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Mauritius Holidays - The Island Of Romance


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Marriage is a beautiful ceremony, and the location of your wedding should reflect this.

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Mauritius Holidays - The Island Of Romance

  1. 1. MauritiusThe Island Of RomancePresentedBy
  2. 2. Mauritius is a wonderful island nation filled with a rich andvibrant culture.Surrounded by the spectacular turquoise waters of the IndianOcean, its beautiful beaches are protected by a stunning coralreef barrier.
  3. 3. Genuinely breath-taking sites await you as you uncover theisland’s many gorgeous features.The tropical weather is warm all year-round, offeringexceptional experiences whenever you visit.
  4. 4. The population speak a mixture of English, French andCreole, and the islands inhabitants are renowned for theirfriendly attitude and impeccable service.Its exotic sights and blissful atmosphere make it a populardestination for golf and spa holidays, as well as destinationweddings and honeymoons.
  5. 5. Whether you’re getting married, enjoying yourhoneymoon, celebrating your anniversary or renewing yourvows, Mauritius is the perfect place for you.
  6. 6. Why not make your special day extra special, and get marriedin Mauritius?What can be more memorable than a wonderful wedding heldamongst the enchanting scenery of a tropical island?
  7. 7. Here at Mauritius Holidays Direct we specialise in arrangingthe very best weddings in this beautiful holiday destination.Whether you choose a small, understated ceremony or throwa huge celebration and pull out all the stops, we’ll be with youevery step of the way.
  8. 8. The gorgeous white sandy beaches enveloped by the lusciousgreenery, with a spectacular backdrop unlike any other, it’s adream come true.Imagine saying your vows outdoors in an idyllic paradise setagainst the sparkling Indian Ocean, it’s truly an unforgettableexperience.
  9. 9. Your wedding is your moment, which is why we endeavour tomake every detail as perfect as possible.Our dedicated team of wedding experts will be able to adviseyou on how to best realise your vision.
  10. 10. You can pre-book any special extras you might want, such as alive band or bottles of Champaign, and everything will beindividually organised for you.
  11. 11. We pride ourselves on paying exceptional attention to detail,and will ensure that everything you need is taken care of, sothat you won’t have to worry about a thing during your specialday.
  12. 12. After your wonderful ceremony, what better way to celebratethan holidaying on the island? Take the time out to relax onthe serene white sand beaches, or indulge your inneradventurer and explore the island’s many sights.Take a stroll across the glorious white beaches and gaze outinto the seemingly endless Indian Ocean together.
  13. 13. Just as you fell in love with each other, you’ll fall in love withMauritius and everything that this wonderful destination hasto offer.
  14. 14. However you choose to spend your honeymoon, know thatMauritius Holidays Direct will make it as remarkable aspossible.
  15. 15. If you’re one to relax, why not treat yourself to some gloriousR&R in one of the many luxurious spas available.Nothing can be more lavish than receiving a glorious massageas the sun sets over this beautiful tropical paradise.
  16. 16. Or if you’d prefer a more active holiday, why not try your handat one of Mauritius’s many amazing golf courses?
  17. 17. Those with an eye for adventure will love Mauritius’ rich andluscious scenery. Embrace the wildlife and let yourself bewhisked away to another world.
  18. 18. There are resorts all over the island that will cater to all kindsof needs, and many offer special discounts and added extrasfor honeymooning couples.Combine your wedding ceremony and your honeymoon inMauritius and you may find yourself saving considerableamounts.
  19. 19. 288 Courtesy ofConstance Hotels and Lux ResortsWith wedding packages availablefrom as little as £1,203 and honeymoonholidays from £976,Mauritius Holidays Directhave the perfect solutions for yourcelebration.Contact us today for more details.