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Historica Fantasia, Development Blog 07, PathFindingExperiment


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Historica Fantasia, Development Blog 07, PathFindingExperiment

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Historica Fantasia, Development Blog 07, PathFindingExperiment

  1. 1. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 1 By Matumit Sombunjaroen V1.0 2017/05/03 Historica Fantasia Dev Blog Chapter7: Path Finding Experiment
  2. 2. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 2 Tools Used To stick with the More Mechanical and Less Façade Principle, + It was proven in previous Test that this can be done, While being command as a Squad, Each Unit will have their own position coordinate Apex Path is used, because it has Apex Steer as add on – Which can be use to solve the complex calculation of Formative Movement
  3. 3. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 3 Unit and Squad Dimension By Default, Unity’s Physical scale is 1unit = 1meter Assuming that a Tall Character would be 2m tall, To arrange Formative Defense, Minimal Distance to each other should be 1.5m The Squad will have 5x5 Position Slots inside a 10mx10m Squad 1.5M 2M 4*1.5 interval + 2*1.5 Proximity = 9.5m ~ 5Radius ~ 10Diameter
  4. 4. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 4 Stage Construction
  5. 5. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 5 Overall Structure A B C A Stage will contain Several Areas that overlap each other at a certain point As long as there is no Visibility Obstruction, it is possible to do Range Attack across the Area Assume that this is a chasm, Squads on both Side can Shoot each other
  6. 6. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 6 Area Size 20m 60m By average, a squad should be able to move up to 20m/command or 30m for Fast Squad To Provide substantial area for Strategic Decisions, It should take 3 Commands to be able to move across the Area As such, an average Area should be at least 80m in either Width or Length
  7. 7. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 7 Path Width Several Location will contain Narrow Paths, Such as a Cliff Path Forcing the Squad to march in Column formation This will provide Strategic Advantages/Disadvantages for various circumstances Such as ambushing exposed weak Unit The Needed Script is provided in Apex Steer 4m >12m 8m
  8. 8. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 8 Height Elevation Each Area can have 2 or more Floors, with 10m cut per major elevation It is possible to move under another floor, such as a Castle Gate & Wall or an Aqueduct 10m 2nd FL Grid Move Beneath Arch Going up the Floor
  9. 9. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 9 Dynamic Obstacles Obstacles: Rocks, Walls, etc Block Line of Sight, Movement Obstacle, Can be destroy with Siege Attacks Burnable Obstacle: Buildings, Trees, etc Block Line of Sight, Movement Obstacle, Can be destroy with Siege Attacks Can be burned with Fire Attacks
  10. 10. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 10 PathFinder Unit Squad with PathFinder can enter other Areas via Secret Paths that are usually inaccessible Need to research a Script to limit Path based on Unit in a Squad
  11. 11. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 11 Squad Selection
  12. 12. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 12 Default Component By Adding [Navigating Unit with Selection] to the Unit The needed minimum Components will be automatically added. By Default, it uses Rectangle Selection on Unit, common in many RTS Game. We want to change this control Scheme to All Units in the same Squad will got pick when one is clicked. Inside GameWorld, Delete the Following, [SelectionRect(Clone)] Transform [InputReceiverBasic] Component Then Add a New Customize Unit Selection Component, Name this HF_UnitSelection
  13. 13. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 13 Unit Selection Apex has an InputController provided, and they should not be messed with, So I created an inherited class to work on. This Script will Select a Unit when you Click on it, And will Deselect only when you Clicked another Unit. The Key is to get an IUnitFacade from Selection, it can be access via GetUnitFacade(); on the Transform then put it in GameServices.gameStateManager.unitSelection Then, call the Function from HF_UnitSelection FIX Renamed to PathFindingController FIX Relocated to SquadManager
  14. 14. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 14 Group Selection Script Once all Unit got Selected, use unitSelection.AssignGroup(index); to Assign Units to a Group To Select, use UnitSelection.SelectGroup(index);
  15. 15. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 15 Squad Selection Structure Apex has this really confusing Control Schematics, So, instead of trying to figure out how to Utilize them, I decided to create something that I’m more comfortable with. Basically, SquadManager will Control Squads, then Squads will Control Units All Player Inputs are issued via InputManager And Due to how Apex’s Main Control Work, Only SquadManager will have access to PathFindingController to avoid future confusion. After Clicking on the Unit, it will go to SquadManager to tell which Squad it’s from and pass all Units in the Squad to PathFindingController Squad Manager Squads Units Input Controller // Renamed to PathFinding Controller Input Manager
  16. 16. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 16 Movement Control
  17. 17. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 17 Basic Movement Script Access PathFindingController, and call SetDestination() Function To designate Target Location Note: This control only work for Player, A Custom function is needed for Enemy AI If addWayPoint is true, another Waypoint will be added instead ------------------------------------- Once issued, the Unit will Start Moving by default On SelectedUnits, call Resume() and Wait() to Start or Stop Moving If Stop() is used, Path Data will be terminated
  18. 18. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 18 Movement Speed Originally, the speed will be controlled by HumanoidSpeedComponent Replace HumanoidSpeedComponent with a Custom Component derived from SpeedComponent Because The Game will only contain 3Type of Squads, Slow, Normal, Fast, it is more convenient to do a Global Editing instead As such, the needed variables were moved to HS_SquadManager To change Speed of an Individual Unit, access HF_SpeedComponent and call SetSpeed_[Speed]();
  19. 19. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 19 Numerical Notes Make these really high ~ more than Speeds to do instant Stop Should they be lower than Speed, they will do a Curvy Steer, Which is not what we wanted Row Speed will make the Frontline Units move Faster This is use in the case of 180degree Formation Turn, where they need to overrun Backline Units
  20. 20. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 20 Moving Up Slopes To Create 2nd Floor, add a GridComponent to an Object Then place, a GridPortalComponent to link between the 2 Grids Inside NavigationSettingsComponent, Set MaxSlopeAngle to a desirable number To setup Individual Units instead, Deselect UseGlobalHeightNavigation and edit UnitComponent Y Position of the Floor need to be just above Upper Boundary
  21. 21. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 21 Rotate toward Target Add SteerToLookAt to the Unit Inside an extended class of OrientationComponent, Override GetOrientation() And issue input.unit.lookAt = targetPosition The Value will be used by SteerToLookAt //Don’t forget to input.unit.lookAt = null when out of proximity
  22. 22. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 22 Distance Limit To get First Unit from Selected Group Access GameServices.gameStateManager. unitSelection.selected[index].modelUnit; On Unit or Group, call CreatePathRequest, and in Path Result, Access CalculateLength() to get Distance The Length returned is the total Traveling Distance on Route ///Not that the value is not updated, and is equal to the Length by the time of Request
  23. 23. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 23 Difficult Terrain Path Define enum for Attributes, Inside UnitComponent, define the Unit’s Attributes Add DynamicObstacle to an Object with a Collider When Unit has matching Attribute with Dynamic Objects, it will treat it as a passable Area
  24. 24. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 24 Display Path After CreatePathRequest and registered it to GameServices.pathService.QueueRequest(req); Inside Path data, use path.Peek().position to get the first waypoint, Then iterate the rest of the position via foreach( IPositioned nextPosition in path ){} LineRenderer need to set the exact count of waypoints in order for SetPositions to Work
  25. 25. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 25 Apex Steer Formation NOT USED because Desirable Results Couldn’t be achieved
  26. 26. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 26 To issue Formation After Units got Selected, Create DefaultSteeringTransientUnitGroup, then add all units to it Use group.SetFormation( Formation ); to create Formation, Then issue MoveTo(target) to order the Squad to move
  27. 27. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 27 Formation class Make a new Class and Inherit IFormation GetFormationPosition( int, int, IUnitFacade ) Will return the Desirable position within the Squad …..HOWEVER….. Instead of Maintaining Unit position within allocated Lot in the Squad, Apex Steer use this allocated Unit to the nearest relative Position algorithm If all of the Units has the same Job Class, then this would not be an issue But, because we need to maintain Individual Unit to a Position Slot, we will not use Apex Steer Formation, And will create a Custom Logic to do Formation instead.
  28. 28. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 28 Custom Formation Control
  29. 29. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 29 Formation positioning SquadGuidance is a Transform that will tell Unit where to Position Each Unit has Position Variables that told where it should be in SquadGuidance In order to iterate all Units, Foreach( IUnitFacade tempUnit in groups.All() ) { //Do something with Unit }
  30. 30. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 30 Overshoot Problem PathOptionsComponent => NavigateToNearestIfBlocked When this is On, If the Target is unreachable, Unit will go to the nearest position it can go to. Unfortunately, they could go to the other side of the wall And when NavigateToNearestIfBlocked is off, They will simply not move at all
  31. 31. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 31 Fix Overshoot Use GridManager.instance.GetGrid().GetCell() to find the Cell Property Use Cell.Walkable() to check if the Unit can reach there If not, iterate the opening Position until the reachable position is found. With Priority being the Rear ******IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK***** Pathways and Walls need to be at least 5m Wide 20 = 2,-2 21 = 2,-1 22 = 2,0 23 = 2,1 24 = 2,2 15 = 1,-2 16 = 1,-1 17 = 1,0 18 = 1,1 19 = 1,2 10 = 0,-2 11 = 0,-1 12 = 0,0 13 = 0,1 14 = 0,2 5 = -1,-2 6 = -1,-1 7 = -1,0 8 = -1,1 9 = -1,2 0 = -2,-2 1 = -2,-1 2 = -2,0 3 = -2,1 4 = -2,-2
  32. 32. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 32 Slope Positioning Assume that the Maximum Slope is 30Degree And Squad Radius is 8.5m Tan(30) = height/8.5 Height = Tan(30)*8.5 = 4.91 ~ 5 Place Raycast Origin 5 above, and RayCast Down 10 to get Final Position 30degree 8.5 10 5
  33. 33. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 33 Animation
  34. 34. @OtakuEatMama : @HistoricaFantasiaDevBlog : 34 References