Designing OTM for a Multi-Customer Environment


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Averitt Express and MavenWire will walk you through the methodology taken to designing OTM for a 3PL. A TMS solution poses a unique challenge for 3PL’s in how to build a scalable solution that is easy to implement and support. Looking at unique customer requirements, business goals, and overall ease of use to ensure the solution can be reusable for customer on boarding.
Presented by Samuel Levin at MavenWire.

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Designing OTM for a Multi-Customer Environment

  1. 1. Order   Actuals   Invoice   Capture   Capture   Many  solu9ons  for  many  customers.   How  do  define  your  baseline?   Match   Trip   Events   &  Pay     Execu+on   Visibility   Freight   Payment   Order  to  Cash!!!   and  Shipment  Planning   Order   apture  
  2. 2. Order    Capture  Workflow   Shipment  Planning   Workflow   Master  Data   OTM  Integra9on   Customer  Integra9on   Events   No9fica9ons  
  3. 3. Basic/Standard  Implementa9on  Domain   •  Basic  scenarios,  Dummy  base  Data   Customer   Requirements   (Rates,  Routes,  Carriers,  Loca9ons,   Modes  etc),  Standard  Integra9ons  and   Standard  Reports