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8 Steps to Increase the Reach of your YouTube Videos


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Check off all these actions to increase traction for your videos on YouTube. Don't let lack of promotion keep you from the objective of creating video content - to establish authority, market your products or services, and attract and retain your ideal customers. Find more helpful info at

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8 Steps to Increase the Reach of your YouTube Videos

  1. 1. 8 Steps TO INCREASE THE REACH OF YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS video marketing
  2. 2. ONCE YOUR VIDEO IS ON YOUTUBE... can embed it in your website, cross-promote the content in your blog, your social media accounts, your email marketing, even add it to your email signature.
  3. 3. These 8 steps address all the actions you can take to increase the reach of your video AFTER you have optimized it on YouTube.
  4. 4. YouTube’s algorithm is complex and determines the 6 different places your video can surface via YouTube
  5. 5. Google & YouTube search results In YouTube recommended streams On YouTube’s homepage In trending streams In channel subscriptions In subscriber notifications 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. YouTube videos reach higher placements in Google search results #1 Reason
  6. 6. are there any factors the YouTube algorithm uses to determine these search results that WE can influence? THE BIG QUESTION IS
  7. 7. It mainly revolves around how much your video has engaged users already - with likes, comments and watch time. This leads to the specific actions you can take to increase the reach of your brand message and grow your audience. HAPPILY, THE ANSWER IS YES!
  8. 8. Step #1 This allows you to interact with your channel as described in the remaining steps. Make sure YOU personally (and everyone else in your company/friend group) subscribes to your YouTube brand channel.
  9. 9. Step #2 Invite all your clients and prospects to subscribe to your channel. Put this invitation on repeat. Point out valuable content to your current and future clients. More subscribers to your channel equals more organic reach as subscribers will see your content more often in their suggested videos.
  10. 10. Step #3 Watch every video through to the end to increase watch time. Watch time, or audience retention, is part of the YouTube algorithm for ranking videos. It is more important to higher ranking than total video views as the amount of watch time is a better indication of content quality.
  11. 11. BUT, DO NOT "like" your video from your company account and do not ask your friends to inflate the numbers with multiple views. YouTube will flag these activities as fraudulent, discount those views and possibly freeze your "view count" for awhile. DO "like" your video from your personal account and encourage unique views from your followers. You’re going for real engagement from an interested audience, however small that is. Step #4 “Like” every video on your channel.
  12. 12. Use the “copy link” option to email customers and prospects with your new video. Use the embed code to embed your video somewhere pertinent in your website. Share your video on social media. Step #5 Share your videos from YouTube via the multiple options below the title
  13. 13. Comment on your video after publishing. Suggest further resources, add links, a call to subscribe to your channel or follow you on social. "Pin" your comment to the top of your feed so it stays visible. Step #6 Comment on your videos from your brand account. A  higher "comment count" boosts your video ranking.
  14. 14. Alternate links to the newest or best-performing videos in your email signature. This is an underused piece of marketing real estate. Many people will click on a video link that is put in front of them...if it has an interesting title. Alternate between videos (and no video at times) to keep it fresh. Step #7
  15. 15. Follow best practices to keep all your social subscribe buttons visible on your website, in your social channels, and yes, even in your email signature. Step #8 Put a YouTube subscribe button in your email signature.
  16. 16. We make video marketing video marketing Maureen Mattia Follow on /editdash EASIER! you shoot, we!