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What can (or should) we do with Open badges - MoodleMootNZ 14


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Presentation, case study, and knowledge cafe on Open Badges using Moodle and Totara.
Maurice Moore and Yuliya Bozhko
2 Oct 2014

Published in: Education
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What can (or should) we do with Open badges - MoodleMootNZ 14

  1. 1. What can (or should) we do with Open Badges? MoodleMootNZ 2014, NMIT Maurice Moore, Qual IT, and Yuliya Bozhko Totara Learning Solutions
  2. 2. Our presentation 1.What are Open Badges – technical overview (Yuliya) 2.Case Study – How Qual IT use Badges (Maurice) 3.Knowledge café (all)
  3. 3. Open Badges in Moodle Totara Learning Solutions, 2014 Yuliya Bozhko
  4. 4. Mozilla Open Badges ●Open framework ●Federated backpack ●Verification service ●Badges as evidence of competencies, skills, achievements, and informal learning
  5. 5. Mozilla Open Badges
  6. 6. What is a badge File type: PNG or SVG(*) image file Recommended size: 256kb Recommended dimensions: 90px X 90px
  7. 7. Badge Assertion
  8. 8. Mozilla Backpack
  9. 9. What you can do with badges in Moodle ●Badge creation and management in Moodle ●Block to display badges earned from Moodle site (internal badges) ●Support of direct "pushing" of earned badges to Mozilla backpack service ●Display of all badges in Moodle
  10. 10. How we award badges ●Badges are awarded based on criteria ●All criteria use a plugin architecture ●Can be issued manually (based on roles) ●Or automatically (calculated based on user activity) oCompleting an activity or a set of activities oCompleting a course oCompleting a set of courses oMinimum grade requirements oCompletion date requirements oFilling in personal user profile ●Criteria can be combined using simple rules
  11. 11. Roadmap ●Signed assertions ●Revoking badges (MDL-43230) ●SVG badges and badge certificates (MDL- 44112) ●Levels of badges ●Badges directory ●Any others?
  12. 12. More information Mozilla Badges - Mozilla repositories: Moodle User Docs -
  13. 13. Case study: Maurice Moore Qual IT provides independent IT testing and assurance services *
  14. 14. For the company What skills do our employees have? What skills do we need to recruit? Does our team skill-profile fit our needs? Do we have an expert in ...…? What training should we invest in? How can staff use ‘downtime’ effectively?
  15. 15. For the individual What skills do I have? What skills will help me achieve my career objectives? How can I use my experience effectively? Who can I talk to about ...…? What training would benefit me the most? How can I use ‘downtime’ effectively?
  16. 16. The Task Design an aspirational development framework for staff Meet the needs of management • What skills we have • What skills we need
  17. 17. Software Testing Skills Run tests Design Tests Record Defects Review Documents Plan Testing Assess Risks Test Analyst Reporting x 57
  18. 18. Version 1 •Badge concept developed in 2011-2012 •Custom design and build using MS Sharepoint early 2013 •5 Badge Categories •57 Badges with up to 3 levels
  19. 19. Version 2: Why version 2? •Need to develop clearer badge definitions, assessment criteria and processes •Alignment to an external framework:- SFIA Levels 3-6 •Achieve multi-tenancy (of sorts) Why Totara? •To provide an end to end solution •Make use of the: •Organisation and Position hierarchies •Appraisal functionality
  20. 20. Badge Levels – Colour Coded 3 4 5 6 SFIA levels
  21. 21. Badges & SFIA Alignment
  22. 22. Version 2: Totara LMS
  23. 23. What’s been built? •A Badge system that: –has clearly defined assessment criteria –has a repeatable and auditable assessment process –can be shared with multiple clients –aligns with a published skills framework –recognises practical skills –has support resources for assessors
  24. 24. Progress
  25. 25. Knowledge cafe Process: Multiple groups No individual group facilitator Discuss the question(s) in groups for 20 minutes Share thoughts with the whole group Its all about the conversation There is no ‘one-way’ each situation has it’s own features and benefits
  26. 26. The question(s) Your manager (or a client) is excited about adopting Badges. You’ve been asked to develop a proposal for Badges@YourOrg. 1.What opportunities are there to use Badges in YourOrg? 2.What barriers are there and how can they be overcome?
  27. 27. Feedback 1.What opportunities are there to use Badges in YourOrg? 2.What barriers are there and how can they be overcome?
  28. 28. Thank you! Yuliya Bozhko Maurice Moore