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LogisticsWired Offering from MavenWire

  1. 1. Solution Overview
  2. 2. Agenda• MavenWire Overview• What is LogisticsWired?• Solution Details• Solution Flows• Functional Details/System Demo
  3. 3. MavenWire: OverviewMavenWire At a Glance MavenWire Core Service OfferingEstablished in 2006 and offering OTM consulting and LogisticsWired : OTM BPO offering withhosting services since. subscription based licensing,Specialists in Oracle Transportation Management Consulting & Implementation Services: Logisticsapplication (formerly GLog) Strategy, Value Realization, Logistics Process Re-Global coverage with organisations in North America, Engineering, End-to-End OTM implementation, OTMEurope and APAC Infrastructure strategy, Full OTM Training SyllabusLeading provider of OTM BPO services including Customization: Extension Development, Customfunctional and technical consulting, hosting, training and Interface Development, Report and KPI developmentcustomer support Hosting World class data center provision, IncubatorStrong domain experience covering operational and rapid deployment, Online Monitoring , Infrastructuresystem implementations for premier OTM customers support 24/7 GloballyFounding organisation of the OTM Special Interest Group Support Services, 24 X 7 Multi-level User Support Help(SIG), now part of OAUG, and OTMFAQ, a forum to share desk, Business Support Services, Advisory Services,OTM knowledge Proven remote services delivery frameworkMavenWire ExperienceWe have more than 75 OTM skilled consultantsworldwide with average of more than 5 years of OTMexperience.  Americas: 30 consultants  EMEA: 42 consultants experience  Asia Pacific: 12 consultants Company Confidential 3
  4. 4. What is LogisticsWired?
  5. 5. LogisticsWired Deep Domain Knowledge Documented Industry Standard Flows
  6. 6. LogisticsWiredPre-Configured OTM Environment to Support Industry Standard Flows
  7. 7. LogisticsWired Best in-class OTM Hosting Proven Support Infrastructure
  8. 8. LogisticsWiredLogisticsWired Multi-Tenant Environment: 1-100 Users 1-1500 Orders per day 1-2 Simultaneous Bulk Plans of no more than 500 orders 1-10,000 Integration transactions per day Straightforward up and downstream systems (i.e. does the prospect have multiple ERP and Order Management systems?) Customer willingness to adopt standardized processes where value is based on-low risk deployment, optimization, visibility, and carrier collaboration.
  9. 9. LogisticsWired Rapid ROI Carrier Connectivity Focus on Operations Flexible Solution Value Add Services Customer Planners Customer Systems
  10. 10. Solution Details
  11. 11. Key Service Offering DetailsFunctional Area Details AssumptionsModules: - OTM Core See process flows for solution scope. -OTM Operational Planning -Freight Payment and ClaimsUsers / Menus / Screens - Planner – Daily Operations Super User functions reserved for MavenWire; - Manager – Daily Operations – Global View i.e. new workflows, screen configuration, - Data Manager – Data Access additional reports, etc. (*) - SysAdmin – Data Access, User Mgmt, User Logs, Data Loading, Integration Logs, Notifications - Carrier – see Carrier PortalCarrier Portal - On-line tender/booking.Workflows - Work assignment – work queues. See process flows for solution scope. Additional - Notifications workflows and processes may be considered.(*) - Planning automationRate Management Distance / Transit Calculations - 3rd Party Applications based on client licenses, - Oracle Spatial i.e.: PC Miler, Rand McNally, SMC. - Lane level lookup (data load)
  12. 12. Key Service Offering DetailsFunctional Area Details AssumptionsIntegration – Carrier - Tender Request (From OTM to carrier - MavenWire to build mapping and integrationsConnectivity (Optional) system) with carriers. - Tender Response (From carrier system to - Client responsible for managing the on- OTM) boarding process with carriers. - Shipment Status (4-6 messages) (From - Client to pre-screen carriers which are EDI carrier system to OTM) capable (support AS2 direct connect).Training (Optional) - End-user training per the solution scope - MavenWire will provide training content. - MavenWire to provide training materials - MavenWire and client to jointly provide the training. - Client will be responsible training scheduling and site activities.Support - Hosting and Technical Support - Based on service level requirements. -Oracle Functional Support -Integration level support -Master Data Maintenance * Change order or solution requirements outside of proposed scope will be considered on a case by case basis and will be a billable activity. Examples include; additional workflows and reports.
  13. 13. Solution Flows
  14. 14. Solution FlowOrder Management
  15. 15. Solution FlowOrder Updates
  16. 16. Solution FlowShipment Planning
  17. 17. Solution FlowShipment Execution
  18. 18. Solution FlowTrack and Trace
  19. 19. Solution FlowFreight Settlement
  20. 20. Functional Details
  21. 21. Functional DetailsSecurity • Streamlined User Interface • Web Based Encrypted Login • Preconfigured User Roles • Data Manager – Data Access • Planner – Daily Operations • Manager – Daily Operations – Global View • Finance – Daily operations related to freight payment • Carrier – Carrier Portal for Tendering and Events • SysAdmin – Data Access, User Mgmt, User Logs, Data Loading, Integration Logs, Notifications
  22. 22. Functional DetailsSecurity • Menus and environment change based on the role attached to the user. This provides: • Security within the environment to ensure end-user only has access to what they are responsible for • Ease of use for the end-users based on daily responsibilities
  23. 23. Functional DetailsOrder Management• Order Creation Manual or Integrated• Order Updates Manual or Integrated• Copy Order Release• Move Orders to Shipments• Source / Destination vs. Plan From Plan To• Pickup and Delivery Constraints• Involved Parties• Appointments• Packaging Constraints
  24. 24. Functional DetailsDash Boards and KPI’s Advanced Layouts Business Monitors Color Indicators
  25. 25. Functional DetailsShipment Planning• Manual Planning - Direct• Manual Create Multi-Stop• Simple Bulk Planning• Merge Shipment• Split Shipment• Mode Selection (TL, LTL)• Carrier Selection• Equipment Utilization
  26. 26. Functional DetailsShipment Planning Cont’d• Map Capability
  27. 27. Functional DetailsShipment Execution• Spot Bid EDI Carrier• Manual Tendering Connectivity• Web Tender and Response• Email Tendering or EDI• Broadcast Tendering Email Tender• Web Event Entry & Tracking• Fax Tendering
  28. 28. Functional DetailsFreight Payment• Manual Invoice Create• Create Invoice from Shipment• Auto Match• Manual /Auto Approve• Voucher Creation and send
  29. 29. LearnMore@mavenwire.com