Gnostic Glossary


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Gnostic Glossary

  1. 1. Chrism - Anointing. Gnostic Glossary: Christed - Anointed; Reaching Christ consciousness. Abba - Hebrew for Father; Father God; Partzuf of Da'at - Knowledge; the abyss; Keter as Keter is known or Hokmah. appears. Abyss - A term for Da'at, the division between the Demiurgos - False god or false creator; misperception or supernals and the Sefirah of Construction. Also the misconception of God; cosmic ignorance. separation between Atzilut and the lower Olamot universes. Devekut - Cleaving or attachment; rapturous union; divine passion. Adam - Human one, not necessarily the male gender. Earthly Mother - The higher intelligence of the earth; the Adam Ha-Rishon - First human being, supernal human divine presence and power (Shekinah) manifesting as being, male and female in one body; the ideal state of the Earth and Nature. human being, the androgynous one. Fire Snake - A term for the Holy Spirit power of what Adam Kadmon - Primordial human being; the first Eastern schools call kundalini; also called the serpent universe, which is inseparable from Ain Sof. power. Aima - Hebrew for Mother; Mother God; Partzuf of the First Apostle - A title of Magdalene. Sefirah Binah. Gedulah - Glory; an alternative title of the Sefirah Hesed. Ain - No-thing or no-thingness; an aspect or quality of the Godhead; the inmost nature of the soul and God. Gematria - The science and art of numerology and esoteric mathematics in the Kabbalah based on the Ain Sof - The infinite; the infinite and eternal; one-without- Hebrew language. end. Gevurah - Rigor, severity, or judgment; the fifth Sefirah. Ain Sof Or - Endless light or the light of the infinite; an aspect or quality of the Godhead. Gilgulim - The transmigration of souls; the wave like motion of becoming. Gnosis - Knowledge of direct Apostle of apostles - A title of Magdalene. spiritual or mystical experience; knowledge of becoming, spiritual insight or intuition. Arayot - Sexual mysteries; sexual mysticism and magic of the Kabbalah. Great Beast - Force of violence or self-destructive tendency in the collective consciousness of humanity. Archon - Ruler; cosmic forces under the dominion of the demiurgos or cosmic ignorance. Great Seth - A gnostic title for the Christos; fiery or radiant cross. Arik Anpin - Big face or greater countenance of God; Partzuf of the Sefirah Keter. Guph - Legendary repository from which souls are drawn. Asiyah - Making or action; the universe emerging from Heavenly Father - Transcendental and hidden aspect of Yetzirah; the material dimension of the universe; this the divine. world. Hesed - Mercy or loving-kindness; the fourth Sefirah. Astral Earth - Astral dimension of the Earth. Hod - Splendor, submission, or surrender; the eighth Atik Yomin - Ancient of days; partzuf of the Sefirot Keter. Sefirah. Atzilut - Emanation, nearness or archetypal; the universe Hokmah - Wisdom; the second Sefirah. emerging from Adam Kadmon; supernal universe. Holy Spirit - The divine power in creatures and creation; Ben - Hebrew for Son; title of the Partzuf of the Sefirot also the Mother and the Bride. Tiferet or Zer Anpin Beriyah - Creation; the universe emerging from Atzilut; world of archangels and cosmic Kabbalah - Jewish mystical tradition based on the Tree of forces Life. . Binah - Understanding; the third Sefirah. Bridegroom - Kali Kallah - Black or dark bride; Lilith; Sophia Nigrans, Partzuf of the Sefirah Tiferet; also a title of Yeshua. dark wisdom of God. Kallah - Bride; Partzuf of the Sefirah Malkut; title of Magdalene.
  2. 2. Kallah Messiah - Anointed Bride; Christ the Sophia; Ruach - Spirit or Intelligence. Magdalene. Ruhaniyot - Radiant holy breath; spirit or essence of the Kavvanah - Concentration or conscious intention; feeling Sefirot. and devotion. Sefirah - Emanation or sphere; a quality or attribute of Keter - Crown; first Sefirah; the Sefirah that is not. God. Klippah - Singular of Klippot. See Klippot. Sefirot - Plural for Sefirah. See Sefirah. Klippot - Husks of darkness; impure emanations; Shefa - Influx; Spiritual energy of the Sefirot. dominion of darkness. Shekinah - Divine presence and power; God the Mother Lilith - See Kali Kallah. and God the Bride. Sophia - Wisdom; Divine wisdom; created and uncreated. Greek term similar to the Hebrew Logos - Word; the divine word; Christ the Son. Shekinah. Maggid - Angel; a term used to designate any archangel Sphere of Sensation - the aura surrounding the human or angel; also a term for a master who is disincarnate. body. Malkut - Kingdom; the tenth and final Sefirah. Spiritual Sun - Messiah or Christos; a title of Yeshua and also a term for the union of Magdalene and Yeshua. Melchizedek - Priest-king (or priestess-queen) of righteousness; the universal order of enlightenment or Tetragrammaton - A phrase for the great name of God - Messianic consciousness. Yahweh. Messiah - Anointed; Christ. Tiferot - Beauty; the sixth Sefirah. Midrashim - Myths, legends, and stories inspired by the Tikkune - Correction, repair, mending, or healing. Scriptures. Tree of Life - The ten Sefirot and the paths between Mystical Death - Shift from a lower level of consciousness them. to a higher consciousness. Tzimtzum - Constriction; the process of creation. Mystical Union - Union of the worshipper and the worshipped. Yechidah - Holy spark; inmost secret aspect of the soul. Nechase - Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Yeshua - Aramaic for Jesus. Nefesh - Vital soul or earthly soul. Yesod - Foundation or reciprocity; the ninth Sefirah. Nefesh Behamit - Bestial soul; nefesh unregenerated. Yetzirah - Formation; universe emerging from Beriyah; world of Angels & spirits. Nefesh Elokit - Godly soul; nefesh regenerated. Neshamah - Holy Soul; supernal soul; heavenly soul. Yichud - Unity; specifically, the realm of unity composed of Adam Kadmon and Atzilut. Netzach - Victory or dominion; the seventh Sefirah. Zer Anpin - Little face or lesser countenance; Partzuf of Nukva - Daughter; Partzuf of Malkut; also a title of the Sefirah Tiferet. Magdalene (Daughter of God). Olamot - Universes or dimensions of the reality-truth continuum. (Olam is singular). Paroket - Veil between the moral and actual triad; causal plane of karmic matrix. Qeshet - Veil between Malkut and the upper Sefirot; the glow of the astral planes. Rite of Ransom - Gnostic term of divine magic; also the mystery of the crucifixion.