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MavenWire Overview 2011

  1. 1. Worldwide Presence. Global Clientele.Global Presence. Personalized Solutions. Proven Delivery.
  2. 2. From the Desk of the Executive Director MavenWire Identified Whether you are new to Transportation Management Systems (TMS) or an experienced veteran, MavenWire is one of the world’s leading providers of independent consulting services and hostingit can be difficult to keep up with your industry’s rapid advancements. Without the guidance solutions for:of a trusted advisor, it is easy to become detoured. And, becoming detoured can result in time • Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)consuming and costly mistakes. • Global Trade Management (GTM)Prospective clients frequently ask us why MavenWire should be their trusted advisor. The short • OBIEEanswer is: MavenWire’s in-depth transportation industry experience and global presence,coupled with our extensive IT software application backgrounds, combine to make us • Oracle Fusion Middlewareparticularly well suited to deliver logistics and supply chain consultancy. These ever-evolving technologies require an ongoing need for guidance. MavenWire provides both the expertise and streamlined solutions that free you to focus on your business’s core competencies.The longer answer is slightly more detailed and speaks more to our corporate culture andunique way of doing business. Experience, Delivered When we started MavenWire, we set out to become a leader in the logistics and IT When you choose MavenWire, you can be confident that we will always lead you in the right infrastructure industry. By focusing on our core competency of Oracle Transportation direction. Our team has been working with OTM since its inception—developing the product, Management (OTM), we have been able to put our mark on the global marketplace and helping the first clients successfully implement it, and creating a robust hosting environment. become a respected and trusted source within the field. We have been successful, in large Building upon the lessons learned while managing OTM for large production clients, we’ve built part, because we are invested in our clients and their goals, demonstrated by our strong a comprehensive and experienced team of functional and technical experts. Our clients benefit commitment to: from our diverse pool of knowledge and enjoy the confidence that MavenWire will deliver a streamlined solution based upon their individual needs. • Forming partnerships with clients and providing high-caliber solutions to meet unique requirements. Solutions, Delivered • Listening to clients, understanding their concerns and then crafting MavenWire is committed to forming genuine partnerships with clients and being responsive customized solutions that fit their needs and complements their way of to their individual logistics and IT infrastructure needs. Leveraging our functional and technical conducting business. consulting services, we provide onsite expertise, support for all levels of the application, and • Helping clients succeed—in a way that fits perfectly into their overall the resources to train users to become experts themselves. We will guide you through the business strategy. mapping of your current business processes, giving you the tools you need to employ industry best practices. These ideals, along with hard work and drive, have allowed MavenWire to grow steadily and provide an increasingly diverse array of services. With offices and clients Our primary goals are: all over the globe, our team of experienced consultants has the ability to adapt to • Delivery of a solution that works for each client’s business, focusing on attaining your environment and find the right solutions for your unique business needs and profitable benefits while taking into account ongoing business and operational goals. Offering a full range of functional and technical consulting services and constraints. hosting solutions, we also have developed prepackaged solutions like OTM • Understanding the best approach to achieve a successful implementation Delivered TM. We also provide training and support services to complement for each client, including requirements analysis, solution design, solution our other offerings to include Global Trade Management, OBIEE, and Oracle delivery, change management, rollout, and support. Fusion Middleware. • Transition of knowledge and skills to the customer, thus paving the I invite you to look through this brochure to learn more about how way to continue to maximize the strengths of your solution platform MavenWire can benefit your bottom line. If you have any questions as the business evolves. or would like more information, I encourage you to contact us. We • Project management focused on achieving delivery on time and look forward to an opportunity to partner with you by sharing within budget. our experience, knowledge, and proven ability to deliver individualized solutions with our valued clients. Trust, Delivered Yours truly, Trust is key to any relationship. And, in a business relationship, where your company’s reputation and profitability are Chris Plough on the line, being able to trust who you are working Co-Founder/Executive Director of MavenWire with can be the difference between success and failure. MavenWire clearly recognizes this crucial principle—which is why we focus on building relationships with our clients and becoming a trusted source for logistical solutions.
  3. 3. Oracle Transportation Management Our Core Services OTM is a complex multi-tier application, requiring extensive knowledge to successfully install, configure and tune. Through its steadfast and diverse experience, MavenWire has become the foremost leader in OTM Creating lasting partnerships is important to us at MavenWire—we want to grow with your company. technical services, including installation, performance tuning, scalability, and architectural design. Through our consulting services, we build a relationship and rapport with our clients, demonstrating our in- depth knowledge of each business. Our goal is to become a trusted advisor to help you navigate the world Our services include: of Transportation Management Systems. • Architecture Design • Hardware Sizing • Installation and Configuration • Version Migrations MavenWire’s Project Management skills provide best-in-class solution delivery skill sets based upon our • Performance Tuning (New & Existing Systems) • Scalability / Clustering Implementationexperience with supply chain management and project management offices (PMOs). Recognizing that • Integration Mapping & Development • DBA & Data Schemaorganization and structure are essential to the success of a project, MavenWire can help your company • Reverse-Proxy / Load Balancer Integration • Security Auditing & Hardeningstandardize your business processes and manage your IT project portfolio. Our experienced program and • Authentication (SSO & LDAP) • OTM 6.x Migrationsproject management experts use MavenWire’s dynamic and effective DELIVER methodology to help yourcompany boost your IT efficiency, cut costs, and improve on project delivery in terms of time and budget. OBIEE and Oracle Fusion MiddlewareConsulting Building from its knowledge of the OTM platform, MavenWire has expanded its skill set to include OBIEE andWith their supply chain industry experience, our Oracle Fusion Middleware in a manner that complements its preexisting business model. Recognizing thatsolution consultants have a real impact on the project analytics and reporting are an essential part of the day-to-day roles of logistics management and personnel,team and the international clients they serve. True to OBIEE delivers the capability to analyze your data in a way that allows you to make better decisions and the MavenWire ethos, we believe that imparting that provides visibility to your network and operations at multiple levels. knowledge of application configuration details and Many clients face the challenge of integrating multiple software applications, customers, vendors, and portals sharing best practices is crucial to your success, which into a single network. Data translation and connectivity becomes the enabler to make this network work. Let is why it is an integral part of the service we provide. us map and design these transformation layers using Oracle Fusion Middleware to create a highly robust and efficient supply chain solution for your business. Go-live support and deployment Utilize the experience of RS best practice TMS adoption: CA DE SH OR Testing and project support Order Track & Planning Execution POD Invoicing Entry Trace Management Information and Reporting MavenWire GTM Services Global Trade Compliance has moved to the forefront of many companies’ concerns as sourcing in low-cost countries increases and government trade regulations become more restrictive. Since the release of Oracle’s Global Trade Management, MavenWire has worked closely with Oracle, expanding its already extensive skill set to assist in the implementation Solution of this new Oracle Module within a single, integrated global architecture transportation and trade compliance solution. and design MavenWire GTM Services can help reduce the time, effort and cost of operating your Oracle Global Trade Management Proof of concept instance, leveraging our Business Process solutions. scenario modeling We provide a retainer-based service, providing predictable costs, GTM Training Courses and Requirements the expertise to manage GTM issues and gathering configurations ranging from the simple to the most complex.
  4. 4. Hosting Streamlined OTM Outsourced Solutions MavenWire Hosting Services Answering the industry’s call for better pricing options, MavenWire now offers a solution that allows you to Building upon our early success in managing OTM for multiple international and Fortune 500 clients, we have allocate the expense of a TMS as an Operational Expenditure rather than a Capital Expenditure. To reduce created the most comprehensive and reliable hosting solutions available. Managed hosting offers greater your overall costs and bring your organization to market faster, MavenWire has created solutions to deliver efficiencies, reliability and range of services than hosting in-house or using co-location options. Selecting the best in class logistics processes. right host should be determined through strategic planning. MavenWire OTM Delivered — Business Process as a Service SolutionsMavenWire also offers support services that can help you reduce the time, effort, and cost of operating your MavenWire and Oracle have partnered to bring you OTM DELIVERED, our Business Process as a Servicesolution. We quickly respond to user inquiries, directly resolve technical and functional issues, configure and test (BPaaS) offering. It is a best-in-class solution that gives you the ability to simplify your logistics processes andsolutions, and manage other related issues when necessary. overhead in order to achieve rapid Return on Investment (ROI).Why MavenWire should provide your Hosting Services: Even good change is inevitable—along the road to success, your company will likely see business growth, MavenWire is an Industry Leader in providing OTM / GTM Hosting Services. partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, new product lines, new markets, and new technologies, just to name a- We developed the technical architecture of OTM. few. MavenWire’s OTM DELIVERED frees you up to focus on your core business practices while we handle- We developed the first OTM (then G-Log) Hosting Datacenter. the nitty gritty system details required to support you every step of the way. Our solution consists of the - We are more experienced in managing OTM customer instances than anyone in the industry. following services, which can be tailored to fit your business needs: - Using our unique performance tuning knowledge, we make OTM run faster than anyone. - We are SAS 70-compliant and utilize state-of-the-art SAS 70-compliant datacenters—the same locations EDIVAN used by Yahoo, Google and global banks. Connectivity  MavenWire offers more Core Services (included in our base cost). - We include all services your company needs to run and manage the technical components of its solution. - We provide a custom-designed infrastructure for monitoring and managing TMS solutions. Custom Master Data Development Maintenance  MavenWire has the expertise to give you Extended Services. - In addition to our Core Services, we offer a range of Extended Services, from functional implementation assistance to solution customization and development.  MavenWire is less expensive than the other options. - We offer a very competitive, all-inclusive price—no unexpected costs. Functional & Application - We save you money by removing the cost of running the application in your own datacenter or IT Technical Support department. Consulting - Customers who subscribe to BPaaS or Hosting pay for the services as an Operating Expenditure, rather than a Capital Expenditure.  We develop solid relationships with our customers and are invested in their success. KPI Carrier and In addition to industry-standard application hosting practices, MavenWire has also Reporting Customer On Boarding developed a set of features, based on customers’ feedback: • SAS70 Type II-compliance - best-practice security, configuration and change management processes safeguard your systems. • MyMavenWire portal unique to each customer and configurable by user role allows Benefits of MavenWire OTM DELIVERED: customers to initiate restarts of non-Production environments, view logs, server usage metrics, and gather troubleshooting data. • Providing near-term ROI without the need for additional headcount, allowing • An annual Production system performance review proactively identifies cost savings while still growing your business. This is further enhanced by our processing bottlenecks and other areas of concern. rapid implementation procedures (a tremendous competitive advantage for companies that are choosing to invest in these economic times). • Proven OTM system maintenance practices ensure your system performs at optimal levels. • Allows you the use of a cutting-edge Transportation Management • A custom-developed suite of system monitoring tools, tailored to OTMs application with zero overhead or affect on your company’s unique requirements, provides alerting to issues, often before they technical infrastructure and team. impact your users. • It is a web-based application, perfect for global collaboration • Knowledge in both OTM system administration and with customers, providers, and partners. application functionality provides an unmatched level of • Fiscally responsible, because OTM DELIVERED costs issue troubleshooting expertise. can be allocated as an Operational Expenditure, • Incubator OTM instances, available at short rather than a Capital Expenditure. notice and for flexible timeframes, allow rapid ramp-up of implementation projects and a "sandbox"-type model in which to explore new OTM release functionality.
  5. 5. Introducing MavenApps MavenWire Training Services Over the years, MavenWire has developed tools to help simplify its work. These tools have been improved Become Mavens of your Domainwith every project – providing our consultants today with a comprehensive and mature tool set that will help MavenWire provides both web-based and onsite training to the TMS community. Our training is tailoredimprove the quality of the solution that we provide. to fit the needs of the client so on a class-by-class basis, training topics can be added or removed from the Regularly, our customers have asked whether they can have access to these tools after their project was curriculum to fit your business needs. Our classes are led by our experts, giving attendees the chance to havecompleted. To meet this demand, we have improved their usability and packaged them together to be all of their questions answered.released as a new software product called MavenApps. We have developed tailored courses to reflect the different roles and responsibilities involved with managing TMS solutions, such as: • DBA • Planner • System Administrator • Customer Support Representative • Business Analyst • Support Representative • Configurator • Finance Team Interested in learning more about MavenWire’s training options? Scan the QR code or visit: The MavenApps that are available are: • Master Data Management – All OTM master data can be uploaded and maintained easily by using Microsoft Excel template sheets. These templates will be transformed into multiple CSV files that can be loaded into OTM. This is particularly useful for more complex data structures, such as rates. • Rate Management – The complexities of carrier contracts can be a challenge. The MMP Rate management tools have been developed to streamline the process of management, upload and maintenance in an easy to use tool, which can reduce your work from days to hours. • Data Archiving & Purging – This allows transactional and master data to be archived and purged from the production environment. The benefit of this application is that it allows controlling the size of the production database Worldwide Presence. Global Clientele. and with that the performance of the system. • User Access Manager – This application manages all user related setup, such as preferences, roles, VPD profiles and access control lists. • Data Migration – This application allows the transfer of transactional data and master data between various environments (development – test – production). The benefit of this application is that manual migration is avoided and errors and testing time are substantially reduced.
  6. 6. Our Clients MavenWire (Americas) MavenWire serves over 50 clients, in a variety of industries, 630 Freedom Business Center, 3rd Floorincluding: King of Prussia, PA 19406 United States• Newell Rubbermaid Telephone: +1.866.343.4870• Elkem Fax: +1.866.343.4870 “Having a detailed knowledge of European Email:• Vascor LTD logistics and how to deliver within a flexible• Electrolux solution like OTM was paramount in Electrolux’s selection of MavenWire as the partner for our MavenWire (Europe)• Tesco Global Logistics Program. MavenWire’s expertise in transportation and logistics, their experience 21, St Thomas Street• Exel Logistics with OTM and strong partnership with Oracle Bristol, BS1 6JS England made them the obvious choice.” Telephone: +44 (0)1285 652835• UPM — Paul Bage Email: Director Global IT • Styline Logistics Electrolux Europe • Averitt Express • Baillie Lumber "Newell Rubbermaid engaged MavenWire to assist with the implementation of freight payment, utilizing OTM’s Settlement functionality to enhance the previous in-house process. MavenWire’s resources brought a deep knowledge of expertise across OTM technical and functional levels that resulted in a seamless implementation of new processes and successful integration with a new ERP system.” — Brian Montalbano Global Manager, Transportation Services Newell Rubbermaid “Our transition to OTM will enable us to utilize the leading TMS platform as a key component of our transportation management services. The combination of Averitt, Oracle, MavenWire, and E2open ensures that we will provide an industry leading service." — Nick Fields, Director, Analysis and Administration, Averitt Express
  7. 7.