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PriviWeb, Exchanging Information in Protected Environment

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  1. 1. ""Exchanging information in Protected Environment""
  2. 2. BECAUSE PRIVATE MEANS PRIVATE Since the beginning of Internet usage for personal interactions, the thought of privacy was intended to be one of its particularities and it was a part of the so-called netiquette that the shared information was always to be kept private. With the widespread of Social Networks, messaging systems, chat rooms and the arrival of smartphones, the meaning of Privacy has been changed or it is better to say that “Privacy” is still the same but people`s approach to it has changed, opening the door to the misuse of that information. These days with the widespread of selfies among youngsters, with the trading of hot-pictures for phones recharges, drugs or simply money and with the pictures ending up in pedophile porn websites the “problem” as we prefer to call it, has taken enormous proportions. FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND The research on privacy issues projected in the importance of sharing and the consideration of the impossibility to limit the usage of smartphones brought us to the creation of a system able to generate the so much sought Peace of Mind. We have created an application able to set the lifetime of the information that we want to share and the structure of a pipeline able to deliver the information with the permission to read/view but not to download, copy or save it. In a few words, the information can be sent with a preset, by the sender, lifetime and when the countdown reaches 00:00 the information is deleted and cannot be retrieved, not even by the sender, and no copies are made or kept in our servers.
  3. 3. “Snapchat's increasing popularity - a smartphone app that deletes photos after 10 seconds - has led to a higher sexting rate. Tech Junkie reports that it was originally teenagers who used the app for sexting, but now people of all ages use it. And, Tech Junkie warns, photos can be saved even without the sender's knowledge. ” From VOA News PRIVIWEB BECOUSE PRIVATE MEANS PRIVATE Sexting Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs, or images, primarily between mobile phones, of oneself to others. It may also include the use of a computer or any digital device. Wikipedia
  4. 4. Why is sexting a problem for teens? Sexting is sending sexually explicit messages, photos or videos via mobile phone, computer or any digital device. Sexting includes photos and videos that contain nudity or show or mock sexual acts. It also includes text messages that discuss or propose sexual acts. As teens and children increasingly carry mobile phones and use tablets, social media, apps and messaging, the risks that they will send or receive sexually explicit content have become a concern for parents, teachers and law enforcement. Sexting is usually done as a joke, a way of getting attention or flirting. You need to discuss this so that your child understands the risks and what to do when pressured to participate. Why is sexting a problem? A photo shared between two people can quickly become a viral phenomenon. Teenagers may believe that it will be kept confidential and then find that it has been widely shared with their peers, sometimes with serious consequences. This includes arrests of teenagers who shared photos of themselves or other underage teenagers. While some states have laws that differentiate sex from child pornography, others do not. Sexing may result in charges of distribution or possession of child pornography.
  5. 5. This graph is unquestionable showing the incredible magnitude of the market related to chat / messaging platforms including sharing images and videos with Facebook, totaling about 2 billion users per month, with WhatsApp over one billion, Snapchat more. 300 million and the latest on the Kakao Talk chart at 49 million users per month.
  6. 6. Why PRIVIWEB The Privi Web app is designed to be different from the usual chat lines and limited to being a secure message / information / file sharing line where privacy is paramount. It is a matter of fact that there is no exchange of sensitive material, where sharing is limited to his view. No copying, downloading or sharing is really possible, thus protecting the shared information. Privi Web App cannot be viewed as a competitor to existing players in the social chat market, but should be viewed as an innovative messaging and file transfer platform.
  7. 7. HOW IT WORKS Once the Privi Web application has been downloaded (free for download and use in the basic version) and installed on the mobile device, the information can be configured to be sent to another Privi Web application. Photos, email messages, pdf files, videos can be sent to the Privi Web pipeline and then a lifetime can be set before sending to the receiver. The designated recipient of the message / files will be given a specific URL and once accessed will begin the countdown that will lead to destruction of the shared material. The file can be viewed but not downloaded, copied or forwarded. The uploaded file cannot be captured with print screen or similar. When the timer arrives at 00:00, the shared material is destroyed and cannot be recovered.
  8. 8. Do you love me? Asks John, Mary says yes, and the boy asks her to send an intimate photo. Mary takes a picture of herself half naked using the phone where the PRIVIWEB App is installed. The moment she selects the upload option, the application shows the prompt to set the image lifetime. Maria selects 15 seconds and then has the green light to upload the photo to PRIVIWEB. Our system sends a link to John to view the image. John clicks the link and the image is displayed on his screen. It finds that it cannot download, cannot share it, forward it or send it ... it cannot use the right mouse and the Print Screen function is disabled. After 15 seconds, the image is deleted, and the link is no longer valid. This is PRIVIWEB and Mary is safe.!
  9. 9. PIMS - Private Internal Messaging System Our developers are working on the final stage of a canned version of the Privi Web application that can create a secure environment for management-level messaging and information sharing in the corporate world. It is well known that using chat systems in corporate environments can be a challenging way to operate and sometimes not a secure way to share confidential and private information. It is a matter of fact that large companies have banned the use or access to social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat and the only way to operate is by email. PIMS is creating a secure environment through the use of a private server and a custom messaging system capable of providing message and information exchange in a fully secure information pipeline, including the ability to set the lifetime of the message or file sent. When the timer arrives at 00:00, the shared information and / or messages will be deleted and become irretrievable and no copies can be made, and no records will be kept. PIMS comes with full assistance, complete configuration including server configuration, encryption, training when needed, and 24/7 technical support. As a private labeling application, the result is a complete fusion with the company's digital environment, creating a secure and transparent system where sharing messages and confidential information can be done without fear of private information being captured and used in inadequate manner. This is a unique factor that only Privi Web's PIMS system can offer to corporate environments.
  10. 10. WHERE WE ARE AND WHERE WE WILL BE We are now ready to begin the completion phase of the App in its version 3.0, with the addition of the many features of the Pro version and the canned version design for PIMS to be introduced in the corporate world for private and individual labels settings. Management had already received several articles from the Italian press when version 1.0 was test market. We have planned several sales programs with call center intervention for PIMS and marketing through articles in the US, Europe, Japan, Brazil and Australia. Management is planning to achieve its first objective, the break-even point, within the first year.
  11. 11. The CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN Management has initiated a Crowdfunding Campaign using the Indiegogo platform with the goal of obtaining an initial funding of $ 200,000 out of 300,000 needed to bring PRIVIWEB to its first year goal. The program is accessible at: The Indiegogo platform does not allow financial rewards for contributors; therefore, we have initiated an off-platform reward plan that offers rewards to subscribers based on the number of subscriptions for a period of three years. The number of subscriptions available is 2,000. Details are available on PriviWeb website
  12. 12. CONCLUSIONS As of today, there's information on the success of Tik Tok, a new social network where you can post short videos of up to 60 seconds, made by yourself. This new "social" was created by Zhang Yiming and started for the Chinese market, but in September and October, Tik Tok was the most downloaded app in the US, more than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even more than YouTube. Tik Tok is available in 150 countries and has been downloaded over a billion times. There is a new trend in social networking, the slowdown in the Facebook empire that is bringing down Instagram, where by 2018 25% of users were publishing a Story every 21 days, today there are only 13%. This is opening a door to new concepts, new ideas, especially for those oriented towards solving problems in the field of data sharing. A big window of opportunity for us, for PRIVI WEB!
  13. 13. PRIVI WEB Application 3.0 will be available for Android and Apple For information, contact us at Visit us at We are on Facebook Phone: 1-702 866 4138 or 1-702 378 5723 PRIVI WEB Las Vegas, NV USA