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Have you woken up to the benefits of Project Management?


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Have you woken up to the benefits of Project Management?

  1. 1. Have you woken up to the benefits of Project Management?Maven ¦ 24 February 2011There is no substitute for a firm foundation of knowledge – learning what to do, whento do it, how to do it and what to do if things go wrong are the basic principles ofPRINCE2® project management.Half a million people now have a PRINCE2® qualification. APM Group, the examiningbody responsible for PRINCE2®, recently reported that a since 1996 over 499,950PRINCE2® foundation exams have been sat. In addition, over 270,950 PRINCE2®practitioner exams have been completed.2010 was another very strong year for PRINCE2® and a record year for Practitionercandidates with nearly 43,000 practitioner exams taken. So, it goes without saying thatPRINCE2® is still a very much sought after certification and remains a standardrequirement for most companies across the world.“Even if you don’t label yourself as a Project Manager, we could all benefit from learningthe basic principles of project management” says Melanie Franklin, CEO of Maven. “Intoday’s workplace, we are all expected to get things done quickly and to make the mostefficient use of our resources to generate the best results. In fact I cannot think of oneinstance where these principles would not apply as all jobs need to be defined, planned,monitored, controlled and delivered”.“Having a certification that demonstrates this ability can only help your career and manydiligent job seekers have woken up to this fact” she continues. “Organisations alsorealise that certified project managers understand how to set up and execute projectsso that they are completed on time, on budget and achieve far better outcomes whilstmanaging the risks”. Aldermary House | 10-15 Queen Street | London EC4N 1TX Page 1
  2. 2. PRINCE2® is the de-facto standard for Project Management in the UK. Maven offers afull portfolio of PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner training that provides delegateswith a clear, simple and proven process for managing projects.For more information on Project Management qualifications, download Maven’sUnderstanding Project Management white paper.PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom andother countries.About MavenThe Portfolio, Programme, Project, Risk and Change Management specialistMaven builds capability that enables its clients to realise the benefits of organisationalchange delivering practical and workable solutions that can be applied to all newprogramme, project and change initiatives long after we have gone. Our mission is totransfer our skills and experience and to build self-sufficiency and confidence in ourclients.Services offered by Maven include portfolio definition and project prioritisation,methodology creation and customisation, maturity assessments, health checks andcompetency assessments - all delivered by expert practitioners.These services are supported by a comprehensive training curriculum with coursesaccredited by all of the major professional organisations – APMG-UK, APM and PMI, byour ‘Being Effective’ range which focuses on key skills required to drive change and by awealth of supporting materials providing thought leadership and guidance. Aldermary House | 10-15 Queen Street | London EC4N 1TX Page 1
  3. 3. Maven is an accredited training provider for PRINCE2®, MSP®, P3O®, MoR®, and ChangeManagement.Melanie Franklin, CEO Jo Penton, Public T: 020 7403 7100 Aldermary House | 10-15 Queen Street | London EC4N 1TX Page 1