Face to Face(book): Offline Networking in an Online World


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Technology and social media are all the rage and are certainly buzz-worthy, but face-to-face is the tried-and-true path to customers for life and a strong referral business. This session teaches proven strategies for staying top-of-mind in this ever-digitized world. You may be tech-savvy and use technology widely in your businesses, but you must also recognize the value of good, old-fashioned in-person contact. We’ll discuss strategies for how to integrate social media into your business plans and how to combine the power of online strategy and personal contact to build a strong client and referral base. Objectives include:

- Combine online and offline strategies into one cohesive marketing plan
- Take a look at “the usual” customer/client appreciation events vs. “the new” ideas of tweet-ups, meet & greets, etc.
- Find your niche – using a hobby or interest that is traditionally an in-person activity into a lead-generating business model
- Breathe new life into your Facebook page – using events and invitations to encourage face-to-face encounters
- Make the ask – going beyond asking for business/referrals

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  • How many of you hold large, “traditional” client appreciation parties every year?
  • Face to Face(book): Offline Networking in an Online World

    1. 1. Face to Face(book): Offline Networking in an Online World Maura Neill ABR, CRS, CDPE, e-PRO, MRP, REALTOR®
    2. 2. …back to this? Photo credits: “Communication” by jfgornet on Flickr.com |”good times, 1940s, scene 8” by deflam on Flickr.com Can we go from this… What Happened?
    3. 3. Where Does Your Business Come From? Here?
    4. 4. Where Are You Most? Or here? Photo credit: “Conversation” by sepblogon Flickr.com
    5. 5. Where Do You Spend Your Time?
    6. 6. Traditional Offline Networking: Why It (Often) Fails {video}
    7. 7. “Here’s My Card!” Why networking fails: • Inherently NOT social • One-sided • Lacks authenticity • Follow-up is forgotten
    8. 8. You + Networking • What are 3 things you do RIGHT? • What are 3 things you’d like to fix?
    9. 9. Why F2F?
    10. 10. What Happens When We Go Offline? Photo credit: “an idea I’m working on about the solitude of the Internet” by kylesteeddesign on Flickr.com
    11. 11. Why Face-to-Face? Face-to-face = Top of Mind = More referrals = More Leads = More closings = More money More opportunities to help people.
    12. 12. What Does Face-to-Face Cost? Dedication Creativity Supplies Time
    13. 13. What’s the ROI on Face-to-Face? 30 cherry pies for 2011’s clients for Washington’s Birthday = $150 Receiving 3 in-person referrals + 2 more via email = priceless 2 tanks of gas for deliveries = $98 Photo credits: “Pumping Gas” by futureatlas.com / “handshake isolated on business background” by s_falkow on Flickr.com
    14. 14. The “Usual Suspects” – Client Parties and Gatherings
    15. 15. Client Appreciation Parties • Gets us face-to-face, in front of the most people at one time • The invitation is more important than the event • Big benefits, but big pitfalls, too
    16. 16. Aloha – Client Party 2008
    17. 17. Aloha – Client Party 2008
    18. 18. Client Appreciation Parties Benefits: • All clients in one place • Easy to coordinate with YOUR schedule (one date) • You control the outcome Pitfalls: • Too many people to be effective • One date may not work for all clients • Often high price tag • Demographic challenges
    19. 19. Client Housewarming Parties From Seth & Alyce Dailey & The Dailey Group ~ Baltimore, MD • Client gives you guest list but you control the invitations (adding those people to your mailing list) • You attend as host • Lender or other vendor can help sponsor
    20. 20. Pop-Bys and Drop-Ins • Made popular by Brian Buffini, who advises popping by to each client quarterly • A one-by-one way to connect • Bring an “item of value” – a reason for stopping by • For your “A+” clients • Have a purpose
    21. 21. Pop-Bys and Drop-Ins Ideas for giveaways from other REALTORS: • Cherry pies for Washington’s birthday • Pumpkins (Halloween) • Toffee (handmade by another client) for the holidays – Nobu Hata • Invitation (to an event, i.e., shredder day) • Surprise them with the timing!
    22. 22. My Cherry Pie Pop-By • Send “invitation” about 2 weeks before • Clients must RSVP for their pie and choose a day that I’ll drop by (from 2 consecutive day choices) • Order the pies from local grocery store & pick up day before • Most don’t want the pie but appreciate the offer (saves time & money!) and still give a referral!
    23. 23. A New Twist on the Traditional
    24. 24. Tweet-Ups What is a tweet-up? • A way for you to promote your business and another local business = WIN/WIN
    25. 25. Tweet-Ups • Traditionally advertised via twitter and guest list is random(i.e., whoever sees it!) • New twist = invite select groups of your clients/local sphere • Have a hook to get people there • Inviting the social media-savvy will make the host happy
    26. 26. Tweet-Ups • Partner with a local business for location and to share cost • Be picky about your invite list – don’t have to invite entire client list • Be brave – put the word out on Twitter/social media and attract potential clients/contacts
    27. 27. MeetUp.com
    28. 28. MeetUp.com From Brian Copeland ~ Nashville, TN • Join MeetUp.com • Search for MeetUps that interest you OR search for a void in those areas • Join a MeetUp or start a new one • Based on geography and interest
    29. 29. MeetUp.com Brian’s group!
    30. 30. Flash Client Parties From Chris Rix ~ Hot Springs, AR • Text, email, Facebook a select group (100-ish) 1-2 days before event • Guest list-exclusive • Those people generate buzz & others ask to be on the list • Always plan for more, but if they’re asking to get in, they’re prospects
    31. 31. Charity Events • Picking a local charity gives back to your community and helps your clients do the same • Two options: – Pick one charity that you support year- round with multiple events – Support multiple groups throughout the year with different events
    32. 32. Trick or Treat for the Troops www.trickortreatforthetroops.com
    33. 33. Hot Dogs for Homeless Dogs • Annual hot dog cookout at my home • Benefits local animal rescue • We provide hot dogs, buns, fixings • BYO: drinks, side dish to share (close friends), dogs + kids • Clients bring donations from animal rescue’s wish list
    34. 34. Hot Dogs for Homeless Dogs
    35. 35. Pumpkins / Christmas Trees for Charity From Nobu Hata: • Work with local pumpkin/Christmas tree vendor to get discounted price on items (pumpkins, wreaths, etc.) • Have a drop-off event: hot chocolate, candy, etc.) one afternoon – drop off unwrapped toy, pick up your wreath
    36. 36. Blood-Sucking REALTORS® www.bloodsuckingrealtors.com From Leigh Brown ~ Charlotte, NC • Blood drive – first one at Halloween, second was for Valentine’s Day • Benefiting local blood bank – all blood donated stayed in community • Include local blood-need stats
    37. 37. Other Charity Events To Get You Face-to-Face • Canned food drives • Clothing/coat drives • Soup kitchen volunteer day • What else can you think of?
    38. 38. The After-Closing Closing Gift • Small gift at closing • “Real” closing gift a few weeks later • Excuse to see the home once they’ve moved in • Great photo op!
    39. 39. Quarterly Client Workshops
    40. 40. Quarterly Client Workshops • Provide value – information they can use • Two topics – attracts more interest (i.e., husband + wife, client + a friend, etc.) • Get one of the speakers to sponsor breakfast
    41. 41. Intimate Client Dinners From Raziel Ungar ~ Burlingame, CA • Quarterly or bi-annual client dinners • Thoughtful seating arrangements = “matchmaking” for clients • Small sampling of current/recent clients • Prix fixe menu = more cost effective • Easier follow-up
    42. 42. Attend Clients’ Parties/Events From Dale Chumbley ~ Vancouver, WA • Don’t just do the inviting! • Attend clients’ parties and events when you’re invited • You’ll be introduced as “my REALTOR” and make new connections
    43. 43. WRITE IT: • Two local businesses you can approach TODAY to co-host a tweet-up • Two local charities you can support in 2012 with a client event
    44. 44. Harnessing Your Online Power
    45. 45. Where Is Your Facebook Presence? • Your personal profile – what does it look like? • Your Facebook Business Page: – Do you have one? – Do you use it effectively? – Do you need one? • Where do you spend the most time and get the most response?
    46. 46. Julie Beall Put This On Facebook 1,000 pairs of shoes donated…and delivered
    47. 47. Harvesting Facebook for Client Information Birthdays & Anniversaries
    48. 48. Letting Facebook Do the Work For You From Raziel Ungar ~ Burlingame, CA • Clients’ hobbies, interests • What you see on Facebook + how well you’ve gotten to know them • Sharing articles, books, points of interest • An excuse to get in touch
    49. 49. Redefining Face-to-Face
    50. 50. Skype – Your New Best Friend • Skype for client consultation • Skype for closings • Introducing your clients to Skype – providing value!
    51. 51. The Birthday Video
    52. 52. http://facebook.com/about/groups
    53. 53. The Introduction Video Via Leigh Brown – Charlotte, NC
    54. 54. The Personal Contract-to-Closing Facebook Group • Secret Facebook group for you and your client • Post video messages and reminders every step of the way • Better than a phone call because they can replay • Great with more than one person in the transaction – they each get the same message
    55. 55. Other “Face-to-Face” via Video • Tours of properties for a client via Skype or Facetime • Presenting an offer or counteroffer • Regular communication with a needy client • Responding to an online lead
    56. 56. Q & A
    57. 57. Connect: about.me/MauraNeill Connect With Me