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Music Video Powerpoint:

  1. 1. ‘Tokyo Police Club’ Music Video: Jake Hafer, Matthew Hackett, Andrew Moss
  2. 2. Tokyo Police Club- Favourite Colour music video research: Concept of the music video: Happy, Comical, Colourful, quirky, unique, cheap, entropic, traditional summer, British, funky. Gives the impression to the audience a well thought out and choreographed piece of work. Purpose: .To promote a unique and newly upcoming band. .To show the music industry of a new and exiting style of music video. .To enable a changed opinion for negotiated audiences. Desired Outcome: . I believe that by basing our video on a whole rang of modern historic past memories that may remind others of having a fun time in the traditional British sunshine, this will give the video a fun, relaxed and enjoyable video to watch and listen too. I also believe that by aiming our video at things we enjoy doing, for example having a picnic in the park or visiting the countryside, this will allow us to have fun and experience something new whilst the making of our video.
  3. 3. Target Audience: Target audience: Female • Wears skinny jeans • Wears polka dot dresses and vintage clothing • Dresses on the verge of fashion • Smokes cigarettes • Happy outlook on life • long styled hair/sides of head shaved •Drinks wine • Shops in top shop, river island, Urban Outfitters • Has a strong interest in music • Fans of Bombay Bicycle club, mumford and sons Male • wears skinny jeans • wears Fred Perry • wears a thin jacket in summer • wears a think army style jacket in winter • smokes cigarettes • side swept hair • sides of head shaved • rebellious •Drinks lager • Shops at Top man, Urban Outfitters, All Saints and Second hand, vintage clothing stores • Has a strong interest in music • Fans of unique, individualistic music such as Babyshambles, Foals, Pixies, Stone Roses, Blur, The Strokes, The Smiths, Elastica, Joy Division, Oasis, The Cribs, The Cure and Primal Scream.
  4. 4. Video inspirations: Actors I believe that the use of colours, attitudes and clothing of the actors in our music video have to be unusual, comedic but with a unique outlook upon them. This uncommon dress code would be for example: a morph suit or some other form of strange outfit. I believe that by including a continuous and well established main character(s), this will give our music video a unique appearance, that will be remembered by a whole variety of audiences.
  5. 5. Influences: • INFLUENCES • • • Bombay Bicycle club: Evening / Morning • • • Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie • • • OK Go - End Love - Official Video • • • The White Stripes - "Fell in Love with a Girl" • • • Tony vs. Paul •
  6. 6. Overall Appearance:
  7. 7. My Plan . Get permission . Plan Locations, cast, props & generalised dates . Plan Video including shot types, transitions and shot lengths. This will be proportionate to the purpose of the video . Exact dates of filming will be decided to meet, discussions with the availability of the cast will take place to organise this. . Filming will take place with several cast members over several locations . Review shots taken and re-shoot if needed . Editing will take place to produce our final product
  9. 9. Personnel Involved .Me and my group will direct, edit and conduct a modern, unique and different style music video. . All of our group members (4) will be participating in the making of the video. We will use a range of lip syncing techniques, actions and non diegetic sounds to create a comedic outlook, but at the same time entropic. . We will include around about 8-10 people during the whole of our music video, depending on location we are filming, acting as extra’s and props.
  10. 10. Locations: In our music video, we have chosen to film outdoors and in unusual locations. These locations will help to reflect the connotations of the music being used i.e. Happiness, vintage and unique styling. I also feel that it will be easier to film outdoors due to space and natural lighting.
  11. 11. Problems with the production of the music video General Problems: • Organising the morph suits, so that they are available when we need them. • Making sure the camera and other equipment are available on the days that we need them. • Making sure that we have permission to use the location • Making sure that the location is easily accessible for the film crew and actors. Cost: • The cost of the morph suits • Cost of accessing the location (petrol) Health and Safety • Using the lighting equipment safely • Being safe on site of the shoot