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Preview webinar for my session, "REALTOR on the Go: Taking Your Business Mobile" for the Louisiana REALTORS Association.

Full presentation will be Wednesday, September 19 at the Louisiana REALTORS Association Fall Convention and Expo

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  • For those of you in Baton Rouge, Marrero, Metarie, and Shreveport
  • Preview Webinar of REALTOR on the Go

    1. 1. REALTOR® on the Go:Taking Your Business Mobile Maura Neill ABR, CRS, CDPE, REALTOR®
    2. 2. On Twitter?Tweet live during this webinar! @MauraNeill @LARealtorsAssn #lrconvention
    3. 3. Today’s p• 7 tasks to get you thinking mobile before September 19• 5 apps to download and start using today
    4. 4. Going Mobile Requires the Right Tools • What’s in your toolshed? • Do you have the right tools? • What tools do you need to add?Photo credit: “Tool Shed” by beinfang on
    5. 5. What Tools Do You Need?• Laptop• Smartphone• Tablet• Stylus• Power cords (DC-adapter/car compatible)• The right apps
    6. 6. In My ToolshedPhoto credits: “Macintosh Macbook – Apple MacBook Pro” by Mac Users Guide / “iPad with Dandelion by jaredearle /“MiFi2352” by abulhussain / “ – Packshot Creator” by creative_tools – all on
    7. 7. TASK #1 pAssess your mobile tools:• What tools do you already have?• What other tools do you need to meet your mobile goals?• What will they cost?• What is your budget?
    8. 8. How Much Mobile is Right For You?• How comfortable are you with: – going mobile? – going paperless? – incorporating apps & technology into your business?• What is your typical clients’ technology skill set? How well will they adapt?• Does it fit your business plan/goals?
    9. 9. TASK #2 pAssess your learning curve:• With which tools are you already familiar?• How willing are you to make time to learn the best way to use new apps/ mobile solutions?• Can you commit to mastering one per month?
    10. 10. How To Think About Apps
    11. 11. There are Literally Hundreds of Apps How do you choose?Photo credits: “iPhone Apps” by criana / “Meine iPhone Apps” by cmdrfletcher on
    12. 12. The Test of a Great Appo Does it make a daily or regular taskeasier for you?o Will you use it regularly?o Do your clients use it?o Does it make an element of yourclients’ life/transaction easier?o Do you like using it?
    13. 13. Defining Apps by Category• Productivity • Social Networking• Organization • Locational• Real Estate • Travel / Dining• Photography • Finance• Video • Safety
    14. 14. 5 Basic Mobile NeedsStorage e-Signature Document PrepSocial Real Estate
    15. 15. TASK #3 pWhat are 3 business and/or personalneeds you have right now that you wish you had an app to solve?
    16. 16. Your Mobile Client
    17. 17. Your Clients are More Mobile Than You Think• They’re surfing the web.• They love Zillow.• They’re finding properties before you are.• They don’t just want information quickly – they want it now.
    18. 18. TASK #4 pAsk your clients:• What are their favorite apps?• How are they using them?• Are they comfortable with concepts such as e-signing documents and Skyping for consultations?
    19. 19. Set Your Clients’ Expectations• What is your role in the transaction? – It IS NOT to find them a house. Information is everywhere – they can find their own house. – It IS to negotiate on their behalf and to advise and counsel them.• Make them your partner in the deal.• Make it about sharing information.
    20. 20. TASK #5 pSet your clients’ expectations:• Develop a script for your initial consultation that outlines your role (and theirs) in their househunt.• Enlist them as a partner in the transaction – your job is not to find them a house; your job is to negotiate on their behalf.
    21. 21. 5 Apps to Download Today
    22. 22. Dropbox FREE
    23. 23. Dropbox: Storage Solution• Always have your files with you, no matter where you are• Share your documents easily, via email• Create folders for easy organization and navigation• Save email attachments straight to your Dropbox, from your computer, phone or iPad/tablet
    24. 24. Dropbox Sample: MyListings Folder
    25. 25. SignMyPad $3.99
    26. 26. SignMyPad: e-Signature Solution• Easy loading of PDFs from your email or Dropbox• Add signature to the PDF• Email signed PDF• Save signed PDF to your DropBox• Store 1 signature, with option to purchase up to 19 more• Print from iPad to a compatible AirPrint printer
    27. 27. SignMyPad: e-Signature Solution Sign with your fingertip *OR*Get an iPad stylus (inexpensive!)
    28. 28. Hootsuite for Twitter FREE
    29. 29. Hootsuite for Twitter: Social Solution• Interfaces with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn – up to 5 profiles with free account• Manage your Facebook personal profile and business page, as well as your Twitter account from 1 app• Schedule tweets/updates to go live later• Puts your social on the road with you
    30. 30. FREE
    31. 31. Real Estate Solution• The most accurate and up-to-date real estate listings in the U.S., updated every 15 minutes• Show homes for sale, for rent, or recently sold in any city or in your current location on a map instantly• Multiple photos, property details, open house information and pricing on nearly any home for sale• Share listings via email or social networksPS – I also love the Zillow app – more about that inSeptember!
    32. 32. PDF Expert $9.99
    33. 33. PDF Expert: Document Prep Solution• Highlight text• Fill in forms• Rotate individual pages• Change page order• Create notes (like, “Sign here!”)• Email, share, edit, and password protect files
    34. 34. Bonus App(Just For Fun!)
    35. 35. Krispy Kreme Hot Light FREE For those of you inBaton Rouge, Marrero, Metarie, and Shreveport
    36. 36. TASK #6 pDownload these apps:• Consider the 5 must-have apps we’ve discussed today – which ones fit one (or more) of your mobile needs?• Download the apps that fit your needs.
    37. 37. TASK #7 pMark Your Calendar:Wednesday, 9/19 – 2:15 to 5:15 PMREALTOR® on the Go: Taking YourBusiness Mobile
    38. 38. Final Thoughts
    39. 39. Who Says? • Who says what makes a great app? • Who says when an app is worth using? • Who says that an app is good for you?Photo credit: “You” by TalBright on
    40. 40. Thank You! Let’s Connect :) Maura Neill ~