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Project and programme methodology


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Project and programme methodology

  1. 1. Project and programme methodology - a primary care trustMaven was asked to provide senior managers with an understanding of best practice inproject management, programme management and portfolio management. The trainingprogramme that we devised offered these managers access to briefings once a week for fourweeks. These sessions were very interactive, offering the managers a chance to articulate allof the change taking place in their area of responsibility and to identify, with the help of thetrainer, all of the dependencies between their projects and those taking place in otheroperational areas.Discussions during the project management training identified a number of projects crossingseveral operational areas that would be more effectively run as one programme of inter-related projects. However at senior management level there was still too littleunderstanding of the requirements and roles of programme management. Maven provideda specialist programme manager to bring the projects together into a programme and tomentor one of the project managers to take on the role of programme manager over a sixmonth period.As a result this programme is now underway with several of the projects already havingdelivered, with positive customer feedback.As a group the senior managers have now learnt to look out for other programmeopportunities where economies of scale in terms of managing disparate projects can beachieved, and much clearer direction can be given to the project managers about theinterdependencies of their work.Copyright © Maven Training Ltd І 020 7089 6161