Pulse Smarter Computing


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Pulse Smarter Computing

  1. 1. Smarter ComputingArvind Krishna, General Manager Information Management, IBM Software GroupTom Rosamilia, General Manager Power & z Systems, IBM Systems & Technology Group © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. We Are Seeing Dramatic Shifts
  3. 3. This Is Changing the Way the World Works……Both Business and Society 3 million new blog posts a day 10 billion tweets a year 3.5 billion pieces of content per week How does the F50 stack up against the competition?
  4. 4. Nothing Is Changing More than IT … The way The way The way it’s accessed it’s applied it’s architected Integrated ubiquitously for insight and flexible
  5. 5. Ultimately Leading toTremendous New ValueProvide New Types of Insights
  6. 6. New Value in HealthcareThe Smart Room – Information Integration
  7. 7. We Are Entering the Next Era of Computing Big Data Smarter Computing The Era of Insight for Discovery  Created by the integration of Big data in Optimized systems, managed as a Cloud  Applied to deliver new insights and drive innovation Cloud Optimized  Twice the capacity for service Systems on a flat budget
  8. 8. Integrating Big Data will Unlock New Insights Streams filters incoming data Non-traditional/ internet data Traditional Data Reuse Warehouse Analytic models Persistent Data In-Motion Data7
  9. 9. Optimized Systems will Address the UniqueNeeds of Specific Workloads Domain Knowledge Workload characteristics  Interdependencies  Architecture options Applications Software  Stack integration Middleware  Middleware tuned for hardware  Integrated management across Operating Systems architectures Inter- Micro- connect processor Caches cores I/O Hardware  Multi-core architectures Package  Advanced threading Semiconductors  Low latency
  10. 10. Cloud Will Play a Fundamental Role in thisNew Era Cloud…  Masks complexity of underlying components  Rapid deployment of processes and infrastructure  Consumer driven services, process, deployment Business Services Consume business processes, analytics, applications running on Cloud infrastructure Platform Deploy consumer created or acquired applications on the Cloud infrastructure Infrastructure Rapidly provision computing resources for deploying and running software Public Hybrid Private
  11. 11. IBM Systems Provide an Ideal Foundationfor Smarter Computing System z Power Systems System x IBM Storage Freedom by Performance Defining the Next Storage Design Redefined Generation of Reinvented x86 Servers Achieve up to Power Systems Industry leading Reduce55% lower TCO running DB2 as Intel performance power,per workload – low as 1/3 the and lower operating andfit for purpose cost of Oracle management cost cooling costs Database* by 50% by up to 60% Source: Based on IBM internal studies *Pricing comparison based on US list prices of IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Edition and the Oracle software with analogous capabilities: Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Advanced Compression, Active Data Guard, Label Security, Partitioning, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Internet Developer Suite, Diagnostics Pack, Oracle-to-Oracle Federation, Golden Gate. All list prices based on US and valid as of 01/26/2011.
  12. 12. Watson Showcased the Capabilities of IBM’s WorkloadOptimized Systems…Built on Power 7 Technology A System Designed for Answers Built on a cluster of commercially available Power 750 servers Run 32 simultaneous tasks  8 Cores per processer  4 threads per core Twice the bandwidth of other commercially available systems, 500 GB per chip 15 terabytes of RAM
  13. 13. IBM Delivers Software that Provides Clients theCapabilities Required to Transform their Industries IBM Software Capabilities Business Connect & Product & Service Integration & Collaborate Innovation Optimization Operations Risk, Security & Information into Effectiveness & Compliance Insights Efficiency Delivered through our Branded Middleware
  14. 14. IBM’s Integrated, Workload Optimized SystemsAccelerate the Path to Smarter Computing Tightly Integrated Appliances Flexible Integrated Systems  Up in 24 hours or less  Deploy systems in days vs. months  Wire speed processing  Reduce storage costs by 40%  Data security, 5x less time  Lower energy consumption by 70-90% IBM WebSphere DataPower IBM Smart Analytics System IBM InfoSphere Guardium IBM Cloudburst IBM Netezza Source: Based on IBM internal studies
  15. 15. Project-Based Transformation …How Leaders Make the Move to Smarter Computing Smarter Computing Efficient and innovative IT for improved economics Automate Integrate Secure
  16. 16. Clients Are Realizing the Benefits of Efficientand Innovative IT  Enhanced information service delivery while reducing TCO  Enabled real-time fraud detection Big data on credit card transactions Reduced hardware management by 95% Track cross border shipments in real-time Smarter Computing Insight for Discovery Optimized systems Cloud  5X capacity with no additional floor space  $2.2M in cost savings to date  New cloud-based model for  90% reduction in customer real-time marketing services complaints
  17. 17. Leading IT Organizations Are Engaging with IBMto Succeed in the New Era of Smarter Computing Our approach is inclusive – no rip and replace IBM can deliver experts and expertise required IBMers are extending our portfolio to address the biggest challenges in computer science Proven innovator for 100 years Source: IBM Investor Relations *IBM Systems & Technology Group Finance, **IBM Software Group Finance
  18. 18. How Can You Help Lead the Next Era of Computing?  Participate in the Smarter Automate Computing Stream and Track Sessions  Learn about Watson in the Expo  Engage with IBM to determine appropriate starting points  Engage your peers at the conference Integrate Secure  Challenge your vendors – don’t just read ads
  19. 19. Let’s Build a Smarter Planet