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Idol Master Platinum Stars アイマス プラチナスターズ Game Review


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Idol Master Platinum Stars アイマス プラチナスターズ Game Review

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Idol Master Platinum Stars アイマス プラチナスターズ Game Review

  1. 1. @OtakuEatMama V1.0 2016/09/03 1 Review by Matumit Sombunjaroen
  2. 2. @OtakuEatMama 2 I was given the Game as a gift from a certain K-San, who worked on Development of the Game. As such, I decided to show gratitude, by giving an in-depth review. Origin of the Matter
  3. 3. @OtakuEatMama 3 IT WILL BE BIASED – Based on my personal Experiences The opinions here will be personally mine, and will neither reflect nor represent what other people could think about the Game. Also, this review is done in English, because I have Thai audiences who cannot read Japanese, and Japanese audiences who cannot read Thai. How the review work
  4. 4. @OtakuEatMama 4 Scoring System +100 -100 Good Game! Bad Game! Base score will start at 0, Each Category will add a score to it. Score of 0 is Average on this Scale
  5. 5. @OtakuEatMama 5 By the time of the review I’ve played for around 14hrs
  6. 6. @OtakuEatMama 6 Personal Experiences on the Franchise and Genre
  7. 7. @OtakuEatMama 7 Franchise The only Game in the Franchise that I have played before is Starlight Stage. As such, my impression of the Game will be slightly fresh, with no knowledge of previous Game and Characters in the main series Also, I quit playing Starlight Stage because the frickin Gacha refused to give me SSR Arnya
  8. 8. @OtakuEatMama 8 Genre I have experiences playing several Rhythm Games for more than a Decade. Most of the time, I can clear on Hard settings, but barely able to do so on the Pro level Lack of musical talent run in the family, so I’ll blame this on my DNA though
  9. 9. @OtakuEatMama 9 Idol Contents I never like Idol stuffs, Felt indifferent during the rise of AKB48, Doesn’t watch Idol Anime that much However, I watched Love Live Sunshine, Because Riko is the BEST Girl!!! ….. Never watched the 1st Anime, And know nothing about µ's.
  10. 10. @OtakuEatMama 10 Character Review
  11. 11. @OtakuEatMama 11 Character Selection At the Start of the Game, You can choose 3 Characters to form 1st Unit Once you Level-Up, more Girls will be added. Each Character are introduced with this Profile Card, which I find to be Creative, and the handwriting is different for each girl, showing their personalities. However, You don’t get to talk and know the girl until after you permanently selected one. It’s really a hit or miss. An introduction Scene before selection could really improve this +50 -100
  12. 12. @OtakuEatMama 12 The Girls I didn’t chose the 1st round Don’t like Chibikko that much
  13. 13. @OtakuEatMama 13 The Girls I didn’t chose the 1st round At a glance, Seems too noisy
  14. 14. @OtakuEatMama 14 The Girls I didn’t chose the 1st round Not really My Type
  15. 15. @OtakuEatMama 15 1st Unit So, I chose a Boku-Girl And 2 Girls with the Largest Bust-Size HOWEVER! Despite having the largest Bosom in the Game, visually I cant feel any differences!!! +50 -200
  16. 16. @OtakuEatMama 16 Boku-Girl Introduction Scene
  17. 17. @OtakuEatMama 17 The Glasses Girl +50 I found her to be likable after getting to know her more though
  18. 18. @OtakuEatMama 18 Total Score For this Section +50 -100 +50 -200 +50
  19. 19. @OtakuEatMama 19 Also, The Twins remained 13, when they already have 4 In-Game Birthdays and should be at the same age as Mizuki-Nana (17)
  20. 20. @OtakuEatMama 20 Rhythm Game
  21. 21. @OtakuEatMama 21 The Screen Only one key will enter detection zone At any single time Square, Triangle, Circle Came from 3 Sides Corresponding to the GamePad Relatively easy to play compared to other Rhythm Games
  22. 22. @OtakuEatMama 22 Impression Unlike some other games, where you had to drag your eyes around the screen This game has your eye focus in only one place, I really like this, because it allow me to see the performance better, even when focusing on the Buttons This, coupled with relatively easy Gameplay, Really make me enjoy the performance
  23. 23. @OtakuEatMama 23 Visual Until Blue Reflection got release, Amongst Games with NPR Graphics, I dare say that Aimas Platinum is amongst the most Visually Stunning Game in existence The 3D is Absolutely Beautiful Motions are top notch and believable The Choreography and Cinematic Direction is amongst the best I’ve ever seen in any Medium
  24. 24. @OtakuEatMama 24 Solo Duet Trio Quartet and the Voices For each Stages, you can use 1-5 Characters. Depending on the number of Characters, The Performances will change. Also, the Singing Voice will change depending on who is in the Stage. A Power+ compare to other Games in the Genre This added Variations and the Replay Value is totally Over-whelming.
  25. 25. @OtakuEatMama 25 Combo Bonus +200 This is a common problem that I hate about Rhythm Game. Because they uses Combo Staggering Algorithm on Base Score, Depending on where you make that single Miss, The Score will fluctuate really badly However, Aimas Platinum ditched this, Anything beside Miss will connect the Combo, And the Combo Score is merely a Bonus that do not make a Major Score Loss on just a few Misses Both got 1Miss, But B got higher Score Because Combo Count is Higher A B
  26. 26. @OtakuEatMama 26 Theatre Mode and Replay +300 There is a Theatre Mode, Where You can use everything that you have unlocked to Setup and simply watch the Performance You can Control the Camera, Save it, And Share it with other Players. Despite not being a Game Changer, I consider it to be a reasonably nice addition
  27. 27. @OtakuEatMama 27 The Bad Stuff, Status and not so Good UI One thing that I really, REALLY, hated. Is that The Character’s Status have more dominant effect on the Score than Player Skill. In quite a Few Games, Despite getting Full Combo, I couldn’t clear the Stage, because the Character’s Status is not High Enough Also, the Effect showing the Hit Result is quite hard to see when playing. It’s quite hard to realize when a miss was made. -20
  28. 28. @OtakuEatMama 28 The Songs Unfortunately, I will give the Songs Score of 0 for the time being The reason is not on the Songs themselves, But it’s due to the Management Section that ruined it. I will explain this later Please be reminded that the Score of 0 is Average for the Scoring System use
  29. 29. @OtakuEatMama 29 Total Score For this Section +200+300 -20
  30. 30. @OtakuEatMama 30 Management Feature
  31. 31. @OtakuEatMama 31 Let me say before hand that I WILL GIVE LOAD OF HORRIBLE SCORES FOR THIS However, please be reminded that this is also because I am not the Game’s Main Target Audience. Before I talk further
  32. 32. @OtakuEatMama 32 Me as a Player: Wanted to Quickly Finish the Game Wanted to see and Enjoy the Story to the fullest Who’s the Game Designed for: Playing for as long as possible Casually Enjoy playing more Rhythm Game What’s the issue?
  33. 33. @OtakuEatMama 33 The Story did not give Narrative Moments to the Songs For each Stages, Player can freely Switch the Song and Characters. This is really good as a Rhythm Game. HOWEVER, The Story did not provide any situational condition to any specific Songs, And Narrative-wise, none of the Characters are specifically associated to any of the song at all. The Songs are neither Situational nor have any specific Narrative Meaning As a result, Even though I played the Game for 10Hrs+, I cannot remember any of them out of my head.
  34. 34. @OtakuEatMama 34 What I mean by Situation and Character Association For example, Macross Frontier Final EP’s Lion Duet, And Re:Zero EP18’s Rem Song Etc, Are Songs that were play under a Specific Narrative Situation, and give Spotlight to the Characters. It make both the Songs and Characters associated truly Memorable.
  35. 35. @OtakuEatMama 35 Another Comparison As a Rhythm Game, Even though I regard Aimas Platinum as a way more Superior Game than P4D, The Songs in P4D are Narrative Situational, and have Specific Characters associated with them. As such, I have a better experience and memory of the Game. Not to mention that Kanji Head Banging was awesome, and Nanako-Chan was cute as hell
  36. 36. @OtakuEatMama 36 Small Events At the Start and End of each Week (1Turn) There are small Events, Which show the Character getting along. Some are specific to certain Characters, But most are generic and get randomly replace by different Characters. Even though they’re nice presentations, Unfortunately, after playing for around 3Hrs, the same Events kept appearing again and again, and it became quite a chore & REALLY TEDIOUS. THERE IS NO OPTION TO AUTOMATICALLY SKIP THESE, AND THE LOADING TIME REALLY KILLED THE PACING When I wanted to do is to play the Next Stage
  37. 37. @OtakuEatMama 37 Major Events Good Pacing for me What the Game Provided At Rank Up Stages, etc, There are events that are specific to each Character. There is nothing wrong with the Events themselves, But the problem was that in order to see the Event, I had to took time grinding to LVLUP, And by the time that I got to play the next Event, I already forgot what the last one was about. -300
  38. 38. @OtakuEatMama 38 Really Bad Flow Design Mission Selection Going out Mini-Event Prepare for Performance Play Performance Select Song, Select Member, Select Clothing Select Song, Select Member, Select Clothing CANNOT SELECT MEMBERS WHO DID NOT COME ALONG Selected Member going to work, Leaving Non-Selected Member behind -200 This is not much of a hassle once I got use to it, But the redundancy is Tiring when you played the Game for quite awhile My Suggestion: Take away the Prepare Performance Scene, and have everything done once in Mission Select Scene.
  39. 39. @OtakuEatMama 39 Character Relationship Because most of the Events I saw are Generic and can be replaced by anyone, And Major Events that also show Character’s relationship are far and few in-between, Despite playing for more than 10 Hrs, Beside knowing that they are getting along well, I still don’t understand the relationship of each Characters, and how they think about or treat one another. -300
  40. 40. @OtakuEatMama 40 No Consequences for failure The Game is structured in 12-Turns per 1 Loop, There are Mini-Games that help collecting EXP and Money, And they are quite Creative and fun to play. However, Since there is really no Time Specific Constrain or Consequences for Failure. After Playing for awhile, I had to repeat the Chore again & again. As such, what I actually felt is not really management, but just Grinding for EXP and Money, so that I can see the next Event. 11Turn 1 Turn Key Stage 1Season 4 Seasons Total InfiniteLoop -400 +300
  41. 41. @OtakuEatMama 41 DLC THE WORST THING OF ALL, THE SLOW PACING WAS TO PUSH PLAYER TO PAY FOR DLC MONEY The Only reason I did not give this -5000 Is because I got the Game as a Gift. I would have been happy to pay for DLC songs, if the Pacing is not this bad
  42. 42. @OtakuEatMama 42 Seriously, Had this been a F2P Game, then there is no problem with it. Whoever designed the Monetization, should realize that Full Prize Console Game are Not Mobile F2P Game, And they should learned this by now when JoJoASB got Flamed
  43. 43. @OtakuEatMama 43 Total Score For this Section -300 -300 -400 +300 -200
  44. 44. @OtakuEatMama 44 Summary
  45. 45. @OtakuEatMama 45 Total Score This would have been a Legendary Class Great Game has the Management Section not ruined it
  46. 46. @OtakuEatMama 46 Suggestion Fix Game Pacing and add Characters & Songs Specific Events, So that the Player can Fully enjoy the Experience Rather than have the Player feel they’re playing Long and Tedious Mediocre Game
  47. 47. @OtakuEatMama 47 Also, Seriously! DON’T RELEASE 2 MAJOR GAMES IN THE SAME MONTH!!! Even if I am a fan of both Series, I would only have time and money to buy and play only one of them!
  48. 48. @OtakuEatMama 48 Finally, At the very least, The Game successfully managed to get me interest in these figures
  49. 49. @OtakuEatMama 49 Contact, I’ll leave my current job at 30th Sep 2016 If you want to contact me for work, please mail to, If you want to Donate, please go to