Wiccan Rosary
                                               By Rebecca Doolin ©2008
This is done on a semi-traditional ro...
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Wiccan Rosary


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Rev. Becca and MaryAnn @ WSI

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Wiccan Rosary

  1. 1. Wiccan Rosary By Rebecca Doolin ©2008 This is done on a semi-traditional rosary format. 5 sets of 3 beads, instead of the traditional 5 sets of 10. The 5 sets represent the 5 directions, and the 5 points of the Pentacle. 3 beads on each set represent the Triple Goddess and Triple God. This may be used for devotional time or the prelude to a Magic Circle or Magic. It’s entirely up to you how you use your imagination to use this! Blessed Be! On the Pendant: 2nd lone bead: I believe in the Creatrix of Life, both Female and Male. Hail to the South, Summer, and Phoenix! I believe in the sacredness of Life, Blessed Art Thou oh heat of passion! On Earth and Beyond the Veil. Wand and candle, blazing sun, I believe in the life to come, and to come again, flames of renewing keep returning! and for freedom and love for every living thing therein. I believe in the Unity of every soul, 3rd set of 3: and the web of life that connects us All. Repeat Hail to the Goddess Together as One with God and Goddess, 3rd lone bead: Be with us now, Hail to the West, Autumn, and Whale! We Hail You, Guide Us! Blessed art Thou oh loving heart! Chalice, and cauldron, ocean and stream On small beads before actual ring sets: waters of life, rise and crest, be with us now, Lady, Mother, Maiden, Queen bring us rest! Isis, Astarte, Diana, Selene Sage, Father, King, Lord 4th set of 3: Frey, Hades, Pan, Thor Repeat Hail to the God Starting on the 3 beads around the rosary (first set): 4th lone bead: Hail Great Goddess Hail to the North, Winter and Wolf! Blessed Giver of Life Blessed art Thou oh ever-giving Earth! Nurturing Earth Mother Pentacle and salt, stone and flower Illustrious Light Great Land we adore, Our Magickal Lady Give us strength and power! Shadow of Night Bless us with your shining Light! 5th set of 3: 1st lone bead: (Our father bead traditionally) Repeat Hail to the Goddess Hail to the East, Spring, and Eagle. Blessed art Thou oh winds of Change. At the end: Athame, and breath, breeze and storm! Hail to the Center, Soul and Being! Hail to Air where beginnings are borne! Blessed art Thou oh Creation of the Gods! Body and mind, emotions, and spirit, 2nd set of 3 beads: Forever May We Blessed Be! Hail Great God With Trust and Love, Together, We. of Beast and Land! Corn King, Wild Man Lord of the Sun Bless us now with Harm to None!