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Presentación Luxamerica


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Presentación Luxamerica

  1. 1. CALENDARIO• Llamado a artículos• Recepción de resúmenes Desde Noviembre 12 2011 a Marzo 29 de 2012• Aprobación preliminar de resúmenes Abril 26 de 2012• Recepción de artículos Agosto 2 de 2012• Aprobación final de artículos Septiembre 3 de 2012
  2. 2. • Dr. Alexander Rieck works as a senior researcher at the renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart. He studied architecture in Stuttgart and Phoenix. He started his research career in the Virtual Reality environment. Having led many Office 21 research projects, he is a renowned expert on innovations in the fields of office, hotel, living and future construction, an author of many publication about working environments and building processes of the future.
  3. 3. • Brian Cody is professor and director of the Institute for Buildings and Energy at Graz University of Technology. His focus in research, teaching and practice is on maximizing the energy efficiency of buildings and cities. Before his appointment in Graz he was associate director of the international engineering consultancy Arup and design leader and business development leader of Arup Germany. He is founder and principal of the consulting firm Energy Design Cody. Professor Cody serves as member on many advisory boards and juries and is visiting professor and head of the energy design unit at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna
  4. 4. • Peter Hanselaer received his PhD in Physics at University of Gent (B) in 1986. Peter is professor in Physics at the Technical University KaHo St.-Lieven. In 1997, he started a research group specialized in spectral optical measurements. Nowadays, Peter is in charge of the “Laboratory for Light and Lighting Technology