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Boob jiggle in Unity Part2


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Boob Set up before importing to Unity

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Boob jiggle in Unity Part2

  1. 1. V1 2013/07/30 Matumit Sombunjaroen
  2. 2. Also Commonly known as Rigging in 3DCG, how you set up the bones will affect Mesh Deformation when Animated.
  3. 3. A common Setup use in Gaming, is 2Bones per Boobs. This allow adequate deformation in most cases. *** 2009 WorksCorporation, Worksbooks, Game Graphics 2009, Page35
  4. 4. Boob is a lump of fat and require more bones than that to behave more realistically
  5. 5. In this setup, we will use Artonelico3’s THE Legendary Boob Setup! *** 2010 SoftBank Creative, Artonelico3 Settings, BonusDVD
  6. 6. …To be honest, it’s an overkill and too much of a hassle