Leveraging OTM's Fusion Transportation Intelligence


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How to leverage the OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) FTI module to improve your logistics analytics.
Presented by Samuel Levin (MavenWire) during the 2008 OTM SIG Conference.

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Leveraging OTM's Fusion Transportation Intelligence

  1. 1. Leveraging Fusion Transportation Intelligence Presented by Sam Levin OTM Sig Conference 08’
  2. 2. Index !   Introduction to FTI !  What is FTI !   Implementation of FTI in OTM !  Introduction to FTI !  FTI Implementation Details !  FTI Setup Notes !  FTI Features !   FTI Demo !   Q&A Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  3. 3. What is FTI •  FTI is an implementation of the Oracle BI suite of products within OTM •  Derived from the Siebel Product - Siebel Business Analytics Platform •  FTI provides organizations the ability to analyze organized data and generate metrics to measure their state of business Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  4. 4. Introduction to FTI in OTM •  OTM integrates with Oracle BI Transportation Intelligence by providing a direct link to the Oracle BI interfaces •  The database for FTI can either be installed separately or on the ROD database or use the OTM Operational database •  FTI uses a new status ‘READY_TO_LOAD’ for Orders, Order Releases and Shipments to identify when the object is ready to be pulled into the FTI database. •  This status change is implemented through 3 public agents namely – LOAD_ORDER_BASE_TO_HD LOAD_ORDER_RELEASE_TO_HD LOAD_SHIPMENT_TO_HD Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  5. 5. Implementation of FTI in OTM •  FTI Currently supports the following Master data •  Lane •  Location •  Service Provider •  Transport Mode •  FTI Currently supports the following Transactional data •  Order •  Order Release •  Shipment •  Shipment Detail •  Shipment Claims •  Carrier Stop Pickup •  Carrier Stop Delivery •  Tender Performance Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  6. 6. FTI Implementation Details -Data Flow between OTM and FTI Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  7. 7. FTI Installation Notes !   Check with Oracle Support for the latest install instructions !   For existing data in OTM you may need to update the 3 out of box agents to port data over to the FTI database !   Have your DBA ensure there are enough database connections to handle your new functionality Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  8. 8. FTI Implementation Details – Dashboard and Predefined KPI’s •  OTM Ships with a default set of KPI’s and Dashboard settings that can be customised as per requirement •  Dashboard includes the following details •  Statistics •  Financials •  Utilization •  Carrier •  Cost Benefit •  Regional Cost Benefit Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  9. 9. Dashboard Overview !   Graphs and Charts on !   Statistics !   Utilization !   Financials !   Carrier Metrics !   Targets* Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  10. 10. Target Definition Step1: Define the type of target to be met. Step 2: Define the actual target to be analyzed. Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  11. 11. Adhoc Queries • FTI allows you to select the column to add to your report • For each field selected you can define criteria for that value Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  12. 12. Formatting and Filtering Queries Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  13. 13. User Input Prompts !   Prior to the report running you can force the user to input or define values !   You can set parameters to be selected Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  14. 14. Advanced Options Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  15. 15. Report Capabilities !   FTI Report Capabilities Include !   Printing !   Download to !   Excel !   Delimited File !   HTML !   Sending Report !   Scheduling Reports !   Defining Recipients !   Sending as attachments Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  16. 16. FTI Demo
  17. 17. Online Resources for Oracle BI •  Extensive online documentation are available at the following places •  http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E10415_01/doc/index.htm •  http://forums.oracle.com/forums/category.jspa?categoryID=145 •  https://metalink.oracle.com Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  18. 18. Q & A and Discussion Below is Answers to questions asked at the conference !   Can you add additional columns to FTI database? !   Yes, you can add custom tables to the FTI database. Just like any other data warehouse type tool you can have a DBA alter the db to enhance data content !   Can you get Financial Data in FTI? !   Out of Box FTI does pull in Voucher data that can be use in your reports. Fusion Transportation Intelligence
  19. 19. Thank You! Fusion Transportation Intelligence