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How to Build a Hoophouse, Part 5 (end walls, costs, resources)

Final part of the "How to Build a Hoophouse" slide show from the Kerr Center in Oklahoma. Includes a list of supplies, suppliers and costs.

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How to Build a Hoophouse, Part 5 (end walls, costs, resources)

  1. 1. End Walls
  2. 2. A variety of end wall designs are possible. They range from plastic sheets with zipper doors, to storm doors or wide doors framed with plastic, wood, or metal. For details on different endwall designs, see or .
  3. 3. Materials
  4. 5. Resources
  5. 6. “ Hoop House How-to,” an illustrated set of written instructions for building the hoop house design shown in this slideshow, is available at The Kerr Center also has a list of other hoop house resources, available at For additional information on hoop houses, as well as other season extension techniques, visit The Noble Foundation website contains extensive resources on hoop house construction, including end wall designs, and also has cultural information for different crops in a hoop house setting:
  6. 7. Slide show by: Maura McDermott & Wylie Harris <ul><li>April 2011 ©Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture [email_address] 918.647.9123 </li></ul><ul><li>Hoophouse Field Days Coordinator: David Redhage </li></ul><ul><li>Thanks to Tod and Jamie Hanley & Kerr Center staff </li></ul>