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Final presentation - Rome Snowboards


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Published in: Sports, Business, Technology
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Final presentation - Rome Snowboards

  1. 1. Rome the SnowA pursuit of more followers on the slopes and the webalike.Matthew HenningA39110897
  2. 2. The Mission- Expose the uninformed of Rome’s slope presence- Create hype for a multi-stop tour using Social Media- Separate Rome with creative contests during the tour- Construct relationships with ski resorts to sell Rome products and host events
  3. 3. Achieving the MissionProject “Rome the Snow” is a five-stop tour event to publicize Romeas well as increase its social media presence.In order for this to be successful, Rome will have: Facebook page, Twitter hashtag, and YouTube to promote the tour Sponsored athletes in person for fans to meet and board with Tent for testing out new gear; special offers Social Media contests to win Rome gear
  4. 4. Facebook Page for the tour “Rome the Snow” Like and respond to relevant posts about the tour Link videos and photos of the tour as it progresses Promote event through Facebook ads Encourage people to share the event with friends
  5. 5. Twitter #RometheSnow Increasing Traffic Specific hashtag for the  Rome will be: event for people to win  Following ski resorts, contests and follow the sponsored athletes, new event status fans and competition Tag people and athletes at  Re-tweeting content related the event to the tour  Using the hashtag #RometheSnow after posts
  6. 6. YouTube Highlighting the locations of the ski resorts the tour will stop at Sponsored athletes posting video blog updates as the tour progresses Footage of previous stops on the tour  Testimonials  Contest winners  Top shredding of each location  Tour updates
  7. 7. Tracking Success Before and after statistics of:  Klout score  Ticket sales from same day of previous year  Number of twitter followers and Facebook likes  Hashtag usage  YouTube views  Media coverage  Rome sales
  8. 8. BudgetExpenditure CostFilm Crew $15,000Transportation/Lodging $25,000Contest Prizes $10,000Models/ Salesman $20,000
  9. 9. Timeline Start promoting using Social Media late October First tour stop in late November  Killington, VT Second tour stop in mid December  Telluride, CO Third tour stop in early January  Park City, UT Fourth tour stop in late January  Squaw Valley, CA Final tour stop in mid February  Jackson Hole, WY Review tour success end of February Follow-up with thank you notes to all that were involved
  10. 10. Projected Outcome Increases in:  Twitter followers  Facebook friends and likes  Athlete publicity  Ski resort ticket sales  Rome product sales Rome will become available in more ski shops nationwide and the ability to connect through more people online will increase its overall awareness