. To find out, we spoke with Eunike Kartini fromOn another level,’s forum (Detik Forum) is’s Marketing & PR department to digthe second most-popular forum (22%) where journalists deeper on the organization’s social media policy andhang out and interact after (38%). So why is strategy. 23
  24. 24. Legend:t – Twitter | fb – Facebook | y – YouTube | b – blog | f – forum | g+ - Google+ GADGETS THAT I USE DETIK MARKETING/PR DEPT. EDITORIAL DEPT. t +2,000,000 fb +99,000 y +10 b +840,000/day f +622,836 g+ Chosen because these are the most Connected to Inactive; due to popular channels in Indonesia and DetikTV; uploading Specifically designed to build Detik the lack of can be accessed easily through interviews, product community (readers/contributors) audience using mobile phones/devices. tutorials, etc. the service. Based on canals/topics Detikcom i.e. DetikHot FOLLOW Not for Apps. Makan Apa entertainment, allowed DetikSport for to interact sport, etc. w/ audience. Interaction and Detik Detik ads allowed. No specific rules/regulations on how employees should Magazine e-paper No ads. use their social media accounts; but employees are asked to follow Detik’s social media accounts. All 24 Akkiwe
  25. 25. Detik utilizes social media platforms such as Twitter, designed to engage and build Detik’s community ofFacebook, YouTube, Blog and Forum. They once readers or contributors.activated their Google+ account, but it petered out forwant of an audience. In the beginning of their In 2011, Detik was acquired by TransCorp., and sinceinvolvement with social media, Detik chose the most then there were some changes in the management ofpopular and accessible channel: Facebook and Twitter. Detik’s social media accounts. The function was no“These two channels can be accessed via mobile phones, longer limited to spreading information, but also toso people can read our updates anytime, anywhere,” communicate and create engagement with the readers.said Eunike. However, a clear rule had been set: Detikcom’s account (in Twitter and Facebook) is a corporate account andDetik divided their Twitter and Facebook account into can’t be used to have a two-way communications withtwo: 1) Detikcom corporate account and 2) Other the audience or to place advertisement. Other accountsspecific accounts based on channels/topics (i.e. DetikHot (based on channels, i.e. DetikHot or DetikSport) arefor entertainment, DetikSport for sport, etc.). The primary more flexible to be used for further engagement withfunction is to spread the news in their news portals to audience. These social media accounts can also receivetheir readers who are on Twitter or Facebook, to ad placement for a certain product/campaign.promote events conducted by Detik, and to shareinformation about job vacancies in Detik. Every news Detik is also active in developing new applications, suchitem that appeared in each of the channels will then as MakanApa, DetikMagazine, and Detik e-Paper.appear automatically on Twitter. For Facebook, however, These applications were developed after Detik’sthey need to type the links to the news articles manually. management was placed under TransCorp. TheseNews content on Facebook is therefore far less than the applications were established outside Detik online’sones on Twitter. Each Twitter account will cross-promote editorial department.other Detik accounts, for instance: if there’s anentertainment news appearing on timeline, Detik’s management does not impose a formalthey’ll add “via DetikHot” to direct readers who love regulation on the use of social media for theirentertainment to DetikHot’s Twitter account. employees—either for personal or professional use. However, it is compulsory for employees to followDetik’s YouTube account is linked directly to DetikTV’s Detik’s social media accounts (talking aboutchannel. This account is made to publish tutorials about empowering your employees to support your sociala certain product (sponsored) and to upload interviews media efforts!). Employees are also encouraged todone by their reporters. participate in social media activations done by Detik.Detik’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts are The management monitors the performance of Detik’smanaged by the Marketing & PR Department, while their social media accounts. The supervisor will issue warningsblog and forum are managed by the Editorial or share input on any mistakes made by the social mediadepartment. The blog and forum are specifically team (admin). 25
  26. 26. nRADIOFor radio stations, social media adds up the “visual side” or Facebook apart from only calling in or send textof their programs, something that they were unable to messages to the radio station. We spoke with Sabrinado before. With live-streaming technology, the audience from the Digital Division of CosmopolitanFM; Mettacan now “watch” the interviews or gigs happening inside Irshad Digital Traffic Coordinator MRA Broadcastthe studio instead of just listening to it. Social media also Media; and Ainur Rafikah (Fika) from the Marketingextends the interaction channels with the listeners. PR of JakFM to try to find out their patterns in usingListeners can now drop comments/requests via Twitter social media.Legend:w – Website | fb – Facebook | t – Twitter | y – YouTube GADGETS THAT I USE COSMOPOLITAN FM DIGITAL DIVISION (DAY-TO-DAY OPERATION BY ADMIN) w +400/day fb+900 t +37,000 y None To increase engagement To update the latest status level with audience: from the radio station, To document off-air uploading programs, as well as daily events, behind-the- To communicate and create information/articles, quotes. Replacing text scene moments, engagement with audience, radio/video streaming, message where audience can interesting things esp. used to spark discussion asking questions to post song requests/comments that are happening on a certain topic in their Fan experts (even without that can be read on-air. Ad during a show. Ad Page. Ad placement is allowed. signing in). Ad placement placement is allowed, placement is is allowed. including on the announcers’ / allowed. DJs personal Twitter accounts. AD STRATEGY: TRIPLE O – ON AIR, OFF AIR, ONLINE (INTEGRATED CONTENT) 26
  27. 27. CosmopolitanFM (under Cosmopolitan Group/MRA) quotes (a lot of people retweet quotes) and to replacehas had a Website since 2007, but it functioned mostly text messages. Through Twitter, listeners can request foras an online version of its company profile. In 2009, the songs or comment on a program. These comments canmanagement revamped the Website with an eye to then be read on-air. YouTube is designed to documentincreasing the level of engagement with their listeners. off-air events, behind-the-scene moments, or otherThe Website was redesigned as a semi-portal where interesting things taking place during a show.listeners can browse for information or articles from the CosmopolitanFM has a clear strategy when it comes tosite and also interact with experts and ask about female- their radio station and their social media accounts. “It’srelated problems/issues that they’re facing. The triple O,” said Metta. “On air, off air and online. The threeinteraction is open, and people don’t have to sign in first must be integrated. There should be an integratedto do comment or ask questions. Through the Website, content between our programs, off air events, andthe audience can also listen for radio streaming or even online activities.”watch the programs live via video streaming section.“These, in turn, create a certain closeness between the The management has no formal regulations when itradio station and the listeners,” said Metta Irshad, the comes to social media—either for personal orDigital Traffic Coordinator. professional use. But the digital team has to follow these conditions: 1) they have social media accounts; 2) theyYes, Cosmopolitan Group has their own digital team. know how to use social media; 3) they need to adjust theDay-to-day operations are conducted by administrators tone & style of their language to match their targetat each radio station (for instance, CosmopolitanFM has audience. For personal use, the management onlytheir own social media administrator). The administrator reminds the employees to use their social mediawill update the content on a daily basis, based on the accounts wisely.idea that has been agreed upon with the digital teamand the programming team. CosmpolitanFM also “There are two benefits from our use of social media,”utilizes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; because these Metta explained. “Programming, and business. Forthree channels are popular among their target audience: programming, social media of course help us inmothers. spreading our radio shows and programs. We can also see the number of listeners increasing after we have theFacebook is used as a channel to communicate and streaming feature. Business wise, having these assets, wecreate engagement with fans; usually in the form of can now sell these to advertisers.” CosmopolitanFM hassparking discussions about a certain topic/issue or a bundling offer for advertisement, whereby brands canconducting quizzes. The comment feature in Facebook is advertise through CosmopolitanFM’s social mediaalso being utilized for casual conversations between the accounts as well as the announcers’ or DJs’ personalradio and the listeners. “We think there’s a certain norm Twitter accounts. “Our announcers and DJs have lots ofin Facebook: if we update our status too often, people followings. This is an added value for the advertiser,” saidwill feel annoyed. Thus, status updates are specifically Metta. Some future plans in CosmopolitanFM’s agendadone via Twitter,” Metta added. Apart from updating the include community development and streaminggoing-ons in the radio stations, Twitter is used to publish applications development for various devices. 27
  28. 28. JakFM has more or less the same social media patterns “We have guidelines for clients, because we don’t wantas CosmopolitanFM. They also use their Website, Twitter, to hard sell anything,” said Fika from the Marketing PRFacebook and YouTube to increase the level of division. “In general, we’d prefer to have eventengagement with their audience. partnerships with a certain product; than simply advertise the product.”JakFM doesn’t have their own digital division, though.The management of social media accounts and the JakFM admitted that they have no specific strategy forWebsite are placed under the Marketing their social media presence. “Even for the content, weCommunications division together with the think it’s still random,” said Fika. “So far, we’re still tryingProgramming Division. Apart from using the above to integrate our social media contents with our Websitechannels, their programs can also be listened through and our on-air/off-air programs.”applications in BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. Similar to CosmopolitanFM, there are no formalWhen it comes to the use of their social media accounts regulations in place about how employees should useas an advertising platform, JakFM has certain conditions. their social media accounts.nTABLOIDTabloid Bola is Indonesia’s sports tabloid that was version of Tabloid Bola, which was published threeestablished in 1984. It’s one of the nation’s largest sports times a week. The Website was revamped astabloid managed by the media conglomerate Kompas to provide highlights, live reports andGramedia Group. Santi Sagita Putri, Account score updates to its fans.Executive of Tabloid Bola, shared about how this “old”tabloid is trying to survive the digital era. Apart from the Website, Tabloid Bola also use Facebook, Twitter, and a talk forum. Twitter and Facebook areTabloid Bola has had a Website since 1997. At the time, aimed at broadcasting and pointing to the newsthe site was just an online version of the tabloid. The uploaded on the Website, hence increasing the traffic tocontent of the Website was similar to the print edition. In the site.2010, Tabloid Bola reorganized itself to have twoeditors – one for print and one for online. “The theme is On the other hand, Twitter and Facebook are also usedthe same, but the angle is different,” said Santi. That year, to help the tabloid spread other information, includingthe management also realized that there was a shift in job vacancies or event promotion. Twitter is also utilizedreaders from print to online media. It was an indication as a platform for advertising; just like the print mediathat readers need more immediate information and this and the Website. Through Tabloid Bola’s Twitterwas something that could not be catered for by the print account, brands can promote their products/campaigns. 28
  29. 29. Legend:w – Website | fb – Facebook | t – Twitter | f – Forum | y – YouTube GADGETS THAT I USE BOLA ADVERTISING & MARKETING COMMUNICATION DIVISION w +16,000/day fb +65,000 t +64,000 f +7,000 y None to To spread the To brodcast the To enable To publish update actual articles published in articles published in interaction between videos of sport information that the website (attract the website (attract fans of sport clubs: match and can’t be provided by more traffic), post more traffic), post fostering interviews, the tabloid. vacancies or vacancies or discussions & linked to the promote events. promote events. conversations video channel Ad placement is inside the allowed. Ad placement is Ad placement is website. allowed. allowed.Forum and YouTube used by Tabloid Bola is designed media to promote the events conducted by the tabloid,as a part of their Website. developed its while the marketing communication division read all theown forum to enable fans of sport clubs to interact, start contents of Tabloid Bola, and selecting interestinga conversation thread, and chat with each other. Video articles to be published in social posts audio-visual reports from matches orinterviews---and this channel is directly linked with Facebook, Twitter, Forum, and YouTube was selected byTabloid Bola’s YouTube account. the tabloid and the site ( since most of their readers access all these four channels. It’s a way forThe organization’s advertising and marketing the tabloid to get closer with their readers; and throughcommunications division handles Tabloid Bola’s social social media, especially Twitter, they can communicatemedia accounts. The advertising division uses social directly with the readers. 29
  30. 30. Tabloid Bola initially used Facebook and Twitter (+18K There’s no official regulations imposed in Tabloid Bolafollowers) to simply spread the news published on their when it comes to the use of social media by theirsite. In one day, there are around 40 news items for employees. The editorial team is allowed to getTwitter that is being updated automatically through a information/news from the Internet---including gettingnews-feeder. The tabloid realized only recently that it from social media. The management, however,engagement with fans and followers is important. As a constantly reminds its employees not to post any statusresult they started asking light questions, such as how a updates on their clients. “When we have an employeereader would predict the match results. “In one day, with huge followings, we ask them to help spread thethere are 5 – 10 tweets to remind people about a certain news for the tabloid,” said Santi.event or to buy the new edition of the tabloid, or tosimply say hello to the followers,” said Santi. Tabloid Bola sees several benefits from the use of social media. The editorial team is able to provide more timelyThere is no specific strategy in place when it comes to information to readers as well as to develop a strongerthe use of social media. For the Website, however, rapport with thier readers by interacting with themTabloid Bola ensures that there is content synergy through social media. The business team sees in socialbetween the print and online editions. The editorial media use a new source of profits, as they can now offerteams from print and online will sit together and have a multi-platfrom advertisement “space” to clients. Clientsdiscussion on this. “Our concern in social media is not can advertise not only in the print edition, but also in thethat high, yet,” said Santi. “Most of our editorial team are online edition and in Tabloid Bola’s social medianot fully aware of the importance of social media for accounts. The twitter account of the tabloid has beenthem. “ used as “buzzer” to promote several brands’ campaigns or products. The social media administrator isDespite all this, Kompas Gramedia management has responsible for providing the brief to copywriters so thatrealized the importance of social media and supported they can adjust the tome and style of the posting tothe social media administrators in their group with an match Tabloid Bola’s readers.iPad. The employees are also encouraged to have theirown social media accounts. “Some seniors are reluctant “The Website gives us a measurable result: traffic,” saidto use social media, either personally or professionally. Santi. “Social media, to us, gives a more intangibleThis is what the advertising team sees as a challenge benefit: like the bond that we have with our readers.”further developing Tabloid Bola’s social media account,”added Santi. “Our business team is trying to educate the The tabloid is quite satisfied with their social mediamore senior editorial team members in using social efforts, but they’d like to expand further bymedia. This is because the business team knows that differentiating their social media accounts based on asocial media is really powerful in generating profits for more specific target audience.the business.” 30
  31. 31. nMAGAZINEIndonesian teenagers know these magazines by heart: segments today. We spoke with Teguh Andrianto,GADIS for girls (Femina Group) and HAI for boys Online Editor of HAI; Yani Lauwoie, Social Media(Kompas Gramedia Group). The two teenager magazines Administrator of GADIS; and Didin Ambardini, Chiefhave been around since the seventies, and they are still Community Officer of GADIS on how they use socialconsidered the most popular ones for their target media to reach out to their teenage readers.Legend:w – Website | fb – Facebook | t – Twitter | y – YouTube | m – mobile | b – blog | f - forum GADGETS THAT I USE GADIS SOCIAL MEDIA DESK UNDER EDITORIAL TEAM w +4,000/day fb +260,000 t +100,000 y +400 m The “home”, the Spreading links and Spreading links and Videos from the An application foundation of their articles to drive articles to drive offline events, for Nokia users online activities; and people to the people to the interviews, live (launcher), and the platform to website. website, promoting performance from waiting for the develop GADIS new edition. bands/singers, step- right moment community. by-step beauty tips, to activate the etc. iPad apps. Written by Enabling b +100,000 community members. Unedited postings, can be f +100,000 conversation and interaction among community published real-time. members. 31
  32. 32. In 2000, GADIS rode the momentum of the “millenium” print, as well as the various social media channels. Theirto create a Website. It was called and new Website is also equipped with community blog andthe goal is to use the Website to promote the print forum, where people can post/publish stories oredition. This Website lasted 10 years, until they launched converse with each other.a new version in 2009, called “There is no specific division that handles social media,“The management realized that advertising spending in but we have a special desk for digital media. Themagazines is less compared to television. “We therefore members are from the editorial team,” said Didin. GADISneeded a Website that could be developed as a medium applies what it calls a convergence-journalism system,for advertisement,” said Didin Ambardini, Chief where all the media/channels that they have areCommunity Officer of GADIS. integrated. The “base camp” is the Website, and the posts through Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube are aimed“In 2009, our Website was launched with its own blog at increasing traffic to the site. Based on inputs andand forum. We believed that in the digital era, we can’t suggestions from team members, the digital media deskrely simply on our individual readers, but we need to will come up with an editorial plan for the social mediarely on ‘communities’.” This was reflected in some accounts.changes in the managerial level. The Chief Editorbecame the Chief Community Manager. “This means, a Though their social media channels were initially notchief editor’s role is not limited to editorial and specifically designed for advertising, GADIS is nowmanagerial side of the magazine, but also to the posting commercial tweets related to products. “Thecommunity,” added Didin. workflow is similar to the print media,” said Didin. “Products that want to advertise in our Twitter accountGADIS has their own Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube must contact our advertising division. Once the contractaccounts. The main reason of using these channels is to is signed, a brief will be sent to the editorial team. Thebuild their communities. Their basic principle is to editorial team will then come up with some alternativesteenagers with various available channels since, for of tweets to be published. When these tweets areinstance, many middle to high school students are active approved, we’ll post up to 5 of these tweets per day.”in social media. To engage them, GADIS needs to play inthis realm as well. The strategy in utilizing these social GADIS has also developed a “launcher application” thatmedia channels is integration. can be accessed by Nokia phone users. The application will direct users to GADIS’ Website. “The managementIn meetings, the editor-in-chief always highlights the has also agreed on the making of iPad apps, but we seeimportance of throwing out ideas that are only good for that the use of iPad among teenage girls is still low, sothe print magazine in favor of ideas that are good for we’re still waiting for the right time,” said Didin. 32
  33. 33. Management has informal rules on the use of social the company, laptops and smartphone facility,media. “No content about SARA (race/religion), not to reimbursing phone credits used for live-tweets,mix personal opinion with their professional work,” said discussing the development of how each magazinesDidin. The informal regulations were meant to adhere to have used social media.the journalism code of ethics, increase professionalism,and maintain a good relationship with clients. The “We have sharing sessions where different magazinesmanagement restricted access to social media during can tell others about the way they have utilized socialworking hours for the sake of productivity and media, and then they can also ask for ideas/suggestionsbandwidth stability. from the staff,” said Didin.In the Femina Group, the management gave their GADIS, sees four benefits from using social media:insights about digital media, and the board of directorsshare with others about how magazines abroad have 1) develop community, 2) simplify editorial planning andadopted the convergence-journalism system. To support event planning, 3) strengthen GADIS’ role as a masstheir staff in embracing this journalism style, the media to spread information; 4) build new businessmanagement ensures that there is a wide bandwidth in opportunities for media placement.HAI had their first Website up in 2004 but like their other opportunity in HAI’s studio. The performance video willcounterparts used the site mainly to mirror what was then be uploaded to HAI’s YouTube channel. Apart frompublished in print. In 2007, however, they realized that Demos, HAI is also launching a sub-channel ofthe Website should be part of their attempt to build HaiOnline called This is a place for studentstheir own community. They also wanted to create a to write news, updates, and articles about their and communicate with their readers. The “publishing process” was discussed in, including the editorial meeting between the students.Today, HAI’s Website contains news channels, blogs, and “Next, we’d like to do something related toforums. HAI is also developing a social media channel of entrepreneurship,” said Teguh Andrianto, Onlinetheir own, called Demos. Functioning like MySpace, Editor of HAI Magazine.Demos is being created for the youngsters who’d like toshare their music with an online audience. The HAI’s Website is not being managed by a special division.youngsters can also collaborate with each other to make The editorial team realized that when they’re using themusic in Demos. Every week, there will be a Demos chart Website, ideas should be executed across multiplewhich will appear on the print edition of HAI magazine. platforms. An idea has to be executed both in print andHAI will interview the top three bands in the Demos online. When developing an editorial plan, the editorialchart and the top ranking band will get a recording team will adjust the main theme for the digital platform. 33
  34. 34. Legend:w – Website | fb – Facebook | t – Twitter | y – YouTube | g+ – Google Plus | fl – Flickr | i – Instagram | tb – Tumblrd – Demos | b – blog | f – forum GADGETS THAT I USE HAI UNDER EDITORIAL TEAM w +4,300/day fb +18,000 t +66,000 y g+ fl d +5,000 +66 The use of websites, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Tumblr is used to upload i A special site developed Twitter and YouTube is one and a pictures/photos the by HAI, act way similar to GADIS. editorial team like stumbled upon. MySpace, for aspiring tb musicians (esp. teens). Review of top bands in the print edition. b Written by f Enabling conversation and interaction among community community members. members. 34
  35. 35. “To us, the Website’s strength lies on how timely it is, HAI uses its Facebook Fan Page when it wants toand the print’s strength lies on how deep the stories are,” disseminate information beyond the 140 characters thatsaid Teguh. Twitter is limited to.So far, HAI has used almost all social media channels Under the management of Kompas Gramedia,available, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, employees in HAI are encouraged to have their ownFlickr, Instagram, and Google Plus. They also have a blog social media account. “There’s also a reminder from theand forum under their Website. “We have no specific the management for the employees not to complaineditorial plan for our social media channels,” said Teguh. about their work in social media,” said Teguh.“We love uploading pictures through Instagram, Tumblror Flickr. If we go to galleries and see a nice painting, The management also provides the editorial team withwe’ll take a picture of it. When we’re on the street and flexibility to try different social media platforms, eventhere’s a stretch of parked Vespas, we’ll snap and upload bringing in web consultants from abroad. Social mediait.” administrators are given sufficient facility to support their work, and journalists are allowed to use socialYouTube is dedicated for documenting concerts or media as a source of news.videos from Demos, and these videos are accessiblefrom the Website. Engagement with readers and “From the editorial side, the use of social media brings uscommunities is conducted via Twitter. Twitter also closer to the audience and sometimes we get ideas forcomes in handy to spread the news that has been the article that we write in the magazine,” said Teguh.published on HaiOnline, post internship/job vacancies,buzz about a certain product, as well as to provide live “From the business side, the use of social media resultsreports. in an 8% increase of magazine sales. Those who can’t get the magazine will ask the social media administrator,HAI has several Twitter accounts based on different and the administrator will direct them to specificchannels they operate, for instance Demos has its own Gramedia stores where the magazine is still in stock. HAITwitter account, HaiArt also has its own Twitter account. can also offer multiplatform channels for advertiement.”nTELEVISIONTwo big television stations in Indonesia that embraces media for their benefit? We’re talking to Jemmy Bagota,social media are Metro TV (owned by Media Indonesia the Multimedia Manager of Metro TV; Santrigroup) and TransTV (owned by TransCorp Group). The Handayani, Social Media and Media Relation Transmost actual and visual compared to newspaper, tabloids, TV; and Hadi Lubis, Head of Marketing Publicradio, and magazines, how do TV stations utilize social Relations Trans TV. 35
  36. 36. Legend:w – Website | fb – Facebook | t – Twitter | g+ – Google Plus | y – YouTube GADGETS THAT TV METRO I USE MULTIMEDIA TEAM (CORPORATE ACCOUNT) | PRODUCERS (PROGRAM ACCOUNT) w +200,000/day fb +35,000 t +1,700,000 g+ y Filled with news Divided into They videos and programs CORPORATE account deactivated this of MetroTV. In the Spreading the and PROGRAMS Spreading the account and future, they’d like to news/articles in the account. news/articles in the decided to turn the web into a news site. news site. have the video news portal, Spreading the played on their specifically to news/articles in the news site. become the No.1 news site. Video News Portal. SIMILAR CONTENT, AUTO-UPDATEMetro TV had their first Website when they launched multimedia team, consisting of 14 people. They workedthe station in 2000. In the beginning, the Website was in shifts. Contents in the Website are integrated with theused solely as their public relations channel and to ones in TV, however, multimedia team is also producingpublicize their program schedule. In 2005, they felt that their own news to keep up with the actuality. Website isthey have to own a news site. They revamped the filled with news videos and programs on Metro TV.Website which then functioned to: 1) widen theircoverage; 2) cross-promote between TV and online; 3) “We aimed to be the number one in Video News Portal,”increase revenue/profit. This Website is managed by a said Jimmy. 36
  37. 37. Metro TV uses Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google Plus Metro TV sees social media as the extension of theirand YouTube. Recently, they deactivated their YouTube existing Website. With social media, they can spread theaccount and replaced it with a video feature in their news on their Website to a wider audience. Social mediaWebsite. In general, contents on Facebook, Twitter, and is also making mass media more active in providing andGoogle Plus are similar and auto-updated. spreading their news to the public. Metro TV is also developing news applications that can be accessedFor Twitter, the TV station has a corporate account and a through iPad, BlackBerry and Android to tap into theprogramming account. The corporate account is users of these gadgets.managed by the Multimedia team, while theProgramming account is managed by producers. The “The only rule for social media administrators is not toProgramming account carries posts of promotions or post contents related with SARA (race, belief, religion),”reminders of program schedules, as well as said Jimmy. “Apart from this, the management freesconversations with the audience. These conversations their employess to write about anything in their personalcan’t happen in the corporate account, because it social media account. For Metro TV’s management,represents the company as a whole. The corporate social media is an employee’s personal “property” whereaccount, however, promotes Metro TV’s programs by they have to assume the rights and responsibilities of anretweeting the Programming account’s promotion owner.tweets. When it comes to professionalism, Metro TV doesn’tWhen questions or complaints are posted via Twitter, make it compulsory for employees (or even their anchorsthe multimedia team will pass the questions over to the who have huge followings) to retweet Metro TV’s newspublic relations team, who will respond via phone or or promotions in their personal social media “We think if our employees keep on retweeting, continuously, it’s tacky and so out-of-date. The oneMetro TV said their strategy in using social media lies in account that should retweet these things is the“paying attention to language, style and timing”. They corporate Twitter account, to increase followers of eachbelieve that they need an expressive language, thus programs’ account.”using words like “oh” or “hooray” are allowed. In terms oftiming, Metro TV would post specific types of news The benefit of using social media, for them, includesitems at specific times to generate traffic to the Website. having the ability to communicate with the audience,They usually post about 200 updates per day in the spread the information to a wider audience and get asocial media channels. free promotional tool. 37
  38. 38. “We don’t use social media as advertisement space,” said reach in social media. They’d like to try Tumblr, since theJimmy. “We don’t offer this to the advertisers. We will multimedia team feels the platform is gaining popularityonly become a buzzer for a certain event or product if in Indonesia. They think Twitter adoption has reached itsthe event or product was doing a joint-event or joint- peak and the public is always up for something new.program with us.” Before deciding to use Tumblr, however, the multimediaSaying that they are quite satisfied with their social team would want to reevaluate the social function of thismedia efforts, Metro TV is still planning to expand their channel and what kind of benefits it will bring.Legend:w – Website | fb – Facebook | t – Twitter | g+ – Google Plus | y – YouTube GADGETS THAT I USE TRANS (CORP) TV PR DIVISION (CORPORATE ACCOUNT) | CREATIVE TEAM OF EACH PROGRAM (PROGRAM ACCOUNT) w +8,700/day fb +75,000 t +400,000 Divided into corporate website and Divided into corporate accounts (to display videos and programs’ accounts. All in all, from TRANS TV’s programs) Divided into corporate account and there are about 36 Twitter accounts programs’ accounts. owned by Trans. TRANS MANIA – FB and Twitter account managed by communities of TRANS TV 38
  39. 39. Trans Corporation uses their Website to help spread been understood by the staff of Trans Corporation. Theinformation about their programs. The Website has been management asks the staff to think through beforeused since 2011, the year when TransTV was launched. making any social media updates “They need to considerTo date, Trans Corporation has 36 Twitter accounts and this carefully, so the status won’t be a problem for themseveral Facebook accounts. They divide their social in the future,” said assets into two: corporate and programming. Thecorporate account is handled by the PR division, and The management is also concerned about how theprogramming account is managed by creative team company’s image is portrayed in social media. Theyfrom each program. The same applies for Facebook therefore monitor several social media accounts---accounts. Apart from publicizing information related to especially the ones about programs they are in charge of.their programs, social media is also used to spread other “Those who run our social media accounts are alsoinformation, such as job vacancies. encourged to take up trainings offering international license in social media. The staff---especially from the PRInterestingly, there’s also a Twitter and Facebook and marketing division---are asked to promote theaccount called TransMania. “This account is managed by programs by retweeting updates given by programs’the Trans community,” said Hadi, Head of PR in Trans Twitter accounts.Corporation, “and it also serves as publication channel.And since Website can’t provide detailed contents, our So far, the Website and social media haven’t provided aprograms’ videos are available in a special site, significant impact on the business growth of” Corporation. Social media is more on a “supportive” side when it comes to their business.Contents of Twitter and Facebook are integrated. Inpractice, their administrator uses an application that can “To us, the Website is the source of information, both forpublish one status in several social media accounts. our programs and our corporations,” said Hadi. “Social“Contents between Website and social media are also media is more beneficial when it comes to providingintegrated,” added Hadi. “On the Website we put the like awareness. If we count all the followers from 36 of ouror share button, enabling visitors to share the news via Twitter accounts, then our media corporation actuallyTwitter or Facebook. We also put a special column for has around 10 million followers.”Twitter and Facebook in our site.” The station is now thinking of expanding theirTrans Corporation also has its own code of ethics in the involvement in social media as well as to start offeringuse of social media. This is not a written rule, but it has advertising services through their social media accounts. 39
  40. 40. EXTERNAL SOURCES:                                                                                                                1 InMobi research, published in, 20095 nCONTACTS: nMEDIA INQUIRIES: Ong Hock Chuan Nia Sadjarwo Technical Advisor Associate, Maverick Hanny Kusumawati Head of Raconteur 40