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A Directory for The Beard St. Businesses
Dear Tenants of Beard St Piers,
On July 22nd Red Hook Rise in collaboration with ...
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A Directory for the Beard St Businesses


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A Directory for the Beard St Businesses

  1. 1. A Directory for The Beard St. Businesses Dear Tenants of Beard St Piers, On July 22nd Red Hook Rise in collaboration with Redu will be working on a project to erect new signage up around the pier. We will be working with 5-12 kids from the neighborhood and from Red Hook Rise, to create a directory made out of pallets reused from businesses around the pier. Our intention is to provide a directory to help visitors to their destination, as well as providing projects for the young kids to actively engage in creative ways to reuse local materials, while creating value within and about the community. Our plan is to showcase the addresses of the building at the entrance of Beard St., as well erecting a directory in each stairwell and elevator, providing the business’s name and what floor they reside on. If you would like your company to be included, please reply to this email and provide us with the correct spelling of your business name as well as your floor number. *We are asking businesses who want to be included to make a small 5-20 dollar donation, to help provide a small stipend for the kids who will be completing the project, as well as providing them lunch and the necessary supplies. RED HOOK RISE Founded in 1994 by Earl and Raymond Hall is an organization committed to seeking opportunities for Red Hook's young people, providing them with tools, resources and encouraging them to interact with the members of the community who provide a variety of resources and opportunities. REDU Rescues materials before they enter the waste-stream, building bar/restaurant interiors, storefronts and furniture, using solely reuse materials. REDU’s mission is to help to keep usable materials out of landfill. We will be working with the kids to design the signs with 3D imaging and choosing fonts and color for the directory. They will be working in the shop framing the pallets and hanging them about the pier in the appropriate places. If you have any fun ideas or suggestions, or would like to participate in some way, please contact Ray Hall or Amber Lasciak. All contributions can be made to Ray 10-4:30 M-F or at: To make a tax deductible contribution. (Please specify your contribution for ”Beard St. directory”) Please contact: Ray Hall 917.560.7226 Amber Lasciak 917.640.7917