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How I Became a Telephone Names Sourcer


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This is the story about how I stumbled into phone sourcing. I had never heard of it.

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How I Became a Telephone Names Sourcer

  1. 1. The Magic In the MethodExcellent Phone Sourcing Lessons By Maureen Sharib
  2. 2. How I Became A Telephone Names Sourcer It’s a funny story.
  3. 3. I was burned out working in my previousprofession and took some time off. I was emotionally shut down. I went into therapy. I discovered new insights into my own character. I was introduced to computers and the Internet. I was transfixed. I was hanging out in AOL chat rooms.
  4. 4. I met someone. Someone who became myhusband several years later. In the meantime he taught me – long distance and over the Internet – how to use a computer. He was very patient. I was very dumb but I kept at it. I bumped into someone on the Internet who asked me:
  5. 5. “What do you do?” I wasn’t “doing” anything because in my mind (then) if you weren’t earning money you weren’t “doing” anything. Yeah, I know. Screwed up. I told him, “Nothing, really.” He said:
  6. 6. “Would you like to try your hand at namessourcing?” “Huh? What’s that?” I asked. I had never heard of names sourcing. “Well, I give you a list of companies and your job is to call into each one and get the names of certain people who hold certain titles.”
  7. 7. “How hard could that be?” I thought tomyself. I told you I was dumb.
  8. 8. I got lucky. The first time I called into a company I got the name right off the bat. Beginner’s luck. Stupidly, I thought, “He wants to pay me for this?” I couldn’t believe it. “Send me more!” I told him.
  9. 9. He did. I spent the next year struggling through different sourcing jobs. I was not good at it. Eventually he stopped sending me work (he fired me). I was bereft. I loved the work. I decided I had to get better at it.
  10. 10. But first I needed work. I collected the emails of a bunch of recruiters. I sent them a simple email: Hi. My name is Maureen Sharib and I’m a phone sourcer. I can help you find people for your hard-to-fill positions. Please call me. My phone number is 513 899 9628.
  11. 11. It was 1997. First, one recruiter called. Then another. Then one referred me to a colleague. Before I knew it I had plenty of work to keep me busy. Soon I needed help. I asked the someone I had met in the AOL chat room to help me. He did. We formed a partnership.
  12. 12. We worked long distance with each other –he in New York and me in Cincinnati. It was fun. It was heady. We fell in love. We married. That’s Bob, my husband and partner today.
  13. 13. How I got better at phone sourcing. I started taking notes. At the end of the day I’d write out what happened that day – good and bad. There was plenty of bad. There was no direction at the time on how to phone source. The old-timer advice was to ruse. I rused.
  14. 14. “Hi! We’re sending pizzas over. I need to knowwho wants what topping and what their namesare.”
  15. 15. “Hi. This is Maureen in Events. I’m sending theinvitations out to the Christmas party – who all isin your department?”
  16. 16. “Hi. This is Maureen, Jim Peters’ wife. His birthday iscoming up and I want to invite all his co-workers to abarbecue. Can you tell me who they are?”
  17. 17. They all worked.
  18. 18. It was terrible. My Catholic guilt crept in. I couldn’t sleep nights. I felt there must be a “better” way. I started experimenting with not using ruses. It began to work. I felt better with myself.
  19. 19. I realized the notes I had been taking atnight were really “scripts.” I also realized there was a great need for teaching phone sourcing in the world. That’s really how the MagicMethod course came to be. There’s one more thing I want to tell you.
  20. 20. Getting names was like an activity I did as achild that I wildly enjoyed. My brother and I would find duck eggs in nests around lakes at a relative’s house. It gave me the biggest thrill to find these well-hidden nests. Names sourcing gave me the same thrill. It still does. "Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake." ~ Wallace Stevens
  21. 21. The MMPS designation  At the conclusion of the Magic In the Method telephone sourcing course you’ll receive your MagicMethod Phone Sourcer certification.  For more information on the MagicMethod telephone names sourcing curriculum go here:  If you have any questions contact the author of the course, Maureen Sharib at 513 899 9628 or email her at maureen at