Pulse Design & Delivery Panel


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Pulse Design & Delivery Panel

  1. 1. ISM for Design & DeliveryPanel DiscussionDon O’Toole, TivoliHarish Grama, RationalDave Lindquist, TivoliNeeraj Chandra, RationalWing To, Tivoli © 2010 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Integrated Service Management enables Service Innovationby aligning design, delivery and management across theentire business service lifecycle… VISIBILITY CONTROL AUTOMATION Line of Design Data Center Enterprise Business & Delivery Operations Operations Design Deliver Manage Strategy Metrics Continual Service Improvement Smart Information Physical Assets Technology Assets 2
  3. 3. IBM Rational & Tivoli have delivered integrations, helpingbridge service delivery gaps and enabling innovation Design and Environment Setup, Testing, Issue Identification and Deployment Planning Deployment and Monitoring Resolution Management Integrate and automate Leverage integrated tools for Resolving problems quicker bydeployment planning processes discovery & accelerating sharing problem & ticket across development & provisioning of test lab & information operations production environments. Ensure asset & configuration Ensuring tracking tools for Improving app performance by production problems and details are shared and replicating “real world” synchronized across asset application fixes remain environments - faster testing & stores. synchronized problem resolution Design Deliver Manage Strategy Metrics Visibility Control Automation Continual Service Improvement 3
  4. 4. Process, people, and technology integration lead to realbusiness service improvements Large financial services business suffering from chronic application quality issues, SLA violations, and poor performance. Development Operations BUILD TEST MONITOR RATIONAL RATIONAL APPLICATION PERFORMANCE DEVELOPER TESTER ITCAM Developer Tester Operations Feed production data to development and test tools Develop software Performance and SLA Identify & isolate and services testing before performance deployment problems.Outcome:• Improved business service due to early problem detection• Reduced revenue loss due to shortened problem resolution times• Reduced cost of re-work through performance optimization before deployment 4
  5. 5. Today’s Panel Harish Grama David Lindquist VP, Product Development, IBM Fellow, VP, CTO Delivery and Customer Support Tivoli Rational Neeraj Chandra Wing To V.P. Worldwide Strategy VP Strategy and Product Rational Management Tivoli 5
  6. 6. Track Sessions Monday SDD01 SDD02 SDD03 SDD04 BOF 10:45-12:00 2:00-3:00 3:30-4:30 5:00-6:00 6:00-7:00 1650 - Development and 1639 - IBM Rational Jazz 1888 - - Service Design and 1792 - DevOps: What, Why, and Operations Integration Challenges 1951 - Whats Next in Agile Adoption at Rome Tivoli Lab - Delivery Track Kickoff How? - Case Study - Internal and Solution Approaches at Operations? - Birds of Feather Case Study - Internal Isbank - Case Study - Customer Tuesday SDD05 SDD06 SDD07 SDD08 10:45-11:45 2:00-3:00 3:30-4:30 5:00-6:00 1294 - Open Services for 1478 - Managing the Business of1672 - Mind the Gap: Converging Lifecycle Collaboration: Improving 1322 - Deployment Planning and IT -- Extending the Impact ofSoftware Delivery and Operations Collaboration between IT Automation Solution from Rational Service Management fromwith Process, Training and Tools - Operations Support and and Tivoli - Integration - DP&A Operations to the Business - Overview - Business Development - Integration - RTC - Integration - SA - CCMDB TSRM Wednesday SDD09 SDD10 SDD11 SDD12 SDD13 8:00-9:00 9:30-10:30 11:00-12:00 2:00-3:00 3:30-4:30 1774 - End-to-End Service 1793 - Pretty and Smart: Tivoli 1764 - The Latest Trends in Cost- 1413 - How Forensic Technology Lifecycle Management Using Application Dependency 1515 - End-to-End Quality and Effective Application Security Automates Smoke Testing with Rational Asset Manager, TivoliDiscovery Manager and Rational Performance Management - Strategies for Secure Operations - IBM Rational - Case Study - CCMDB and WebSphere Software Architect Integration - Integration - ITCAM - RPT Integration - Security Customer Services Registry and Repository - Integration - RSA - TADDM Integration - RAM - CCMDB 6
  7. 7. © 2010 IBM Corporation