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Innovative Environment in Silicon Valley


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Published in: Business, Education
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Innovative Environment in Silicon Valley

  1. 1. Silicon Valleyenvironment captured by my heart
  2. 2. KEYWORDS High tech Ventures Tradition –Future –Past Green – Airy Diversity – Openness Loose land usedInformation – Virtual world Huge Capital - Network Good Education - Start up
  3. 3. Green, airy and loose land use urbanwith a good public transportation system
  4. 4. Get work and get online everywhere
  5. 5. Google architecture,Playful and high-tech look
  6. 6. Google pets,google main office is a very comfortable working place,also comfortable for pets
  7. 7. World classeducation
  8. 8. Startup entrepreneur looking for co-founder, CEO, CTO, CFO, employee and network.They are young, high spirit and come from every wherein the world.Are you the one of they looking for, or you will start upyour own venture ?
  9. 9. The characterrequirement
  10. 10. fun and creative media
  11. 11. Old and New Architecture in Stanford Campuses ,Between tradition and technology
  12. 12. Old and NewArchitectureinStanford ,Betweenrusticandslick tech
  13. 13. Old and New Architecture in Stanford Campuses ,Between rustic and high tech facility
  14. 14. Old and New Architecture in Stanford Campuses ,Between Wright and Aalto style
  15. 15. Nice weather, beautiful landscape andComfortable outdoor furniture forlearning space
  16. 16. Beautiful rural landscape between campus building
  17. 17. Beautiful rural landscapebetween campus building
  18. 18. Keep maintain the diversity to get the creativitySilicon Valley is full of creative and innovativepeople from all around the world,and so many of them believe in …………….....................
  19. 19. This picture taken in Stanford Entrepreneurship WeekFebruary 22nd -28th 2010